Chapter 747 Same Place?

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Seeing Shen Yue charge forward, everyone else in the group took their respective places as the fight instantly broke out. Several colourful attacks started flying left and right, and arrows and weapons flashed brightly in the sunlight.

The group confidently moved, coordinating perfectly with each other. They had all run several dungeons together, so they were all well aware of each other's strong points, weak points, and capabilities. They fought supporting and buffing each other as the overall strength of the group soared.

However, the enemy in front of them was not just any ordinary enemy. With a massive health of ten million, each of the ten elites was akin to a freaking dungeon boss.

It was not just their health but also their attack patterns. They had complicated attack patterns that were not easy to dodge, and each one dealt a massive chunk of damage. Every single attack was sudden and bizarre, and they attacked in a frenzy with no thoughts of self-preservation.

Worse yet, the fight devolved into chaos and eventually coalesced into a small nucleus, drawing in additional elite beasts. The ten berserk beasts they were facing quickly became fifteen.

Biting her lip, Shen Yue watched as things began to go south. The whole fight was a complete mess, and they were only barely holding on. If things continued this way, this quest was going to end before it ever began.

The really infuriating part was that the damned princess did little to nothing to help. Wasn't she supposed to be powerful since she was able to play the role of a king?

Everyone here was fighting for her survival, and she was simply standing and watching the show. Tsk. Tsk. What a piece of work! Shen Yue gave her a glare and then decided to take action.

"Everyone, let's split up. It's impossible to get out of this as is, so you guys slowly draw these beasts back to the city, and then they will automatically be taken care of."

The others quickly followed the orders, and the fight changed trajectories. Shen Yue then looked at two players specifically, one long-range hunter and one priest. "Ian and Josh, come with me. Princess, let's move."

While the rest of the group held the aggro of the beasts and kept them busy, these three slowly slipped out. They managed to evade the heavy hitters of the beast horde and slaughtered their way out of the mess.

Shen Yue then led everybody to the spot where their mounts were safely hidden. This had been their retreat plan, just in case, the beast horde was too difficult to handle in the surrounding villages and towns where Alex and the others were fighting.

Shen Yue borrowed two mounts from this stash, and the group of four was quickly out of harm's way. The beast horde did contain some flying beasts, but most of these were hovering over the cities. So for now, they were mostly safe, though this probably wouldn't last long.

Some players had already tried using this strategy to save themselves from the beast horde and miserably failed. They were ganged upon in mid-air and plummeted to their deaths.

Hence, they had to quickly fly to another destination and get off the skies. But where were they supposed to go? What was a safe destination in this never-ending beast horde?

As if answering her question, a system prompt flashed in front of Shen Yue. Her quest was updated, and now there was an arrow mark indicating where the escort mission ended. In fact, the entire path from start to finish was clearly dotted.

"I guess this makes things simpler." She sighed and signalled the group to move forward. Luckily the destination wasn't that far away. They should be able to reach you within a few minutes.

The group cautiously proceeded forward, the two bat mounts using the cover of trees and clouds whenever possible. Everything was going smoothly but when they got closer to the location slowly Shen Yue's expression stiffened up.

She knew what this location was. Rather she had already been here before. She would have recognized it sooner if not for the fact that she was constantly looking around and making sure nothing sneaked up on them but now that they were here, she immediately recognized the spot.

The safe location for the princess was nothing but the same demon temple where the old enchantress had kidnapped them and planned to use them for some sort of sacrificial ritual!

If Liam did not come and rescued them on time, Shen Yue shuddered to think what could have happened and now they were back here again, back at the same spot! What the hell?

She even flipped open the system interface map to double-check if this was really the safe location where the quest was supposed to end and it was still the same. Nothing changed. This was the spot.

Shen Yue did not know why but she had a bad feeling about the whole thing. The first quest which gave her the special class was a quest to help the old maid in the royal palace but in the end, the maid betrayed them and planned to use them for her evil deeds.

So would this person also end up doing the same?

"No. What am I thinking? This is a completely different person. She is not really connected to the enchantress. I am overthinking things." She calmed herself down.

However, immediately another unsettling thought arose in her mind. If this is not connected to the enchantress then why would she get this quest of all people? It didn't make sense. It had to be someone connected to her special class. Only that explained things.

Also since she was unconscious, she never really got a good look at the enchantress's face when she was not old and shrivelled anymore. She only heard the story from Liam. So perhaps this woman could resemble her or be connected to her in some way?

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