Chapter 921 - Clinical Trial

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Chapter 921: Clinical Trial

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Feng Qing quickly adjusted her mood and took out her phone. After thinking for a short while, she pressed a string of unfamiliar characters. The phone rang a few times before it was picked up. “Hello? Is this Master Yin?”

Feng Qing took a deep breath. This was the first time she had called the biological research institute under her name. Back then, when she registered this biological research institute, she had used Master Yin’s identity.

Feng Qing said coldly, “How’s the progress of the PG18 virus? When will the antidote be developed?”

After confirming that it was her, the person on the other end of the phone immediately reported, “Master Yin, we’ve already reached an agreement with the medical research institute under the Xie Corporation. We’ll do research and development together and share our information to develop the antidote for the PG18 virus. Their research institute has been researching the PG19 virus for a few years, but recently, this research institute suddenly changed its direction and studied the PG18 virus. Our research institute has been researching the PG18 virus since it was established, so our research on the PG18 virus is much deeper than theirs. Therefore, after a few discussions, we finally reached an agreement.”

Upon hearing this report, Feng Qing couldn’t help but be stunned. “You said that the Xie Corporation’s Medical Research Institute wants to cooperate with us to study the PG18 virus? Why? Aren’t they continuing to study the PG19 virus?”

The person on the other end of the phone replied, “We’re not sure about that, but I heard from their people in private that they seemed to have received orders from the higher-ups to change the direction of their research. Moreover, they heard from somewhere that we’re researching the PG18 virus, so they took the initiative to contact us to cooperate.”

Speaking up to this point, the person on the other end of the phone continued to report, “As for the progress of our research institute’s research on the PG18 virus, we are currently using various known drugs to extinguish the PG18 virus. Although we have already obtained a portion of the virus that has successfully extinguished, it has yet to enter clinical trials. We can’t determine the effect of it being injected into the body.”

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With that, the person even sighed. “Master Yin, you also know that the PG18 virus only exists in your body. Although we’ve been sending people to look for patients with the same virus outside, we’ve never received any results. Without finding such a person, we can’t carry out clinical trials.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing said without hesitation, “This is very easy to solve. Since only I have this virus in my body in the entire world, I’ll personally test it. I’ve already dealt with my matters here and will return to the Capital the day after tomorrow at the latest. At that time, let me try the antidote you made.”

“What?! Master Yin? You… No, I don’t agree. This is the first time we’ve made an antidote, so we’re not clear about its performance at all, nor do we know if it will cause any side effects to the human body. Therefore, we can’t let you be the clinical experimental subject.” Hearing her words, the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t remain calm anymore. Even his voice was trembling.

“It’s useless to object! Someone has to be the first person in this world to dare to eat crabs. Moreover, there’s some poison in testing medicine. No matter how good your antidote is, there will definitely be all sorts of side effects. It’s just the size of the side effects. Only by letting me test the medicine personally can you better obtain all sorts of medical data and carry out the next experiment according to my condition and changes.” Feng Qing said firmly.

She was the only one in the world who carried the PG18 virus. If she didn’t dare to test the medicine personally, then who could she count on to test the medicine for her? The logic was right, but the person on the other end of the phone said worriedly, “But there’s a huge hidden danger in testing the medicine, so we can’t predict what will happen.”

Listening to the objections on the phone, Feng Qing’s mood suddenly became a little heavy. She looked into the distance with her large eyes. At this moment, the sun had already set, and the orange fire clouds were beautiful. The sunlight plated a layer of red on her face. How could she not know that there was a huge risk in testing the medicine, but what could she do?

Taking a silent breath, Feng Qing said, “No matter the result, it’s better than me becoming an idiot in the end. Moreover, even if I fail and become an idiot, my husband won’t abandon me. He will definitely love me more, so this matter is settled. There’s no need to hesitate anymore because we don’t have time.”

In the study room of the villa, Xie Jiuhan was busy in front of the computer. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The man subconsciously raised his head and saw the door being gently pushed open. Then, Ji Yunchen walked in with a small bowl in one hand. The strange thing was that two balls of tissue were stuffed into Ji Yunchen’s nostrils.