Chapter 2101 [Bonus Chapter]Ye Chen Is Dealing With The Butler

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Ye Chen nodded, he would help the two of them get out of their troubles.

“So what’s my job?” Ye Chen asked the butler, Ye Chen asked what job he had.

“It’s good if you ask that, I will make you work so hard until you beg me” the butler wanted to torture Ye Chen, he would make Ye Chen regret what he said.

Ye Chen will not regret, he will not regret what he said, it is a good thing to help others, this will make Ye Chen a good person.

The butler gave a lot of tasks to Ye Chen, he gave quite a lot of tasks to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received all the tasks given, very quickly Ye Chen did the tasks given.

“damn, why is he so fast” the butler looked at the work done by Ye Chen, he could see that Ye Chen did this job quickly and very neatly.

The butler didn’t have the chance to blaspheme or punish Ye Chen, he didn’t have the chance to do that to Ye Chen.

“This arrogant brat, I don’t have a chance to punish him” the butler was so annoyed, he didn’t have a chance to punish Ye Chen.

“I have to find a way to get him into trouble” the butler intended to cause trouble, that way Ye Chen would be punished.

“master it seems this person is plotting bad things to you” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that the butler was trying to make things bad for Ye Chen.

“It seems like he is trying to find trouble with me, since he is trying to find trouble, then I will be happy to serve him.” Ye Chen would fight back, he would make this person pay for daring to find trouble with him.

“As expected of master” Chu Yuechan seemed very satisfied with the answer given by Ye Chen, she seemed very satisfied with the answer given by Ye Chen, the answer given by Ye Chen was very good.

Ye Chen watched over what the butler was planning, he used <strong>Shadow Clone</strong> to replace his job.

Using Shadow Clone, Ye Chen could easily sneak in and see what the butler was doing.

“I will definitely make you regret it” the butler made a mess, he destroyed some furniture and important items around this place.

Some furniture is cut before it breaks completely or reaches the edges, this can cause the furniture to break or shatter at the slightest human touch.

His goal was obvious, he was trying to frame Ye Chen, he wanted to frame Ye Chen would Ye Chen get into trouble.

“So that’s the plan, okay I’ll reply” Ye Chen prepared his own plan, he decided to use the imaging stone to record what happened.

If the butler dared to find trouble, Ye Chen would only have to point this out, then Ye Chen would have an easy victory.

the butler arranged everything well, he wanted Ye Chen to touch this thing, that way there would be a chain reaction that would make the whole place crumble.

“Hehehehe, this is a very good plan, I am a smart person” the butler was very satisfied, he was very satisfied with his handiwork.

It shouldn’t be anyone who knew what he was doing, if anyone did, the butler was sure that they wouldn’t have the guts to tell anyone else.

the butler was extremely domineering, almost no one would dare go against him, he was the most terrifying and most powerful person in this place.

Ye Chen had obtained evidence of what the butler did, it should be enough to destroy this person.

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After finishing, Ye Chen immediately returned to his place, Ye Chen acted as if nothing had happened to him.

“Hey you, quickly come with me” the butler said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to come with him.

“My work here is not finished” Ye Chen said to the butler, he informed that his work was not finished.

“Forget the job, I have a new job for you” the butler said to Ye Chen.

“Okay” Ye Chen understood, he looked so innocent when he said that to the butler.

“hehehehe, I’ll make this idiot regret it” the butler laughed, he felt that this would be easy to do.

Ye Chen himself also laughed, he laughed when he saw the butler who wanted to frame him.

“Your job is to arrange the plates and glasses on the table, don’t break them, if you break them, then you will replace them, I warn you that this is very expensive, you will probably get a penalty if it gets all destroyed” said the butler.

“okay” Ye Chen nodded, he would do as the butler said.

Ye Chen started to do his own chores, himself started to arrange the glass plates and others on the table.

“Let’s quickly collapse and crumble” the butler hoped that if the table in front of Ye Chen collapsed, it should collapse considering that the weight on it was getting bigger.

