Chapter 748 Like Mother Like Daughter

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Shen Yue kept stealing glances at the princess who was still in her king disguise. No matter how she looked at it, the person was indeed extravagantly beautiful and if all the disgusting makeup was removed perhaps even more beautiful than her.

There really was a big chance that she might be an enchantress too. Irrespective, Shen Yue decided to mentally prepare herself just to be sure. It was better to be safe than sorry. She gripped her daggers tightly as she continued looking around, watching out for any potential beast attacks.

In the next few seconds, the destination arrived and the two bats flew down and landed smoothly. The trip was a complete success without any mishaps.

And from the looks of it, the demon temple was most definitely a safe location.

There were a few beasts roaming around in the area but most of them were outside the perimeter of the temple. No beasts were present inside the actual building structure.

Ding! The system notification also arrived to indicate that the quest was complete. A chunk of experience points chimed in and a sizeable amount of gold coins were also rewarded. All in all, it had ended well.

Before checking out the rewards, Shen Yue first bowed to the princess. "Your highness, we are here. Please let me know if we can help you with something else."

The good thing about a kingdom quest was that most of these were chain quests and the rewards exponentially increased with each chain quest.

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So even though Shen Yue was nervous about this place and this situation, she still did not want to miss out on the opportunity and started fishing around for the next quest.

And just like she wanted, the King/ princess calmly smiled. This was a huge improvement since their first meeting. It seemed like the favorability had increased a lot. Now Shen Yue was more than sure that there were other quests.

"Let's go inside and take a look." The princess replied and Shen Yue and the two guys followed her. "Ian, Josh, we might have to fight some mobs inside. Be prepared" Shen Yue whispered to the two quietly and everyone became alert.

The group only barely entered the big dilapidated walls of the temple when all of a sudden a force field appeared and pushed them inside.

"Princess!" The three of them quickly looked around to check on the chief guest they were supposed to protect when unexpectedly… that chief guest was doing just fine!

Shen Yue bitterly smiled. In the end, everything happened just like she was hoping it wouldn't! She looked at the devious smile on the face of the person and, she quickly got back onto her feet and entered [Stealth].

Sure, she might be in a similar situation like last time but there was one big difference. She was no longer the same person!

Shen Yue managed to get out in time as three dark bolts made their way to the three of them. The other two did not respond fast enough and were hit. Ian's health dropped by 10% and Josh recovered by casting a healing spell.

But after this, the two of them were also on their feet and engaged in combat. They easily evaded the next couple of dark element attacks which came their way.

Using this chance, Shen Yue showed up behind the princess and backstabbed her. The opponent was strong but Level 70 was still something she could manage. After all, she had in her hands a pair of legendary daggers.

The paralyzing effect of the daggers should have already been activated so Shen Yue hurriedly activated a slew of attacks. She did not hold back and also activated her charm and started using her enchantress class special skills.

However, the moment she did that, a strong dark element shield jutted out and blasted her away. "You dare use my mother's legacy against me?" The opponent finally revealed her true form.

Shen Yue looked up to see an unbelievably breathtaking woman with a strong demonic aura seeping out of her. Everything she had assumed was indeed true. The two were connected and moreover, they were mother and daughter!

Shen Yue got back up again and dashed towards the woman. "You are just like your mother. Attacking the person who rescued you!" She used blade dance to get in some attacks before the next defensive barrier popped out.

She just needed a couple of attacks to go through and the venom on the daggers would take care of everything else. But shouldn't the paralyzing effect from the backstab be already active?

As if answering her, the princess sneered. "Weak! Useless!" She easily evaded all the attacks, each of her movements exquisite and breathtaking.

"A person who stole my mother's legacy shouldn't talk down to me. You are a mere thief. Do you know what is the real power of that legacy?"

She turned around and just as Ian and Josh were about to land their attacks, the two guys suddenly stopped, frozen in place. The strong demonic aura seeping out of the princess became much more intense as she mumbled something inaudible.

The next second, Ian raised the arrow he was clutching in his hand and pierced his throat with it and Josh stabbed the pointed end of his staff into his eyes. "Hey! Stop!" Shen Yue shouted but the two were in no position to hear her.

They acted as if they were completely bewitched and repeatedly did the same moves in a frenzy until they dropped dead on the ground, their bodies dissipating into dust.

They actually died? Shen Yue's face became pale.

Ha Ha Ha Ha! The princess cackled loudly. "Did you think that was all I had planned for them? They are not done yet. Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

"They can't escape from me even if they die! Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

"They will keep killing themselves over and over again and again until I say so! Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

"They will stop only when their souls are completely obliterated! Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

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