Chapter 919 - Antidote

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Chapter 919: Antidote

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Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing took a deep breath and continued, “When everyone treated you as the favored daughter of the heavens and thought that you would never get married, you suddenly became a member of the Long family in the Capital. Not long after you married your husband, he died in an accident. Your two children were seriously ill and passed away one after another. From then on, you started to be ostracized by the Long family. They said that you were a jinx and that you were an inauspicious person. Without your husband and children, you were ultimately chased out of the Long family.

“After a period of time, you returned to the Xie family. Most importantly, after you married into the Long family, the entire Long family seemed to have started to be unlucky. There were all sorts of problems in the business, causing many of the companies under them to collapse. Many industries were even sold to the Xie family at a low price. Many of the projects that the Long family took a fancy to were also snatched away by the Xie family. Therefore, your status in the Long family fell even more. The Long family even suspected that you and the Xie family were playing tricks behind the scenes, causing the Long family to gradually decline, and the death of your husband and kids were also the doing of you and the Xie family.”

With that, Feng Qing looked at Xie Yuhuan with a faint smile. Xie Yuhuan said with a trembling voice, “You, what are you trying to say?”

Feng Qing smiled and said, “What else can I say? Naturally, I have to praise you. I praise your loyalty to Old Master Xie and your sincerity to him!”

Upon hearing this, Xie Yuhuan avoided her gaze and said, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Feng Qing smiled lightly and said, “When we found out that you actually have the PG18 virus in your body, I’ve been thinking about whether you know that you’ve been poisoned. If you don’t know, it means that you’re sincere to Xie Jiuhan. At least, you love and cherish him. If you know, there are at least two possibilities. The first is that you hate Old Master Xie very much, you hate him for injecting that virus into you, so you want to kill him to vent your anger. After all, that’s the secondary virus of PG18. With the existence of this virus, your old life won’t live for many days. The second possibility is that you knew about the virus in your body, not only that, but you voluntarily accepted this virus. I think so because ever since Little Jiu Jiu locked Old Master Xie up, not only did you not want to kill him, but you also made an agreement with Little Jiu Jiu not to kill Old Master Xie and let him live in jail.”

Xie Yuhuan retorted, “You’re talking nonsense. Why would I do that? Why would I inject it when I knew that it was the PG18 virus? What good would it do me?”

Seeing that she still did not admit it, Feng Qing’s eyes shone slightly. “You agreed to inject yourself with that virus because you wanted to control Xie Jiuhan through the PG18 virus. Moreover, if I’m not wrong, you should have the antidote for PG18, right?”

When she heard the word ‘antidote’, Xie Yuhuan was not only slightly stunned, but she also revealed a smile that said, “I see.” After hearing Feng Qing beat around the bush, she finally knew her goal.

Xie Yuhuan sneered and said, “Qingqing, I have to admit that you’re indeed very smart. I finally understand the difference between you and Long Yuning. You can actually guess that I have the antidote with these clues. You really surprised me. However, I’m very curious. Even if I really have the antidote, do you dare to use it?”

With that, Xie Yuhuan snorted coldly and said, “Besides, why should I give you the antidote? My brother has already been killed by you. There’s nothing worth remembering since I’m all alone now. Even if I insist on taking the antidote, I’m afraid I won’t live for long. Therefore, even if I die, I’ll drag the two of you down with me. Even if you kill me immediately, if the two of you don’t have the antidote, you’ll go to hell to accompany me in less than three years. Hahaha!”

Towards the end, Xie Yuhuan laughed hysterically. Her originally well-maintained old face was filled with ferocity and ruthlessness, and her dim yellow eyes were filled with madness and neurosis. Old Master Xie was already dead, and this world was meaningless to Xie Yuhuan. When a person walked into a hopeless situation, what else did she have to care about? What was there to be afraid of? If not for her lack of ability, she would have wanted the entire world to die with Old Master Xie!

Seeing that Xie Yuhuan was almost crazy, Feng Qing coldly spat out these words. “What if I say that Old Master Xie isn’t dead?”

“Ha…” Xie Yuhuan, who was laughing crazily, suddenly stopped. She looked at Feng Qing without blinking, her face still sinister and crazy.