Chapter 917 - Guidance

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Just as Xie Yuhuan finished speaking, Feng Qing grabbed her hair to grab her collar. Her eyes, which were looking at Xie Yuhuan, gradually lost their warmth. Xie Yuhuan smiled crazily and said, “Tsk tsk… Why? Are you nervous? Scared? Don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve heard of this? Oh, I know. Jiuhan should have never told you. Then, after you had sex with him, did you notice any changes in your body? Or what kind of reaction would your mental state have?”

Feng Qing’s clear and innocent face was covered in frost, and her thick eyelashes exuded a dark and unclear expression in her eyes. Seeing her become like this again, Xie Yuhuan couldn’t help but mock, “Ha, it looks like Jiuhan didn’t tell you. Then why don’t I tell you that your body has been injected with PG18 virus by Old Master Xie, and Jiuhan’s body has PG19 virus. If the two of you keep having sex for a long time, the PG18 virus in your body will completely explode, causing you to become an idiot. However, if the two of you don’t have sex often, the PG19 virus in Jiuhan’s body will completely explode, making him completely lose his rationality in his endless desire and become a mad dog that only knows how to kill. Every time he has sex with you, Jiuhan’s illness will be relieved, but he will also become more eager to have sex with you. That feeling is like taking drugs.”

Speaking up to this point, Xie Yuhuan looked at Feng Qing with a teasing gaze. “Feng Qing, you never seen those people who took drugs, right? Therefore, you don’t know how they died in the end. Actually, 90% of the drug users will die from taking too many drugs in the end. And to Jiuhan, you’re actually a kind of drug. You’ll make him more and more addicted and crazier. Sooner or later, he’ll die on your stomach. Moreover, that moment will come soon. Haha…”

Feng Qing’s hand pinched Xie Yuhuan’s neck, and a cold light shot out. She said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t let that day come. I won’t become an idiot, and Little Jiu Jiu won’t become a lunatic.”

Xie Yuhuan raised her head and laughed loudly. “Hahaha, you won’t? With Xie Jiuhan’s current condition, he will relapse again very soon. It’s not like you haven’t seen him go crazy and in pain before. At that time, only you can calm him down again in the entire world. Only you can save him, but that way, Jiuhan will be one step closer to becoming a lunatic. Tell me, at that time, will you save him? If you don’t save him, he will immediately become an irrational beast. However, if you save him, even if he doesn’t become a lunatic next time, he will become even more violent than now. The process of you wanting to comfort him will also become even more difficult. This is an endless cycle, forcing you to have no choice but to save him. Before long, you won’t be able to save him anymore because the virus in your body is starting to lose control. It’s very likely that you will become an idiot first.”

After laughing smugly for a while, Xie Yuhuan looked at Feng Qing and said, “Qingqing, let Little Aunt give you some guidance. If you want to stabilize Xie Jiuhan, who is getting harder and harder to control, you have to inject more PG18 virus into your body.”

Before Xie Yuhuan could finish her sentence, her throat was locked by Feng Qing. She instinctively opened her mouth to breathe, but she couldn’t make any sounds. She looked at Feng Qing in horror and realized that her hand was actually so strong, as if it was about to break her neck.

Feng Qing said coldly, “Xie Yuhuan, did you just say that the PG18 virus will make me more and more stupid and finally become an idiot?”

Xie Yuhuan held Feng Qing’s hand tightly with both hands and forced out a broken voice. “That-that’s right, but you have to sleep with him regularly. That way, not only will you not become an idiot, but you will also obtain high development of your cells. At that time, you will become far beyond ordinary people, smarter than anyone, and stronger than anyone.”

Hearing her words, Feng Qing gradually loosened her grip, allowing Xie Yuhuan to breathe smoothly and speak more smoothly.

Xie Yuhuan took a few deep breaths and said, “My brother injected you and Jiuhan with two viruses respectively. He was actually playing with you on purpose. One of you will become the strongest spear, and the other will become the strongest shield. You can save each other, but when you save the other, you’re actually harming the other. Therefore, this is a vicious cycle. You will ultimately walk towards destruction.”