Chapter 926 - Same as Me

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Chapter 926: Same as Me

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“I heard from Young Madam just now that you should know more about the Pi virus. Then take a look at my thesis manuscript about the Pi virus. No matter what comments you have, I’m all ears.” Xie Ruoyun looked respectful, but there was a hint of arrogance in her voice.

Upon hearing this, the others in the laboratory all looked like they were watching a good show. Xie Ruoyun was one of the top two people on the Sacred Island in terms of education and was also one of the top ten PhDs on the Sacred Island. The topic she studied and the thesis report she wrote would definitely be very profound. How could a music special admissions student like Feng Qing understand it? In their opinion, Feng Qing probably couldn’t even understand the introduction of the thesis.

However, the researchers were curious and expectant. They didn’t know what Feng Qing could comment on. They only hoped that her comment wouldn’t be too stupid. Otherwise, those who were watching the show would probably laugh out loud on the spot. That would be too rude. After all, Feng Qing was the Young Madam, so they had to give her some face.

Seeing this scene, the chief supervisor of the laboratory couldn’t help but stop her. “Ruoyun, shouldn’t you hurry up and perfect your experiment today? Why are you still here?”

The others could wait to see Feng Qing make a fool of herself, but as the chief supervisor of the laboratory, he couldn’t do this. Moreover, he had to stop this from happening and try his best not to embarrass Feng Qing here. Otherwise, if the higher-ups pursued this matter, he, the chief supervisor, wouldn’t be able to absolve himself of the blame. It had to be known that deliberately mocking and provoking Young Madam was a serious crime on Sacred Island!

Xie Ruoyun naturally understood what the chief meant, but because she was unhappy, she said firmly, “Chief, it’s rare that Young Madam knows so much about the Pi virus and I happened to complete this thesis. Why don’t you let Young Madam review it for me? Perhaps Young Madam will really be interested in my thesis.”

As Xie Ruoyun spoke, Feng Qing was flipping through her thesis. When she saw the formula cited in the thesis, her lips curled up slightly. “You’ve also calculated this formula. The conclusion is the same as mine. Not bad, not bad.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Ruoyun was stunned. She subconsciously said, “What did you say? What do you mean by the same as you?”

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Feng Qing flipped to one of the pages of the thesis and pointed at a certain formula on it. “When Xie Ba brought me here for a tour yesterday, I happened to see a notebook used for experimental records on the experimental table. I saw the exact same formula as this in that notebook. The only difference was that the formula in that notebook had yet to reach a conclusion. At that time, my hands were itchy. After some calculations, I wrote the calculation results in that notebook. Ruoyun, you went to that laboratory later on. Didn’t you see it?”

As soon as these words were out, Xie Ruoyun was immediately petrified. Her light pink mouth was wide open, and her eyes, which were covered in fake eyelashes, were looking at Feng Qing without blinking. At this moment, she felt that her mind was blank. She couldn’t even understand what Feng Qing was saying. Feeling the strange looks from her colleagues around her, Xie Ruoyun forced herself to calm down. Her mind quickly recalled everything that had happened in the laboratory yesterday, especially the notebook on the laboratory table. She firmly believed that the analysis formula for the Pi virus in the notebook in the laboratory where the accident happened yesterday was clearly written by her, but Feng Qing actually said that she wrote it in the laboratory yesterday.

When Feng Qing saw the formula conclusion in Xie Ruoyun’s thesis, she thought that Xie Ruoyun had calculated it herself. To be able to write a long thesis report, Xie Ruoyun should have studied the Pi virus for a long time. Feng Qing could use the incomplete data on the record book to analyze the formula in such a short time. Xie Ruoyun had studied it for more than three years, so she could naturally calculate it long ago. The reason why she did not write the calculation result at that time was probably because she was delayed by something else, so Feng Qing could not help but write the result. This was also the truest and most original idea in Feng Qing’s heart. Moreover, she had no intention of showing off when she wrote the result. It was purely on a whim and she did not think much of it.

With that, Feng Qing ignored Xie Ruoyun’s reaction. Instead, she quickly flipped through the thesis manuscript in her hand with a serious expression. Because of the PG18 virus, she already had abilities that far exceeded ordinary people. Her genes and brain cells had been developed very exaggeratedly, so these profound and obscure academic things were not a problem for her. She could almost read ten lines in a glance. However, in the eyes of others, her actions looked different. Almost everyone thought that Feng Qing was just pretending. She flipped through it so quickly, but she actually could not understand anything.