Chapter 746 Your Secret Is Safe With Me

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With the target arrow marked for her, Shen Yue couldn't ask for a better hint to start the kingdom quest. She did not know why she of all people specifically received this quest, but she was determined to do her best.

Shen Yue activated [Stealth] mode and started to move in the direction of the tunnel, which covered the northernmost part of the canal that cut across the city. This was an interesting spot as it was the farthest from the royal palace.

Who was this so-called princess running from? Firstly, she did not know where a princess popped out from, but if it was for protection, shouldn't she be running toward the palace?

Shen Yue couldn't understand the situation. Nevertheless, she was very curious to meet this secret, hidden princess. She continued running towards the tunnel, careful not to bump into anyone else, and soon reached her destination.

Weirdly, when she arrived, no one else was there. Just to make sure, Shen Yue searched all areas surrounding the tunnel thoroughly, but she couldn't see anyone. Since it was a somewhat open area, not even other players were around, as they couldn't hide in this spot.

"What is going on? Where is this princess?"

She frowned and looked around when suddenly she spotted another person sitting at the far end of the tunnel. He had hidden quite well between two narrow passages, so she missed him while searching the place the first time around.

Shen Yue immediately revealed herself and walked over to this person. Naturally, she also turned on her charm, as this usually made things a lot easier.

"Hi, did you by chance see a young woman somewhere around here?" She asked with a sweet smile. As she finally had a chance to take a good look at this person, she was immediately shocked.

The person she was talking to was in a terrible state. The poor guy seemed too battered and bruised. He was very young and had a feminine face, which currently had numerous cuts and injuries.

He looked back at her with a pair of red eyes and shook his head.

"Ummm…" Shen Yue felt awkward. From his condition, it was clear that he was a beggar or a commoner who got badly injured in the beast horde. "Do you want something to eat?" She took out some food and a health potion for the poor beggar.

"A decent health potion?" The beggar's eyes immediately lit up. He grabbed it and emptied it out in a second. "Give me another one."

"Hmmm?" Shen Yue didn't care about the beggar's demanding attitude or why her charm didn't seem to be working. After all, the poor thing was very badly hurt.

In this condition, he probably wasn't thinking straight, so what could he have seen? She gave the guy a couple more health potions and prepared to look around once again when she abruptly stopped in her tracks.

She turned to stare at the 'beggar' one more time if he could even be called that now.

With the person's face completely clearing up and his wounds all healing, little by little, the haggard and crumpled face was turning into something astonishing.

Shen Yue couldn't help but gasp lightly. This person's features were utterly stunning, but a second later something else stood out. She was shocked again, as she was actually beginning to recognize the person in front of her.

It was none other than the current king of the Gresh Kingdom!

When all the high-level NPCs walked out to face the beast horde, particularly the elite beasts, in the royal city, the King and the royal court also made an appearance. So what was he doing here?

Shen Yue only needed one more look, as suddenly everything seemed to click into place. The king who looked like a woman, her special rescue the non-existent princess quest and the fact that she was right now staring at this person where her target was supposed to be…

All of this pointed to one thing, and only one thing. The current King of the Gresh Kingdom was actually a woman? The crown prince had always been a princess? Was this why he was being hunted down?

Shen Yue's eyes twinkled as she slowly opened her mouth. It was time to verify this wild thought she had. "I can help you reach a safe location, princess." She said.

"You can? Quickly tell me. What is your plan?" The 'beggar' stood up in alarm. It took him, or rather her, a second to realize what just happened, and she froze awkwardly.

Got you! Shen Yue grinned brightly. "Don't worry, princess. Your secret is safe with me." She unleashed her charm fully and gave a light nod. "As for the plan… it is pretty simple."

"Everyone is focused on the main entrance and exit of the royal city, I am sure you are aware of some emergency exits?"

"We could use those to leave the city and then head somewhere safe. Me and my group of guild members will see to it that you reach somewhere safe and sound, princess."

The young man bit his lips while being repeatedly addressed as a princess, but he did not say anything to deny it.

Shen Yue smiled and called for the rest of the team. Everyone had their invisibility potions ready, and soon the entire group set out on their mission.

The 'princess' led the way, and they easily reached one of the side exits. En route, a few beasts sniffed them out, but Shen Yue and the group quickly took care of the beasts and put them away.

Luckily, all the special elite beasts were occupied by the main NPCs, so they did not have to face these monstrous creatures. However, this situation immediately changed as they stepped outside the city.

Within seconds, they were surrounded by ten of the berserk elite beasts.

Shen Yue immediately prepared to fight. She knew that the difficulty of a kingdom quest would definitely be off the charts, so she hurriedly dashed ahead with her daggers.