Chapter 2100 Help An Old Couple Who Gets Bullied

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“This person is quite easy to trick,” Sun Xuanyin said to the servant she had just taken down.

“very good job” Ye Chen praised Sun Xuanyin, Sun Xuanyin did a really good job.

Ye Chen picked up the servant’s clothes that Sun Xuanyin had dropped.

“This should be enough, you take care of this person and make sure he doesn’t run off to tell others” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

“Okay, I understand” Sun Xuanyin understood, she would find a place to tie this person up for the time being until Ye Chen was done with his task.

Ye Chen immediately walked in wearing a servant outfit, he could easily blend in with the people around him.

Ye Chen observed what was being done in the palace, he could still see that there was still chaos inside, there were still countless guards looking for his whereabouts.

“what are you doing here?, hurry back to work” the butler said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to get to work immediately and finish the task.

“Okay” Ye Chen understood, at this time Ye Chen could only obey and not put up a fight.

“what is my task” Ye Chen asked the butler, he didn’t know the task he had yet.

“You idiot, don’t you know that we are currently preparing the decorations, hurry up to work or I will reduce your wages immediately” the butler said to Ye Chen.

what Sun Xuanyin said came true, there were many people in high positions bullying weak servant.

“Okay, I’ll finish this job soon.” For the time being Ye Chen could understand what happened, he would try to be more patient.

Ye Chen along with thousands of servants started to do the decoration and venue arrangement for the invited guests, it seemed Hai Wan had invited a lot of guests to attend this event.

Ye Chen looked at the number of servants, if all of them were in total, then the maids in this place numbered tens of thousands, this is a very large number, with this number the work should be done quickly and easily.

Ye Chen started to blend in with the people around him, he was able to easily blend in the servants around and blend in with them without anyone noticing that this was Ye Chen.

“it’s tiring work, they don’t let us rest even for a minute” so many servants complained, they had all been worked for several days without sleep, it was giving them all a lot of stress.

“Don’t be too loud, if they listen to our conversation, they can kill us” another servant tried to remind them, if they were caught then they would get into a very big problem.

“needless to say, we all know the consequences we will face” all the servants already know, they don’t want to continue this conversation.

“The servant’s life in this place is not as good as I imagined.” Ye Chen saw that the servant’s life in this place was not as good as he imagined.

All the servants turned out to be grumbling and starting to be unhappy with the treatment they were getting.

Even though they weren’t happy with the treatment they were getting, in reality they didn’t dare to put up a fight.

If they dare to fight, it is certain that they will be executed on the spot.

Here has quite strict rules, waiters are prohibited from serving, if they dare then they can lose their lives.

“I think this is the right time to make a little mess.” Ye Chen decided to make a mess right away, he had to do a few things to make a mess when the wedding took place later.

Everyone in the Immortal Profound Sea Realm was extremely busy, they were all dealing with the big wedding that was about to start, they didn’t have time to do anything else.

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

They were so focused on marriage, they didn’t realize that Ye Chen had caused so much trouble in the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

Ye Chen put up a splendid game, he did a lot of sabotage on every side, the enemy didn’t even know and didn’t think that Ye Chen could do this.

“what is the situation now, is everything going well” Hai Wan asked the elder who was in charge of everything.

“everything is going well, the invited guests have also started arriving, tomorrow is the perfect time to do it” the elder reported what happened to Hai Wan.

“that’s very good, you all have done a very good job” Hai Wan was satisfied with the work done by everyone, everyone has done the best they can do.

“Lord, the matter regarding the goddess Dongfang, it seems that she is not in a good mood, we can’t persuade her” the elder reported what happened to Dongfang Xiu.

“There is no need to care about that woman, she is just like that, she will definitely accept it slowly” Hai Wan said to the elder.

Hai Wan already knew what Dongfang Xiu was like, so he didn’t really care about this matter.

“If that’s the case then we’ll ignore it.” The elder said that they would ignore Dongfang Xiu’s attitude.

“what about that guy, did he make any suspicious moves” Hai Wan wanted to know if Ye Chen started moving or not.

“According to the intelligence obtained, he hasn’t moved, there is no sign of that person’s movement.” The elder informed that Ye Chen didn’t make any strange movements, they were still and quiet.

no one knew what Ye Chen was currently doing, they didn’t have enough information about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s wife did the job very well, they all made sure that outsiders didn’t find out what they were doing, if any intruders came, then Chi Shui and the others would take care of them quickly without leaving any traces.

