Chapter 1563 - heroic spirit! 1

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Chapter 1563: Chapter 1,563, heroic spirit! 1

Xiao Hai didn’t show any fear when facing his former comrades from the southern region. On the contrary, he was full of fighting spirit.

“Senior Xiao Hai, in addition to the three of them, a large group of cultivators from the northern region have also arrived,”the person next to him said with a frown.

Hearing this, Xiao Hai’s expression slightly changed.

One had to know that the average cultivation base of the northern region was far above that of the southern region.

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Because of the harsh environment, the people who stayed behind were all extremely powerful.

Xiao Hai wasn’t afraid of those three people, but these three people had enough strength to delay Xiao Hai!

If that was the case, the southern region would suffer heavy losses!

He didn’t think anymore and quickly walked out of the room.

It was already a mess outside. Yong Ji and the other two stood high up in the sky, coldly looking down.

As for the northern cultivators, they had already started fighting with the southern region.

Just as Xiao Hai had guessed, the southern region had suffered heavy losses. They were not a match for the northern cultivators at all.

This made Xiao Hai, who abhorred evil as his enemy, instantly furious!

With a wave of his palms, his hands shot out like dragons. A terrifying internal Qi pierced through the crowd, instantly killing several northern cultivators!

Seeing Xiao Hai’s terrifying strength, Yong Ji and the others couldn’t help but sigh.

“A legend’s strength is probably above the three of us.”Yong Ji sighed with heartfelt emotion.

Feng Hai and Baro didn’t say anything, but their intentions were very obvious.

“Attack. If Xiao Hai continues to kill, I’m afraid these people won’t be enough.”Baro said coldly.

He stretched out his hand and took out a scimitar.

This scimitar was extremely extraordinary. Rumor has it that it had been forged by a master refiner, and it was mixed with the powder of a saint’s bones. Its power was boundless.

“Xiao Hai, your opponent is us!”Baro shouted at Xiao Hai.

Xiao Hai didn’t say a word. Only one palm responded to him!

This terrifying palm print came straight at him with a buzzing explosion!

Baro naturally did not dare to be negligent. He held the scimitar in his hand and suddenly slashed forward!

The palm print was cut into two pieces, but the residual force forced Baro back a few steps!

Baro’s expression could not help but change, and a trace of solemnity appeared in his heart.

“Everyone, attack together. I’m afraid that we are not his match in a one-on-one fight,”Baro said coldly.

Yong Ji and Feng Hai also took a step forward, their internal Qi bursting out.

However, Xiao Hai had no strength to control the others. He swept his gaze across the battlefield and shouted, “Everyone, hide behind me!”

Hearing Xiao Hai’s shout, everyone couldn’t help but be stunned.

This caused the already defeated people to be impacted once again!

Xiao Hai was instantly furious. His eyes were wide open and he immediately waved his hand!

A large green hand instantly stretched out and actually protected a large number of cultivators from the southern region under his hand!

What kind of heaven-defying method was this! Even Yong Ji and the others were greatly shocked!

“What makes me feel terrifying, besides the sect leader of the Heavenly Cloud Sect, there’s now another Xiao Hai.”Yong Ji took a deep breath, his expression extremely grave.

Immediately after, Xiao Hai raised his head to look at the three people and coldly said, “All of you, attack together! Today, I will behead your righteous path!”

“Arrogant.”Barrow coldly snorted and took the lead to step forward.

Barrow held his scimitar in his hand and headed straight for Xiao Hai.

The arc-shaped light tore through the heaven and earth and slashed towards Xiao Hai!

Xiao Hai waved his sleeve and a violent wind followed. A pure and dense internal Qi went up to meet it!

Yong Ji and Feng Hai did not waste any more time. They quickly moved to meet Xiao Hai!

Xiao Hai was full of heroic spirit. He was fighting against three people by himself. The more he fought, the braver he became!

At this moment, Xiao Hai was protecting everyone with one hand. Naturally, he could not unleash his full strength. However, even so, Yong Ji and the others still felt that it was extremely difficult!

“Xiao Hai, today is the Day You Die!”

Baro roared angrily. Black light rose in all directions. Dao technique rumbled, and a terrifying move appeared in the human world!

Yong Ji naturally did not dare to be negligent. He used his trump card move, and rays of light overlapped!

Faced with the combined attacks of three top-notch martial artist, Xiao Hai was still arrogant and at ease. His hair danced wildly, and his fighting spirit was overflowing. He unleashed his law to the limit.

Seeing this, the numerous cultivators of the northern lands immediately began to rush towards Xiao Hai!

They planned to attack together and seize the opportunity to kill Xiao Hai!

On the opposite side of the northern lands, Sima Bei was coldly watching everything.

“The northern lands actually has such a top-notch martial artist.”Sima bei exclaimed in shock.

Xiao Hai’s strength had far exceeded his imagination!

What made Sima Bei feel the most terrifying was that Xiao Hai’s moves were extremely ordinary. He only relied on his dense internal qi and his incomparable battle intent!

This kind of person was extremely terrifying. Not only did he have unimaginable battle experience, he also had an undefeatable determination!

“Even I might not have a 100% chance of defeating him.”Sima bei frowned.

“This Xiao Hai is probably the number one person in the southern region.”The person beside him also said.

Yong Ji and the others attacked together, but they were unable to gain the slightest advantage.

Xiao Hai’s palm force was incomparably dense. With a single palm strike, it could be said to be able to destroy the heavens and destroy the earth!

However, Yong Ji and the others were at the peak after all. They also had their own advantages. Even if they couldn’t take down Xiao Hai, they wouldn’t be defeated.

“This Xiao Hai... how can he be so terrifying!”Yong Ji was extremely shocked! The expressions of the other two people were extremely unsightly!

They had always thought that Xiao Hai’s “Legend”was on par with them. Now, it seemed that Xiao Hai’s strength was far above the three of them!

Seeing this, the hearts of many cultivators in the South Province almost bled.

Xiao Hai could obviously have a wider world and could go to the central province to explore, but he was fighting bloody battles here for the South Province!

The saddest thing was that no one could help!

“Senior Xiao Hai, let us out. We’d rather die in battle than be protected by you!”

Finally, a cultivator couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to create Xiao Hai’s palm, but failed.

Xiao Hai was extremely stubborn. He laughed crazily and shouted, “Come on, three scoundrels. I, Xiao Hai, will not be afraid!”

Yong Ji and the others knew that they couldn’t go head-to-head with Xiao Hai. They immediately chose to take turns to slowly grind Xiao Hai to death.

This was bound to be a bitter battle. Xiao Hai’s domineering aura shocked everyone.

Even a large group of cultivators had gathered in the northern lands opposite the shore.

They seemed to be attracted by Xiao Hai’s heroic spirit, and for a moment, their eyes were fixated on the battlefield.

High in the sky, Qin Yu stood on top of the Divine Eagle’s head, scanning his surroundings.

This place was getting closer and closer to the northern lands, and the temperature was rapidly dropping.

“We should be arriving soon.”Qin Yu took out a map.

Indeed, they were already approaching the northern borders.

“I wonder if senior Xiao Hai can resist the northern lands by himself.”Qin Yu thought to himself.

He immediately activated the desolate God’s eye and looked ahead.

After stepping into the mighty realm, the distance of the desolate God’s eye had increased by a lot. For a time, everything within a radius of several dozen stars was unable to escape Qin Yu’s eyes.