Chapter 918 - Falling in Love with Her Biological Brother

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“If I aggravate the PG18 virus in my body…” Feng Qing said coldly.

“That way, the virus outbreak in your body will be shortened. Now, the virus amount in your body will guarantee that PG18 virus will not flare up in your body if you have sex with Xie Jiuhan every 50 days, much less devour your brain nerves. However, if you want to control Xie Jiuhan’s PG19 virus more effectively and increase the amount of PG18 virus in your body, your relapse cycle will quickly shorten. The original 50-day time limit will be shortened to 30, 15, or even shorter,” Xie Yuhuan said in a hoarse voice.

With that, Xie Yuhuan smiled and said, “But you know very well that the closer you and Xie Jiuhan are, the more frequently Xie Jiuhan’s illness relapses. Therefore, you’ve long fallen into a cycle that you can’t break free from. While you’re redeeming each other, you’re also hurting each other. This is your fate. You can’t escape, you can’t hide.”

Xie Yuhuan’s upper body was completely suspended in the air because Feng Qing had grabbed her collar with one hand. The intense pain caused by her dislocated shoulders had long washed away the makeup on her face. At this moment, Xie Yuhuan looked like a melting candle, greasy and ugly.

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Xie Yuhuan could also see clearly now. She knew that she was not Feng Qing’s match, not to mention that her shoulders had been dislocated by Feng Qing. Hence, she mumbled to herself, “Do you think that you can rest easy after sitting in the position of the Xie family’s head? No, no, no. Actually, you’ve never really won. From the start until now, you’ve always been controlled by my brother. Even if my brother is already dead now, you still can’t escape his scheme. As for you, the madam of the Xie family, you were destined to be pulled into the Xie family’s dark abyss the moment you got together with Xie Jiuhan. If you want to blame someone, blame Xie Jiuhan. If you want to hate someone, hate Xie Jiuhan. He’s an ingrate and a jinx. Anyone who has any contact with him or even has any relationship with him will suffer!”

The next second, Feng Qing swung her arm and slapped Xie Yuhuan’s face fiercely. It wasn’t enough to slap her once, but she slapped her more than ten times in a row. As she slapped, she said angrily, “Who said you could say that about my husband. Little Jiu Jiu isn’t a jinx. What right does a prisoner have to judge my husband like this? Look at you now, you’re so disgusting. You kept saying that you were good to my husband and asked him to respect and be filial to you, but you’re Old Master Xie’s spy outside. You’ve always been looking forward to betraying my husband one day, including today’s assessment. Don’t you feel like vomiting when you say those words?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Yuhuan shouted in a muffled voice, “No, I’m not a spy. I’ve never thought of betraying Jiuhan. After all, we used to have a common enemy. We worked together and finally pulled that man down from the altar. However, I only wanted that crazy man to be tortured in jail forever, making him beg for death. However, Xie Jiuhan killed him. Why did he do this?!”

At the mention of Old Master Xie’s death, Xie Yuhuan found it difficult to accept. She roared agitatedly. Feng Qing approached her and murmured in her ear, “I know. You fell in love with your biological brother.”

Xie Yuhuan’s throat choked. Her originally hoarse voice stopped abruptly, and she entered a motionless state, as if her battery had been exhausted. Looking at her reaction, Feng Qing couldn’t help but smile. She blinked her clear and large eyes and stared at her, as if she had already seen through her.