Chapter 856 - Clearly An Outsider

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When the two members of Team Ace heard that LL was coming, they were also very excited. When the time came, they could ask a lot of information about the industry.

As for Wu Pengfei, he was currently an A-list celebrity and was extremely popular.

He had come to participate in this show to gain popularity.

In a gaming variety show, the male audience accounted for a high percentage. If they could make the male audience not dislike them, they would be able to pull back their popularity.

Mai Ji and Lu Mengci had also gotten the message.

Mai Ji was getting a boost now. The company was concerned about whether he could attract fans on the show this time.

The agent told him, “LL is a famous big shot. When he comes over, you have to remember to support him. I heard that he has a powerful background. The production team will definitely keep more scenes of him. However, Wu Pengfei is also very popular. Neither of them can be underestimated. Fortunately, you know him. Just think before you act.”

“Got it,” Mai Ji responded.

Soon it was dinnertime.

Although everyone had found out who the mysterious guest was, everyone still pretended not to know in front of the cameras.

It had to be said that everyone’s acting skills were quite good at times like this.

Lang Jing also told Shi Jin what she had heard. Seeing that Shi Jin did not seem to care much, she could not say anything.

However, since no one had seen what LL looked like in person, whether it was a man or a woman, young or old, a foreigner or a native, the mystery was still very strong.

Therefore, everyone’s suspense was still there.

“Let’s order first,” Yang Fan said and called the waiter to order.

Although this was the canteen, because there were guests coming over today, the production team still specially hired a chef to prepare food for everyone.

After ordering, everyone discussed from time to time when the mystery guest would arrive.

A moment later, the production team reminded everyone that the guests were about to arrive.

The first to enter was Wu Pengfei.

He had been popular recently. He was tall and good-looking. Everyone was still stunned when he entered.

Everyone greeted each other.

Mai Ji stood up and said, “Pengfei, why don’t you sit on my side?”

“It’s been a long time, Mai Ji,” Wu Pengfei said, walking over.

“So you two know each other,” Yang Fan said with a smile.

“Didn’t we work together on a TV show before?” Mai Ji sat down next to Wu Pengfei.

He passed Wu Pengfei his favorite drink familiarly.

Wu Pengfei glanced at the people at the dining table. Other than Shi Jin, the others were not as famous as him.

He greeted her with a smile. “Hello, Miss Shi.”

“Hello, Mr. Wu.”

In any case, in this circle, they had to be polite.

After some small talk, the production team announced that another mysterious guest had arrived.

A young man walked in. From his makeup, hair, and demeanor, one could tell that he was an outsider. However, his aura was very clean, giving off a very good impression.

The director introduced, “This is LL. I believe everyone who likes to play games should know this name.”

“I know, I know. He’s a famous game designer and architect in the industry. He’s the chief planner of the games I liked to play previously. I’m really excited to see LL.” Yang Fan immediately stood up.

The members of Team Ace were also overjoyed.

Mai Ji smiled and said, “I didn’t expect LL to be so young. I thought a planner with such qualifications was supposed to be an elder.”

“I’m flattered,” Luo Jingxuan said with a humble smile.

Be it his qualifications or his image, they were especially suitable for this show meant for the younger generation.

The others also thought that he was an older senior. Seeing him like this, they knew that they had guessed wrong.

Mai Ji stood up and was about to ask Luo Jingxuan to take his seat. He had already thought of a reason. It was convenient for the two new guests to sit together.

He was about to speak when Luo Jingxuan greeted Shi Jin, “Sister.”

Everyone was slightly shocked. “Master L knows Shi Jin?”

“Yeah, we’re pretty close,” Luo Jingxuan said calmly.

Lang Jing immediately stood up. “Then Master L, sit here. Sit with Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin wanted to hold her forehead. Luo Jingxuan was too honest. He really called her sister in front of everyone.

However, he probably did not understand the twists and turns in the entertainment industry, so it did not matter.

Yang Fan was surprised. “God L, you look a little older than Shi Jin. Why are you calling her Shi Jin Sister?”

“This is not determined by age, but by ability,” Luo Jingxuan explained with a smile.

Yang Fan laughed out loud. “In that case, everyone here has to call Shi Jin Sister.”

Wu Pengfei was puzzled by Yang Fan’s words, but he couldn’t ask why.

Luo Jingxuan nodded. “Maybe.”

Anyway, ever since Shi Jin cured Lan Tian, he could call her anything, let alone Sister Shi Jin.

Lang Jing immediately smiled and said, “Sister.”

The two members of Team Ace were very young, only in their teens. They admired Shi Jin’s gaming ability and immediately shouted, “Sister.”

Yang Fan was a joker to begin with. He immediately made a shy gesture and shouted coyly, “Sister ~”

Shi Jin’s fingers trembled. “You think too highly of me.”

“I just want to call you Sister ~” Yang Fan said even more coyly.

Mai Ji and Lu Mengci couldn’t bring themselves to do such a thing. They just went with the flow and called her “Sister.”

Wu Pengfei was high-ranking and was older. He looked at everyone with a smile and did not comply.

However, this way, the entire highlight of the table was on Luo Jingxuan and Shi Jin.

It was fine if it was Luo Jingxuan, because of his identity, he was naturally outstanding.

Shi Jin really hadn’t done anything. She hadn’t cared about anything. Just sitting there attracted all the attention.

Mai Ji’s desire to get more screentime clearly failed, too.

Both he and Lu Mengci felt it was unfair.

The topic continued. Someone asked how Luo Jingxuan and Shi Jin knew each other and felt curious.

Luo Jingxuan avoided the main point and said, “Sister and I have known each other for a long time.”

“I see. I really didn’t expect there to be so many coincidences,” Yang Fan said with a smile.

Mai Ji and Lu Mengci secretly regretted their previous actions.

It was obvious that Shi Jin was the darling of this show. Even LL knew her. If they had known this would happen, why would they have made things difficult for her before?

After dinner, everyone dispersed.