Chapter 916 - Completely Crazy in Endless Desire

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Xie Bao and the deputy minister looked at each other. They wanted to help, but when they saw Feng Qing’s skills, they stopped. This powerful combat strength and fast reaction made her look like an expert no matter how they looked at it. Just as the two of them were hesitating, Feng Qing had already arrived in front of Xie Yuhuan. She did not continue to attack Xie Yuhuan. Instead, she waved her phone in front of Xie Yuhuan and said, “Little Aunt, I’m just showing you the video of Old Master Xie’s death. Why did you attack me for no reason?”

When she said this, Feng Qing’s voice carried a hint of confusion, but as long as one was not stupid, they would know that she was acting. Xie Yuhuan’s eyes were illuminated by the light emitted by the phone screen. In her eyes, the image of Old Master Xie’s death was reflected. Her pupils trembled violently. When she wanted to grab Feng Qing, Feng Qing threw the specially made phone at Xie Yuhuan’s face. Then, she kicked Xie Yuhuan over. She grabbed Xie Yuhuan’s arm with both hands and shook it forcefully, dislocating her shoulder bone.

“Ah!” The intense pain made Xie Yuhuan let out a scream. Hearing the sound of bones being dislocated, Xie Bao and the deputy minister’s hearts trembled. They felt that their Young Madam was too fierce. The two of them had followed her in to protect Feng Qing, but now, it looked like they were thinking too much.

Seeing that Xie Yuhuan had lost her ability to resist, Feng Qing tilted her head and said, “Little Aunt, what’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly go crazy? If I remember correctly, you were the one who colluded with Little Jiu Jiu and secretly helped him overthrow Old Master Xie’s rule. You should be happy to see that he’s already dead, right?”

Xie Yuhuan laid on the ground. The intense pain from her dislocated arms made her feel suffocated. She even almost fainted from the pain a few times. After such a torment, her face was already incomparably pale. A layer of cold sweat appeared on her forehead, but her eyes were staring fiercely at Feng Qing.

Xie Yuhuan roared with widened eyes, “Why, why did you kill my brother? He’s already a prisoner. Why did you have to kill him?!”

She remembered very clearly that when she captured Old Master Xie back then, Xie Jiuhan had promised her that he would not really kill Old Master Xie. At most, he would torture him non-stop. However, Xie Jiuhan had really killed Old Master Xie now. This fact was unacceptable to her. She instinctively wanted to stand up and slap Feng Qing’s face, but just a slight force made her shoulders hurt so much that her entire body trembled.

Feng Qing handed the phone back. Seeing this, Xie Bao immediately walked over and took the phone respectfully with both hands. Feng Qing stepped on the prison bed with one foot and casually placed one arm on her raised thigh. Her other hand gently held Xie Yuhuan’s forehead so that she could look straight at her.

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up. “Your brother’s death was destined long ago. It’s already a miracle that he survived until now. If not for him injecting the PG18 virus into my body and Little Jiu Jiu finding out, your beloved brother wouldn’t have lost his life. To put it bluntly, Little Jiu Jiu killed your brother for me.”

“You vixen! My brother was indeed killed by you. If not for you, Jiuhan wouldn’t have killed him. You and Xie Jiuhan won’t die a good death!” Xie Yuhuan laid on the ground and cursed.

Feng Qing did not care about Xie Yuhuan’s cursing at all. She still stared at her mockingly and said, “Alright, stop pretending to be innocent. You should have long known that you were infected with the PG18 virus, right?”

Faced with Feng Qing’s interrogation, Xie Yuhuan raised her chin stubbornly and said with a look of regret, “I regret it so much. I really hate it. It’s all my fault for being too benevolent to Jiuhan. In order to express my loyalty to him, I even ran abroad to hide for a while. I especially avoided him and didn’t let him come into contact with me. I should have stayed in the Xie Manor back then and stayed with him every day, letting the poison emanating from my body corrode him non-stop. In less than half a year, he will completely become a wild beast that has lost his rationality. As for you, I’ll just let you slowly become an idiot. In the end, I’ll let you two die without a burial ground!”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing’s expression darkened. Xie Yuhuan sensed something from her expression, so she sneered and said, “Oh, right, I almost forgot. With Jiuhan’s love for you, he will definitely save you. For you, he can kill his brothers and father, so he naturally won’t make you an idiot. Therefore, he will always sleep with you. He would rather go completely crazy in his endless desire to control the PG18 virus in your body.”