Chapter 923 - Help Me Lie to Qingqing Again

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Chapter 923: Help Me Lie to Qingqing Again

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Ji Yunchen spent more than ten seconds organizing a lot of words, wanting to reject Xie Jiuhan’s orders. However, in the end, he was still defeated by this man’s abuse of authority. Helpless, Ji Yunchen could only be indignant and say unwillingly, “Alright, alright, alright. I’ll drink. I’ll drink, alright? Who asked us to be good brothers? However, let me tell you this. In the future, don’t even think about asking me to help you lie to Little Qingqing. Hmph!”

With that, Ji Yunchen threw away the two balls of tissue in his nose and turned to leave the study room. Just as he stepped out of the door, he heard Xie Jiuhan’s voice coming from behind. “Bring the remaining two bowls of medicine in the kitchen here.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Yunchen hurriedly turned around and said excitedly, “Ninth Master, have you thought it through and planned to drink the two bowls of medicine yourself? I knew you still felt sorry for me.”

Xie Jiuhan raised his chin slightly and said coldly, “I’ll drink the rest of the medicine, but you have to do me a favor.”

Ji Yunchen was slightly stunned and subconsciously asked, “What favor?”

Xie Jiuhan’s noble thin lips curled up slightly. “Help me lie to Qingqing again.”

After Feng Qing came out of the Penal Department, she did not return to the Sacred Island Manor immediately. Instead, she walked straight to the most heavily guarded laboratory on the Sacred Island. Previously, Xie Ba had passed by that place when he brought her to the poison lab, so she found this place easily. As soon as she arrived, the guards recognized her.

“Hello, Young Madam!”

“Young Madam, are you lost?”

Feng Qing only smiled at the guards and did not explain anything to them. Then, she walked straight into the core area of the laboratory. She had heard from Xie Jiuhan that there was also an independent laboratory here to study the PG virus. Anyway, she was free, so she came in to take a look.

Looking at Feng Qing’s back view, a few guards started whispering. They were all curious about this young and beautiful young madam and guessed her purpose in coming here.

“Hey, why do you think Young Madam suddenly came here? Could it be that she’s just here to take a look?”

“Do you think there’s a possibility that Young Madam came here to guide the laboratory?”

“What? Guidance? Looking at the direction, Young Madam seems to want to go to Laboratory Zero. It’s filled with places to study various viruses. Are you sure a beautiful person like Young Madam knows these things?”

In a corner of the corridor, Xie Ruoyun was hiding in the shadows with a set of experimental information in her arms. She had heard everything the guards had said just now, but she did not intend to discuss anything with them. Instead, after thinking for a while, she walked towards Feng Qing with the set of experimental information in her arms. After turning a few corners not far from Feng Qing, Xie Ruoyun stopped because Feng Qing had entered Laboratory Zero.

“Why is Young Madam going there?” Xie Ruoyun mumbled to herself, but she also walked towards Laboratory Zero.

She entered a string of passwords at the entrance of the laboratory. After scanning her iris, the door of the laboratory opened. Xie Ruoyun walked in with the information. In the end, she saw Feng Qing sitting on a chair. The chief in charge of the laboratory was telling Feng Qing about the current situation of the experiment. The chief of the laboratory was also standing respectfully at the side.

The chief in charge of the laboratory said seriously, “Young Madam, what I said just now is the current research situation of our laboratory. Please forgive me for being blunt. If you want to improve your research on the PG18 virus, you ultimately have to join forces with the virus research institute in the Seven Stars Continent and share the research data with each other so that we can speed up the research. However, Ninth Master’s relationship with the Lu family in the Seven Stars Continent has been relatively tense recently, causing the many important projects the two laboratories have worked on to be interrupted.”

Speaking up to this point, the chief saw Xie Ruoyun from the corner of his eye, so he pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and said, “Even the laboratory technician, Xie Ruoyun’s application to study in the Seven Stars Continent’s hospital was directly rejected, so we can only bury our heads and continue researching now.”

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Hearing the chief supervisor mention her, Xie Ruoyun no longer acted as an invisible person. She could only walk forward and force a smile. “Chief, this information is my thesis manuscript for the Pi virus. Please take a look.”

The chief adjusted his glasses again and took the information to take a look. Finally, he sighed and said, “Ruoyun, I believe you heard it just now. Your application has been rejected by the Seven Stars Continent. From the looks of it, this matter will probably be delayed.”