Chapter 1000 - : Regrets Are Useless

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Chapter 1000: Regrets Are Useless

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However, Ji Hanxue quickly posted on Weibo: “It’s my honor to be able to invite the scriptwriter, Jinxin, who is also Shi Jin, to work with me. Happy cooperation @Shi Jin.”

Everyone was stunned. Jinxin was Shi Jin? Shi Jin was Jinxin? Is that possible?

However, Ji Hanxue would never lie. His status would not allow him to do such a thing!

Could it be that they were really the same person!?

Many people still couldn’t believe it. “Jinxin has produced many good scripts over the years. It’s shocking, but many people don’t think that Jinxin is a woman. Could it really be Shi Jin?”

“This world is too magical. I really don’t seem to understand it!”

Then, someone saw the famous producer, Liu Ning, post on Weibo: “Shi Jin, when are you going to release another ‘Sing My Life’ or ‘Scorching Sun, Long Sky’? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! @Shi Jin”

Everyone was shocked again.

Sing My Life was an inspirational movie about youth. It was very popular back then and was also Jinxin’s early work. Was it actually Shi Jin’s?

“Scorching Sun, Long Sky” was a very mature suspense-style work starring Li Juekai.

Someone said, “I seem to remember that when the cast of ‘Scorching Sun, Long Sky’ was selected, it was said that it was specially customized for Li Juekai! I remember that Shi Jin was also at the press conference. Now that I think about it, did Shi Jin specially write the script for her father Li Juekai?”

“I’m shocked. In that case, Jinxin is really Shi Jin?”

Immediately after, the director of “Wind and Rain” and more directors of other popular film and television works came out to claim Shi Jin as Jinxin. “Shi Jin, it was a pleasure working with you last time. I look forward to the next time you leave me another work. @Shi Jin”

If it was just being certified by one director, it was very likely that it could be done with money, but now, with all kinds of directors and producers of different styles coming out to certify, no matter how many doubts everyone had, they were almost eliminated.

They were all directors who had worked hard in their respective fields. Each of them had their own dreams. Everyone could confirm that Shi Jin was Jinxin. What else could they say?

No wonder Jinxin was so famous, but all this time, she had never publicly appeared at any venue. It made sense that she was Shi Jin.

When Zhang Xuelin saw the trending topic, her mind buzzed.

“Is Shi Jin really Jinxin?” she asked her manager.

The manager nodded. “I’ve just asked around and confirmed it. Even if some directors or producers didn’t know before, we can be sure of one thing. When they worked together, it was Shi Jin’s manager, Yao Jiahong, who had been following the entire production team’s process and feedback on the script.”

Zhang Xuelin reached out to massage her temples, her heart aching.

The manager also understood that she had missed too much this time—Director Ji, Jinxin, a piece of work that could send her to the top of the ladder.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xuelin knew that there was no point in regretting it. When Shi Jin had painted that painting, she had already reminded her that her identity was not simple. It was Zhang Xuelin who had not taken the hint and insisted.

Yue Shuxin was also shocked to hear this news.

Does that mean the screenwriter she’s working with is really Jinxin?

This had always been her dream. However, she had never been able to find out what new work Jinxin would release, so she could not come into contact with it or make a choice.

She really did not expect to be able to work with Jinxin this time.

The assistant director and the others sitting opposite Ji Hanxue were still in a daze.

“So, Director Ji, this—”

“Shi Jin is a screenwriter that I spent a lot of effort to secure. I hope you can adopt a proper attitude and not get rid of my cooperation.” Ji Hanxue handed them the script. “You’ve been working for so long. Do you recognize the script or the person?”

Everyone was a little embarrassed. When they first read the script, they clearly felt that there was nothing wrong with it. It was only because they heard Shi Jin’s name that they had a lot of doubts.

Wasn’t that a prejudice?

“Alright, everyone, go out and get ready. We’ll be filming soon. Be more familiar with the script and split the scenes. When the time comes, we’ll have to discuss it with everyone. Everyone, get ready.”

Shi Jin was sitting in the conference room reading a script. The directors passing by were too embarrassed to go in and greet her. Only Yue Shuxin walked in with her notebook.

“Shi Jin.” She walked over. “I hope I’m not disturbing you?”

“Mm, what’s the matter?” Shi Jin asked.

“Can I have your autograph?” she asked. “You wrote a lot of the movies I liked before. I even wrote movie reviews with real feelings.”

Shi Jin laughed. “Give me the book.”

She wrote her name on it and handed it back with a smile. “Happy to be working with you!”

“Happy to work with you.” Yue Shuxin turned around and left. She hugged her notebook and carefully put it in her bag.

After this new production was booked, Shi Jin’s work mainly revolved around the production team.

However, the script had been written very well long ago, and Ji Hanxue had looked it over so there wasn’t much room for change, and Shi Jin’s job was easy.

She only needed to go to the set for an hour or two every day to take a simple look.

As for the other times, she was not too idle. Time TV was listed, she worked with Li Nan’s pharmaceutical factory, and the operations of the gaming company occasionally required her to participate in the decisions.

However, she let her subordinates handle most of these matters. It did not take much effort.

A meeting was under way.

“Master Fu, the Forbes Wealth Ranking for the new year is out. This is the specific ranking. Please take a look.”

“There’s no need to show me. Just leave it.” Fu Xiuyuan had never been too interested in this list.

The people below were just saying that. It didn’t matter that he didn’t want to look.

“Master Fu has been on this list for several years.”

“Of course. Ever since Master Fu took over the Fu Corporation, our company’s performance has been far ahead.”

“It’s a pity that Master Fu refused to put a photo here. Every year, they can only put a silhouette.”

“Our Master Fu doesn’t rely on his looks to make a living. It doesn’t matter if he puts in photos or not.”

“Eh, who’s the second place? Why is the picture blank and even the name blank?”

Fu Xiuyuan held out his hand. “Show me.”

Everyone was puzzled. This second tycoon did not have many companies under their name, but their wealth was extremely shocking. Although they were still far from the Fu Corporation, they had already left the third place far behind.