Chapter 1707 - Another Cultivator from Earth

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Chapter 1707: Another Cultivator from Earth

Such a marvelous scene was probably unprecedented in history.

Qin Yu rode on the Divine Eagle and headed straight for the northern border.

When he was about to reach the northern border, Qin Yu put away the Divine Eagle.

He took out the bottle of liquid medicine given by Sister Lin and finished drinking it. He then quietly waited for the change on his face.

This was an extremely fast change. Qin Yu could even clearly feel the bones of his face being crushed and reassembled!

It was extremely painful. It was not something that an ordinary person could endure. However, it was nothing in Qin Yu’s eyes.

In just a few short minutes, Qin Yu’s face turned extremely ugly.

Qin Yu found a mirror. After confirming that he could not be recognized, he swaggered toward the northern border.

More and more people gathered at the northern border. When Qin Yu arrived, he could not help but be shocked.

It was such a spectacular occasion. It was scarier than he had imagined!

The swearing that filled the air was extremely unpleasant to hear.

Qin Yu could not help but swallow his saliva. He said softly, “D*mn! These people are really hardworking…”

However, Qin Yu also felt relieved

From they did not dare to resist in the beginning to confront the other party now, Xiao Hai’s contributions could not be ignored.

Qin Yu blended into the crowd and tried his best to squeeze to the front.

He leaned over and took a glance at the dead river in front of him. He could not help but be stunned.

The once mighty dead river was now only the size of a palm!

“At this rate, I’m afraid it will disappear tomorrow or the day after,” Qin Yu muttered in a low voice.

“F*ck you! You’re waiting for the dead river to disappear. Let me rip off your head!”

At this moment, Qin Yu heard a familiar swearing.

This curse seemed to come from Earth.

He had been in the Holy Region for so long, but he had never heard such swearing.

Qin Yu looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw a young man stamping his feet, pointing at the opposite side and cursing.

That posture was very much like a village aunt quarreling.

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Qin Yu frowned slightly.

Qin Yu didn’t know this person.

“Could it be that… people are coming from Earth again?” Qin Yu took a deep breath.

He had a strong urge to go over and ask.

But Qin Yu’s appearance now made him unable to move forward. He was afraid that his identity would be exposed.

After hesitating for a long time, Qin Yu finally resisted the urge and silently memorized this person’s look in his mind.

“When the dead river disappears, I will definitely kill you!

“When the dead river disappears, it will be the day your North Plain is destroyed!

“Hahaha! Where’s that sh*t owner of your North Plain? Why isn’t he here? Is he still sleeping?

“When we go over, we will first smash that sh*t Yuan Xiu’s head and then kill all of you one by one to console the spirits of the seniors of my Nanzhou in heaven!”

“How dare you insult our Lord? You’re courting death!”

“Your Lord is a beast in our eyes! B*stard! Hahaha!”

The people of the North Plain were so angry that they stamped their feet. They looked extremely furious.

Hearing of their anger, Qin Yu couldn’t hold it in any longer. He almost opened his mouth and swore as well.

At this moment, Qin Yu saw a familiar figure among the people of North Plain.

This person was none other than Yong Ji.

At this moment, Yong Ji had his hands behind his back as he quietly looked at the crowd. He had the demeanor of a top-notch martial artist.

His body emitted wisps of the pressure of the Reversion Void Stage, making people fear approaching him.

Standing beside him was also an old acquaintance of Qin Yu, He Teng.

“Colluding with each other.” Seeing this, Qin Yu could not help but snort coldly.

After that, Qin Yu slowly retreated to the back.

He restrained his internal qi and quietly waited for the dead river to disappear.

“I can’t take it anymore. I’ll kill you right now!”

At this moment, a riot suddenly occurred on the opposite shore!

A beam of light rose from the ground and headed straight for the cultivators of Nanzhou!

“Do you think we’re afraid of you?”

The cultivators of Nanzhou were not afraid at all and immediately face the attack!

The two beams of light collided in the air and resulted in an intense explosion!

Finally, someone made a move!

The two sides began to fight across the dead river!

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However, the overall strength of North Plain cultivators was still above that of Nanzhou. In just a while, several Nanzhou cultivators were beheaded and their primordial spirit directly exploded!

“Those who are weaker, quickly retreat to the back!” A cultivator of Nazhou shouted.

“Those who are stronger, don’t hide in the back like cowards. If we don’t resist today, we will become a stepping stone for others tomorrow!”

The person who spoke was the cultivator who was suspected to be from Earth!

He seemed to have an extremely strong organizing ability. Just a few words could motivate people to feel excited.

Looking at the miserable state of Nanzhou cultivators, the internal qi in Qin Yu’s body began to stir up.

He slowly stood up, intending to make a move.

At this moment, a voice came from North Plain.

It was from Yongji. He put his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “There’s no need to be anxious. The dead river will disappear tomorrow. Why must you be so anxious now? All of you, step back.”

Yong Ji, after all, was the Godly King of North Plain. When the cultivators heard this, they stepped back one after another.

“F*ck you, Yongji. You’re a beast. If I don’t smash your head tomorrow, my surname won’t be Hu!” The cultivator who was suspected to be from Earth pointed at Yongji cursing.

Yong Ji put his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “I won’t care about the clamor of a small fly like you.”

“Is that so? Then I won’t be polite,” the cultivator with the surname “Hu” sneered.

“You f*cking said that I was your father on my bed last night.

After a series of swearing and cursing, Qin Yu could basically confirm that this kid surnamed Hu had come from Earth.

Qin Yu was quite familiar with such swearing when he was on Earth.

On the other side of the river, Yong Ji’s face turned completely dark.

He tried his best to hold back the anger in his heart and said in a pleasant manner, “How could I be angry because of a dog’s wild bark?”

“Really? Are you almost angry to death now? It must be very uncomfortable to hold it in your heart, right?” the cultivator surnamed Hu sneered and said.

Yong Ji gritted his teeth. He seemed to be unable to hold it in anymore and turned around to leave.

On the shore, He Teng put his hands behind his back and said with a faint smile, “I admire you very much.”

“He Teng, I’m your biological father whom you’ve never met before!” The cultivator surnamed Hu turned his attention to He Teng now.

“Don’t think that I don’t know you. Let me tell you in secret. Before I came, your mother and I gave birth to a younger brother for you.”

As soon as he said this, Qin Yu could confirm now.

This kid was from Earth!

On the other side, He Teng seemed to have realized something as well. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said to the person beside him, “This person, I want him alive. No matter what, you have to capture him for me!”

The black-robed person beside him quickly nodded and said, “Yes, Lord Godly King.”

The person surnamed Hu was still swearing non-stop. He had no idea that danger was quietly approaching.