Chapter 862 - Popularity

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As the full video was released, everyone finally saw that the first place winner was Shi Jin. When she played in the competition, her attitude was very calm and composed. She was smooth and easygoing.

Those slender, fair, and beautiful hands were also hers.

Her own fans were happy, but the fans of the other celebrities also felt that there was something fishy about this.

“Have you heard of Shi Jin playing games before?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

“Are you sure she has no one to play for her?”

They repeatedly watched the scenes of the variety show. Indeed, there were no signs of editing or piecing together. It was impossible for someone to replace Shi Jin.

Everyone had already recognized her fingers. Every operation of her fingers on the phone was consistent with the results that appeared on the phone. They could all correspond.

So there was no doubt about it.

Hence, everyone focused their attention on their phones. “Could the production team have given her a cheat?”

“It’s possible. How can she play better than the members of Team Ace? Anyway, the few people who went to Team Ace are all going to play official competitions next year. Their abilities are definitely outstanding.”

As if in response to them, Liao Dong directly challenged Shi Jin.

The fans and audience were excited.

“It’s already 1v1. We can tell what’s going on with Shi Jin now.”

“Liao Dong has chosen his phone!”

“Shi Jin actually asked Liao Dong if he wanted to switch phones! If it were me, I would have changed it directly!”

Everyone sent bullet comments while watching. In the end, Liao Dong was quickly defeated.

Shi Jin was really good?

The fans were happy and ready to introduce the show to more people.

However, the haters were not satisfied.

In the end, Shi Jin took the initiative to ask Liao Dong if he wanted to switch phones again and play.

So they swapped phones.

Liao Dong was defeated again.

This time, the haters had nothing to say.

The other fans had no choice but to put away their doubts.

After all, after two whole episodes of the show, Shi Jin had used her ability to defeat them. Be it their doubts or dissatisfaction, the artistes had verified it for them.

The result of the verification was a slap in the face.

Some eSports fans who did not care about the entertainment industry began to follow Shi Jin’s Weibo.

In their words, in the eSports world, ability was king. Only ability could make them become true fans.

With the broadcast of these two episodes, Shi Jin gained fans and the performance of the others was also praised.

Yang Fan’s happy and teasing personality, his calm demeanor, the cute inexperience of the members of Team Ace, and so on made people have good impressions of them.

As for Mai Ji and Lu Mengci, their sarcastic comments had been buried by other people’s doubts about Shi Jin’s gaming abilities.

When Shi Jin’s ability was proven, this problem could not be concealed anymore. Many people could tell that there was something wrong with the two of them.

However, they did not make it too obvious, so it was not appropriate to discuss this matter openly.

Nevertheless, the eyes of the crowd were sharp. Many people subconsciously had a bad impression of them.

Popularity with passerby was a strange thing. Passerby fans came unaware and were difficult to control, and could also leave just as easily.

“Winner Takes All” became the hottest variety show amongst the others in the same period.

This was something that the entire production team had not expected. They immediately seized the time to edit the next episode.

Shi Jin received a thank-you WeChat message from the executive director.

After she replied, she saw another message from someone else.

“The new episode is about to be aired, are you nervous?”

Shi Jin glanced at this person’s information and recognized him as Wu Pengfei when she saw his profile picture.

Before leaving the production team, everyone had added each other on WeChat. Shi Jin did not pay much attention to Wu Pengfei among so many people.

Shi Jin did not reply.

A moment later, he sent another message. “Although I lost quite quickly in this episode, it’s still worth it to get a smile from a beauty.”

It meant that he had not lost the competition because of his ability at all. He had just given in to Shi Jin.

“As long as you’re happy.”

Seeing this, Shi Jin no longer hesitated and blocked him.

Out of sight, out of mind.

A moment later, Lang Jing sent a WeChat message: “Shi Jin, Wu Pengfei is really something. He actually came to ask me what you’ve been doing recently. What is there that he can’t ask you himself?”

“I blocked him.”

It took a while before Lang Jing sent two thumbs up emojis.

She still typed a message. “Wu Pengfei has a strong background. Be careful not to offend him too directly.”

Shi Jin knew she meant well and replied, “Understood.”

Although Wu Pengfei did not perform very well in this episode, he was very confident in his looks. Even if he lost, he was very open-minded. He was ready to open for business. As soon as the show ended, he would come out and redeem himself.

“Just for the smile of the beauty.” Not only did it show his affection for Shi Jin, but it also showed everyone why he had lost.

His manager reminded him, “Shi Jin is married. She has a husband.”

“So what? In any case, I won’t lose out in this kind of thing. Who asked her to block my WeChat?” Wu Pengfei was still brooding about being blocked by Shi Jin just now.

In any case, even if any scandal spread, it would definitely affect the female artistes in the end. The male artistes could easily retreat unscathed.

His manager thought that made sense, and smiled, “Okay, then we’ll wait until the episode is released and you come out. That way, everyone will also say that you’re a gentleman who dotes on girls.”

Wu Pengfei had nothing to do anyway, so he came to film the variety show with his manager.

“Winner Takes All” was originally broadcasted on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but after it became popular, the platform changed the broadcast time to Friday night. It happened to be the time when people who went to work got off work and those who went to school had time to rest after school. This increased the viewership even more.

During the broadcast, Wu Pengfei watched casually. After a while, he noticed the problem. “Do you see me?” he asked his manager.

“No, why didn’t you show up at all?” His manager was also especially curious.

The show started with the appearance of the mystery guest, which had been advertised for a long time.

However, there were no cameras for Wu Pengfei. Only Luo Jingxuan had many scenes.

When Wu Pengfei finally couldn’t sit still, a few scenes of him appeared.

Wu Pengfei’s fans were also very angry because they were all here for him. However, there were pitifully few scenes.