Chapter 924 - The Dissatisfied Xie Ruoyun

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Chapter 924: The Dissatisfied Xie Ruoyun

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Xie Ruoyun frowned and said, “I’m not the only one. I heard that the Xing family of the Seven Stars Continent used their connections to make the Seven Stars Continent’s Hospital School, as well as other medical institutions and schools in the Seven Stars Continent, stop recruiting people from the Xie Corporation. There’s even a person from the Xie Corporation’s collateral branch who has already reached his third year in the Seven Stars Continent who was expelled for no reason.”

The chief nodded and said, “The relationship between the Xie Corporation and the Xing family of the Seven Stars Continent is too tense now. Not only you guys who want to go to school, but even those who want to work in the Seven Stars Continent have been rejected. The most troublesome thing is that I don’t know who leaked the news that the Xie Corporation and the Seven Stars Continent’s factions have become enemies, causing the stock to fall even more than yesterday.”

Xie Ruoyun not only sighed again, but she also shifted her gaze to Feng Qing. “If I remember correctly, at the engagement banquet of the Feng family’s adopted daughter in the Capital, the head of the Xing family in the Seven Stars Continent, Xing Wudi, suddenly attended. This matter even caused a huge commotion. I watched the live broadcast. Young Madam, you and Xing Wudi seem to have known each other for a long time, right?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing raised her eyebrows, as if she didn’t want to answer. Xie Ruoyun continued, “Young Madam, do you know the reason why Xing Wudi used all the power and connections of the Xing family to confront the Xie family? I might as well say it directly. Since Young Madam and the head of the Xing family are old acquaintances, why don’t you talk to Xing Wudi about this and ask him not to fight with our Xie family anymore?”

Feng Qing’s voice was a little cold. “Xing Wudi injured Ninth Master yesterday. Before the Feng family held the engagement banquet, the Xing family was already like fire and water with the Xie family. However, our Xie family belongs to the number one economic country in the world. To put it bluntly, the Xie family is supported by the country. Be it the Xing family of the Seven Stars Continent or other forces, no matter how strong the other party is, no matter how they plot against the Xie family, they will not really hurt the foundation of the Xie family.”

Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing looked straight into Xie Ruoyun’s eyes and said, “Let me ask you, if someone gives you a punch, and you wanted to reason with them, or even have the mentality of begging for peace, then the result will definitely be that you will be bullied even more by the other party. I know that you don’t feel good that you didn’t go to the Seven Stars Continent Medical School, but even if you can’t go to the Seven Stars Continent Medical School, that doesn’t mean that you can’t attend university, right? According to what I know, there are two very famous medical schools in the Capital. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Xie Ruoyun’s aura weakened under Feng Qing’s gaze, but she still said stubbornly, “How can the Capital Medical School be higher than the Seven Stars Continent Medical School? Be it the facilities, equipment, or teachers, they’re not on the same level at all.”

Actually, Xie Ruoyun was still a little dissatisfied with Feng Qing in her heart. It was just that she couldn’t show it too much. Coupled with the fact that Xing Wudi had suddenly appeared at the Feng family’s engagement banquet and the battle between Xie Jiuhan and Xing Wudi, Xie Ruoyun’s sixth sense told her that the person who had caused the Xie Corporation and the Xing family of the Seven Stars Continent to be like fire and water should be Feng Qing.

However, what she couldn’t understand was how did the head of the Xing family of the Seven Stars Continent know Feng Qing, and how did Feng Qing hook up with the other party. Even they had only met Feng Qing for the first time. The more she thought about this, the greater Xie Ruoyun’s opinion of Feng Qing became.

In her opinion, as the madam of the Xie family, if Feng Qing couldn’t help Xie Jiuhan in his career, she should just be a good wife in the Xie family. She shouldn’t go around causing trouble and attract such a powerful enemy to the Xie family. If not for Feng Qing, they, who wanted to go to the Seven Stars Continent to study, wouldn’t have suffered. Originally, her going to study in the Seven Stars Continent was a sure thing, but now, the Seven Stars Continent had rejected her application. How could she be willing to accept this? Most importantly, the person responsible had said that their applications had been rejected because the Xie family had offended the Xing family. And now, the Xie family is under the pressure of the Xing family, yet Feng Qing, the madam of the Xie family, did not have any reaction at all. It was as if she was blind to the crisis that the Xie family is facing. Could she not know that the Xie family had encountered a formidable enemy?

Xie Ruoyun couldn’t understand Feng Qing. She was only dissatisfied with Feng Qing. Although Feng Qing’s performance in the Sacred Island assessment was very dazzling and outstanding, this didn’t stop her from having opinions about Feng Qing. It was just that because of her status, she couldn’t reprimand her.

Feng Qing said, “The Seven Stars Continent Medical School is indeed the school with the highest medical technology in the world, but the Pi virus you’re researching originated from elsewhere. As soon as this virus was discovered, it started to spread in the Western continents. Until now, it hasn’t been able to effectively control the Pi virus.”