Chapter 920 - Whipping

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Feng Qing said, “That video was fake. I found someone to disguise as Old Master Xie and acted for you. If not for that, how could you have said everything you knew? How could you have shown the true Xie Yuhuan, who was hidden in the depths?”

Xie Yuhuan was stunned for a moment before she roared, “Feng Qing, how dare you lie to me?! Tell me clearly, what happened to my brother?”

However, Feng Qing had no intention of answering her at all. Instead, she sat back in her chair and said leisurely, “Actually, what you don’t know is that Little Jiu Jiu has long been on guard against you because every time you return to the Xie Manor, he will feel that his emotions are fluctuating very much. It’s just that he has never pointed it out. On account of how well you treated him back then, he has always been giving you a chance, hoping that you could pull back before it’s too late. Unfortunately, you’ve disappointed him time and time again. All these years, you’ve been drugging Little Jiu Jiu non-stop, wanting to induce the PG19 virus in his body to erupt. Little Jiu Jiu has forgiven you time and time again, so he has long paid back all the good you did for him back then. He no longer owes you anything.”

Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing crossed her legs again and said, “Also, I’ve discussed it with Little Jiu Jiu. After you finish receiving the punishment from the Penal Department, the Penal Department will send you to the security tower and let you retire there. If you think it’s boring, I can get Long Yuning to accompany you. Haven’t you always admired her?”

When she said this, Feng Qing’s voice was very calm. Although there was a smile on her face, it gave off a very cold feeling. Xie Yuhuan was lying on the ground like she was in a drunken ice cave. Although she was filled with anger and was extremely unwilling, she no longer had the strength to get up and make things difficult for Feng Qing.

“Feng Qing, you little vixen, you won’t die a good death. You actually dare to scheme against me. You’ve f*cking been scheming against me from the start, and you even found someone to act as my brother to lie to me. You’ll definitely suffer retribution, you definitely will!” Unable to beat her, Xie Yuhuan could only curse at her.

After cursing, she even looked at Xie Bao and the deputy minister who were standing behind and shouted, “And the two of you, you actually flattered this little slut. Just you wait. Sooner or later, I’ll take revenge on you.”

Hearing her curses, Xie Bao and the deputy minister of the Penal Department did not react at all. In fact, their expressions did not change at all. They looked like they had fallen asleep on the spot. There were more than a hundred people locked up in the entire cave. When everyone saw them, they would curse loudly. If they were angry because of this, they would not have lived until now.

Feng Qing sat on the chair and looked coldly at Xie Yuhuan making a scene. Seeing that Xie Yuhuan had enough, she ordered, “Someone, carry out the punishment of whipping!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xie Bao walked over and whipped Xie Yuhuan with a whip woven from thorns and vines. Xie Yuhuan let out a miserable cry as the whip landed.

Xie Bao was still whipping with a smile on his face. He whipped her again and again in a very rhythmic manner. There was no emotion on his face, as if he was just doing the most ordinary thing. Feng Qing sat on the chair and watched Xie Bao carry out the whipping. Her large beautiful eyes were suffused with cold emotions. The words Xie Yuhuan had said to her just now were still echoing in her ears.

“You can save each other, but when you save each other, you’re actually harming each other. Therefore, this is a vicious cycle. Both of you will ultimately walk towards destruction.”

“And to Jiuhan, you’re actually a drug. You’ll make him more and more addicted and crazy. Sooner or later, he’ll die on your stomach. Moreover, that moment will come soon. Haha…”

“Why should I give you the antidote? My brother has already been killed by you… In less than three years, you’ll go to hell to accompany me. Hahaha…”

Amidst Xie Yuhuan’s scream, Feng Qing gradually lost interest in watching. She stood up and walked out of the cell, then left straight out of the cave. The deputy minister wanted to follow, but she rejected him. Her heart was in a mess now, and she really wanted to walk alone. After leaving the cave without any obstructions, she took a deep breath of the fresh air outside and then raised her head to look at the distant sea and sky. The sea wind blew her long hair, making her look a little messy.

Feng Qing wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes. Now was not the time to cry or feel sad for fate. Fate was in her hands. If she wanted to change fate, she had to muster up the courage to face everything.