“This is what worries me, they are too quiet, we can’t know what they are planning and their moves are unpredictable” Hai Wan ran into a problem, she currently didn’t know what Ye Chen was planning, the young man she was dealing with was quite mysterious.

“If anything happens, we will immediately notify the Lord of this matter.” The elder would immediately notify if the situation got out of control.

“you did a great job, you can go and continue” Hai Wan said to the Elder.

“thank you very much” the elder thanked Hai Wan, he decided to leave this place and immediately do his previously delayed work.

Hai Wan was still thinking, she was still wondering if something bad would happen.

“To think that the powerful Sun Quan would lose to a newcomer, this has thrown the balance of the western God Realm into chaos, if it continues like this, there might be a big mess.”

Sun Quan’s defeat had disrupted the balance of the God Realm, if it continued like this, it was certain that there would be great chaos that would spread to other regions.

Now it was up to him and Dongfang Xong, whether the two of them could stop Ye Chen or not, if the two of them couldn’t stop Ye Chen, then Ye Chen would become the new ruler of the God Realm.

“I can’t leave the Western God Realm to a brat like him” Hai Wan said that he couldn’t hand over the Western God Realm to Ye Chen.

They had to quickly anticipate this matter properly so that Ye Chen wouldn’t become the new ruler.

Hai Wan just didn’t know, Ye Chen had already stepped in and started making a mess in his place.

“Master, you are very good at wreaking havoc” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

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“hehehehe, that’s me” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, that’s how great Ye Chen is, he is able to make such a mess.

“If Hai Wan finds out that Ye Chen made a mess, he might vomit blood” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

“I haven’t seen him until now, maybe he’s busy at his place.” Ye Chen didn’t look at Hai Wan, you could say that Ye Chen didn’t see the big movement like before, everything seemed to be very well controlled.

“Stupid, work well, useless slaves” in the distance there was an angry voice, it seemed like a butler was punishing slaves.

Ye Chen was naturally curious, he wanted to know what was going on right now.

Ye Chen approached and saw what was happening, when Ye Chen approached, he found an old man and woman sitting on the ground and being whipped several times by someone.

Judging from their appearances, they both looked like they were over 80 years old, their real age was unknown.

“please let us rest, we have worked hard and we are not strong anymore” the old woman asked for relief, she and her husband have worked very hard and now they are feeling very tired.

“do I care about the problems you have, I don’t care about the problems you have, you have to work, otherwise I will make you regret it” the butler said to the old couple, he said to two people who didn’t want to work.

“please give us a break” the old woman said to the butler, she asked for some leniency, they both really need a break because they are too tired while working.

“If I say no, then that means no, don’t you understand” the butler said to the old couple in front of him.

The butler would not grant their request, he would not grant such a request and told the two to continue working for him.

“please” the two couples kept asking for help, they both asked the butler for help to grant their request.

“are you both deaf, if i say no it means no” the butler raised his whip, he prepared to inflict punishment on the two who dared to disobey him.

The old couple was ready to receive the attack and punishment, the two of them could no longer escape from this place.

As the old couple prepared to take the hit, they felt nothing, but the butler didn’t seem to be landing any hits on either of them.

The two of them opened their eyes, when they opened their eyes, they found someone holding the attack for them.

“who is that ?” the old couple didn’t know who would take the attack for them, they wanted to know who would hold the attack for the two of them.

“who are you ?” the butler asked the person who stopped his attack.

“I’m nobody, I just can’t bear to see what you do” Ye Chen said to the butler.

Ye Chen couldn’t stand what the butler did, what the butler did made Ye Chen unhappy and disliked.

This fellow had dared to do such an unworthy thing for an exhausted old man, there was no way Ye Chen would just keep quiet when he saw what was happening before his eyes.

“You want to try to be a hero?” the butler asked Ye Chen.

“I don’t want to be a hero, I just want to help them, don’t you understand that they are tired, why not let them get some time off so they can be more comfortable at work” Ye Chen said to the butler.

“Those two still have a lot of work to do, if I give them time off, then who will finish the work?” said the butler to Ye Chen.

“I will replace them” Ye Chen said that if he would replace them, he could replace them for work.

“hahaha, are you sure about that” the butler said to Ye Chen.

“Of course, why not” Ye Chen said that he was serious, he was serious when he said this.

“You don’t have to do that, we won’t bother you” the old couple said to Ye Chen, they both said that they wouldn’t bother Ye Chen.

“You two don’t need to worry, I don’t feel bothered, you should rest for a while” Ye Chen said to the old couple in front of him.

“thank you very much” the old couple thanked Ye Chen for what he did.