Ye Chen continued to arrange, he used his own strength to make sure that the table didn’t break and collapse.

Ye Chen did the job quickly, in just a few minutes, he finished the job himself.

“done, I will return to my work” Ye Chen said to the butler.

the butler was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe that Ye Chen could finish everything without smashing the table that the butler had sabotaged.

“How come” the butler couldn’t believe what he saw how could Ye Chen survive the trap he set.

“this can’t be, something must be wrong” the butler approached, he touched the table in front of him with one finger.

“Clanks . . ., Clanks . . ., Clanks . . ., Clanks . . ., Clanks . . ., Clanks . . .,” a shrill voice sounded, instantly all the glasses and plates on the table fell.

All the servant around heard this, they immediately saw what happened.

when they arrived, they saw the butler standing on a pile of broken tables and glasses.

“Did the butler mess up?” everyone saw what happened, they all saw that the butler made a mess, he had smashed the table, the glasses and plates were on the table.

“damn it” the butler cursed quite loudly, he cursed what just happened, what just happened made him very annoyed.

“what’s going on here?” an elder came, he came to see what happened.

This elder was the one who served above the butler, so position-wise he was way above the butler.

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

“100th elder” the butler saluted, he saluted the 100th elder.

“Are you the one who made the mess?” the 100th elder asked the butler.

“no-no, I didn’t do this” the butler said that he wasn’t the one to make a mess

“Then who did this thing” the elder asked the butler.

the butler looked around, he looked around to find a suitable scapegoat for this matter.

Ye Chen is far away and impossible to find, Ye Chen looks from a very far place, he should be safe and nowhere to be found.

“Now let’s see, how do you solve that problem?” Ye Chen wanted to see how that person solved his problem, whether he could solve his problem or not.

the butler was desperate, he was desperate and had no way out of this, it was quite difficult to find someone to make a scapegoat for.

the servants around withdrew, they chose to withdraw rather than participate in this matter, one could say that they were reluctant to interfere with this matter.

This problem was big enough, if they were to get dragged into it, they probably wouldn’t be able to pay compensation for what happened.

“there he is. . .” the butler randomly assigned people to be sacrificed.

“I didn’t do anything, when everything happened I was working elsewhere, how do you appoint me?” the person appointed by the butler does not accept it, he does not accept being made a sacrifice.

“It’s your fault, don’t pass the responsibility on others” all the maids said in unison, they all helped each other to get out of trouble.

“all of you” the butler started to get pushed around, it seemed like the maids around were starting to try to put up a fight.

“what happened here, if you don’t say it, then you will get into trouble” 100th elder said to the butler, he told the butler to say what happened.

“that . .” the butler couldn’t say it, he was at a loss to say what happened, if he did say what happened, he could get a heavy punishment.

“Elder, I just touched the table, when I touched the table, the table suddenly shattered, it seems that there is a mistake in this place” the butler tried to defend himself.

“continue” the 100th elder told the butler to continue.

“So I think there is a problem with the maid taking care of this matter” the butler said to the 100th elder.

“Then where is that person?” the 100th elder asked, he wanted to know where the person in charge was.

“I will immediately find him and bring him to your place” the butler said that he would find Ye Chen and bring him in front of the elder.

the butler immediately left, he was trying to find the whereabouts of Ye Chen.

the butler would never find Ye Chen, Ye Chen would not be easily found by ordinary people.

“So annoying, let’s end this and get him out of the way” Ye Chen was annoyed, himself was annoyed by what the butler was doing.

Ye Chen threw an image stone at the 100th elder, it hit the head of the hundredth elder.

“Who dares to throw a pebble at me” the hundredth elder was furious when he found out what had just happened.

The hundredth elder looked at the imagery stone thrown by Ye Chen, because of his intense curiosity, he decided to take a look.

The hundredth elder saw what happened, himself saw what the butler was doing.

“Bastard, you trying to lie to me?!?” 100th elder was angry, a lowly servant dared to lie, this was unforgivable.