Chapter 922 - “Share Weal and Woe”

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Chapter 922: “Share Weal and Woe”

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Xie Jiuhan sniffed and couldn’t help but frown. “What’s in the bowl?”

Ji Yunchen carried the small bowl and walked straight to Xie Jiuhan’s table. He placed the small bowl on the table in disdain and hurriedly took a few steps back. He even covered his nose and said, “Little Qingqing gave me a mission when she went out just now. She asked me to personally supervise you to take the medicine. She said that this is a prescription from the Healer of A Dark Organization, and it is very useful for your injuries. However, to be honest, after looking at the prescription just now, I think Little Qingqing might have been deceived because the few herbs on the prescription are all used to nourish the spleen and stomach. They’re not for external injuries at all, nor are they to replenish blood. I really don’t know why she bought this medicine.”

Xie Jiuhan finally understood what was going on after hearing Ji Yunchen’s words. Even he couldn’t help but frown as he looked at the black and sticky medicine in the small bowl. However, he quickly understood what Feng Qing meant. What did she mean by nourishing his spleen and stomach? She was obviously mocking him for being jealous of Xing Wudi through this bowl of medicine.

The next second, Xie Jiuhan picked up the small bowl and calmly finished the medicine in it. It felt like he was drinking good wine. Then, the man threw the small bowl on the table. Seeing this scene, Ji Yunchen’s eyes widened. His eyes were about to fall out of their sockets.

“Ninth, Ninth Master, you, you’re too fierce. You, you really drank it?!” Ji Yunchen said in disbelief.

“Ahem…” Xie Jiuhan placed his hands on the table and covered his ferocious face with them. He wanted to tell Ji Yunchen to shut up, but just as he opened his mouth, he almost vomited. He could only forcefully hold it in. However, he coughed again.

After a while, Xie Jiuhan finally recovered a little. He touched his lips gently. The smelly and bitter smell seemed to want to melt him from the inside out. Seeing that he was about to die, Ji Yunchen ignored his nose and hurriedly poured a glass of cold water for Xie Jiuhan. “Ninth Master, you’d better rinse your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll want to vomit again.”

However, Xie Jiuhan did not take the glass of water that he handed over. Instead, he snatched the cold kettle from Ji Yunchen’s hand and poured it into his mouth. The man drank all the cold water in the entire kettle. He put down the kettle and burped more than ten times before he felt alive. Although he did not say a word from the start to the end, his face was filled with the word ‘pain’. Xie Jiuhan had to admit that this was definitely the most bitter and smelly thing he had ever drunk in his life.

Observing Xie Jiuhan’s appearance, Ji Yunchen revealed a look of admiration and said, “Ninth Master, I have to say, you’re really too awesome. You actually have the courage to finish such a disgusting medicine in one go.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Jiuhan frowned and said coldly, “Who told you that this medicine tastes bad? Did I say that?”

Xie Jiuhan continued, “I think this medicine is fragrant and sweet. It’s sticky and delicious. No matter how many bowls my wife wants me to drink, I’ll drink it!”

Ji Yunchen couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up. “D*mn, Ninth Master, I’m convinced. However, Little Qingqing didn’t tell me to let you drink a few bowls before she left. I just brought the medicine out of the kitchen. I know how much medicine is in the medicine pot. There’s at least two more bowls of it. If you like to drink it, I’ll bring it over.”

After he said that, Ji Yunchen felt the temperature of the entire study room plummet. It was as if someone had suddenly filled the room with ice. He subconsciously looked over and saw the man behind the desk looking at him coldly.

Xie Jiuhan sat up straight and ordered, “Before you return to the Capital, drink the remaining two bowls of medicine. If you can’t finish them, you don’t have to return to the Capital.”

Ji Yunchen: “…Me? But why would I drink medicine when I’m not sick?”

Xie Jiuhan sneered coldly. He had yet to completely recover after drinking the medicine. At this moment, he felt that his lips, teeth, and even every pore were filled with a foul and bitter smell. He said in a hoarse voice, “Since Qingqing instructed you to send me the medicine, it means that she wants you to share weal and woe with me. Moreover, you’re a doctor yourself. You can’t hide your illness and avoid treatment, right? I’ve finished my portion, the remaining two portions are yours. You can only leave after you drink the medicine. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain it to my wife when she comes back.”

Even though he was facing Xie Jiuhan, he couldn’t help but curse. What did he mean by sharing weal and woe? What did he mean by avoiding treatment? He was the one who supervised Xie Jiuhan to drink the medicine. Why was it the other way around?