Chapter 998 - It's Really Watertight

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Chapter 998: It’s Really Watertight

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“Then I will ask you for more guidance in the future,” Zhang Xuelin said.

“Learn from each other.”

The reason why Shi Jin openly said her mother’s name now was because the Li family had already cleared their past grievances and did not care about these small matters.

In the past, Gu Qingqing had always been careful when developing her career. She was afraid of getting involved in any trouble, so she had specially chosen a separate name.

Even her two sons took the surname Gu instead of Li.

Now, without these concerns, Shi Jin was very honest.

Zhang Xuelin got someone to take the painting. She already knew that Shi Jin was definitely not such an easy opponent.

It seemed that she had underestimated her.

After revealing that she was Ms. Qing Ming’s daughter, several older crew members walked up to Shi Jin and enthusiastically asked her about painting.

Shi Jin chatted happily with them.

Ji Hanxue stood at the side and shook his head secretly at Zhang Xuelin.

Although Zhang Xuelin’s actions of trying to step on Shi Jin were done in secret how could someone smart not see it?

It was not rare for Ji Hanxue to see people use tricks on their work partners for their own selfish desires. He had always turned a blind eye to it, but it did not mean that he could accept it every time.

In contrast, Yue Shuxin had always been very calm.

“Let’s read the script tomorrow. Don’t play too late. Let’s gather early tomorrow morning,” Ji Hanxue said.

“Alright, I wouldn’t dare to make everyone stay too late, Director Ji,” Zhang Xuelin said with a smile. “Although I actually really want to spend more time with everyone.”

Ji Hanxue wanted to leave, so Shi Jin left with him.

“Shi Jin, what do you think of the two female artistes?”

“Each to their own.” Shi Jin did not pass judgment. She believed Director Ji had his own assessment.

Ji Hanxue laughed out loud. “Your words are really watertight. In my opinion, everyone still has some concerns about you being the screenwriter. In that case, let’s find a chance to tell them your identity as the screenwriter.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin did not intend to hide it anymore.

In the past, she didn’t think it was necessary to announce it, but there was no need to hide it now.

“After the group reading of the script, then, Director Ji?”

“Alright, I’ll tell them when the time comes and make them feel at ease. As for after the group reading, we really have to decide on the final candidate. At that time, I also hope to hear your final suggestion.”

Shi Jin nodded. Actually, she had always been more inclined to Yue Shuxin. However, it just so happened that Zhang Xuelin had offended her slightly. It seemed selfish for her to make such a choice. It was really not wise to bring her personal emotions to work.

So she planned to give herself a little time, too.

The next day, the reading around began.

Everyone had to understand the specific characters and plot first and talk about their opinions.

Zhang Xuelin sat at the side with a calm expression.

She had already thought about it last night. She had to take down the show no matter what.

After taking it down, she definitely could not let Shi Jin touch it. She had come for Ji Hanxue, not Shi Jin.

Even if Shi Jin’s painting skills were good, could it be equivalent to a good script?

As everyone gathered around to read, her manager stood by and quietly filmed the scene before sending it to a marketing account.

Soon there was a post from the marketing accounts.

“Director Ji’s new movie is already in preparation. It’s said that the script is written by Shi Jin. When the time comes, Shi Jin will also work with the team to guide the script. This is also Shi Jin’s first time coming into contact with scriptwriting and working with Director Ji.”

A simple line of words revealed a lot of information.

Zhang Xuelin’s fans quickly caught on.

“Shi Jin wrote the script? Am I seeing things?”

“I admit that Shi Jin is quite good-looking, but can she write a script? Or write for Director Ji?”

“Does Shi Jin think being a screenwriter is easy? Since when can she even do this kind of work?”

“It’s really amazing. Is Zhang Xuelin really going to cooperate with Shi Jin?”

“Shi Jin is indeed outstanding, but if you want to get your hands on these things, I advise you to take it easy!”

“The power of capital is really amazing. It can help Shi Jin to do anything! I object!”

“I’m against it, too. I definitely don’t want to watch movies that involve her.”

Regarding this matter, the reactions of the passers-by were also very ridiculous.

Even some of Shi Jin’s minor fans would think that this was nonsense.

No one felt that a female artiste, especially a popular artiste, could provide a script for a famous director.

Zhang Xuelin naturally knew how everyone would react. What she wanted was to use public opinion to force Ji Hanxue to replace Shi Jin.

Previously, many celebrities used their fans to force the production team to make a decision. As long as there was enough noise in the outside world, it would definitely be effective.

She also believed that Director Ji was just momentarily blined. As long as the volume of the outside world came together, he would see clearly how unwise it was to use Shi Jin’s script.

At the group reading, Ji Hanxue was introducing the situation to everyone.

After a while his assistant came up to him and whispered something.

Ji Hanxue’s expression remained calm as he said, “Got it.”

Zhang Xuelin looked in Ji Hanxue’s direction and pretended that nothing had happened.

Shi Jin’s phone received a message. She picked it up and scanned it. Her expression did not change. She put the phone down and continued to listen to Ji Hanxue.

On the other hand, the assistant directors and stage managers were worried when they saw the news.

As assistant directors, they did not have as much say as Ji Hanxue. Their attitude towards celebrities was very contradictory. They loved and hated them.

Now that a popular female celebrity wanted to interfere with the script, they were really worried that Director Ji’s reputation would be ruined.

They looked at Shi Jin and then at Ji Hanxue.

“Director Ji, can we have a private chat at lunch later?” one of the assistant directors asked.

Zhang Xuelin could see everyone’s emotions and knew that the external forces were starting to take effect.

Although Director Ji had always stood his ground, she believed that if the opposition was too loud, he would still have to consider it.

“Let’s stop here for this morning. We’ll continue in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we have to decide on the final candidate. Everyone has to be mentally prepared.” Ji Hanxue stood up and said, “Shi Jin, I have a few words to say to you.”

Everyone watched as Shi Jin followed Ji Hanxue into the office.

Then, someone whispered, “Actually, at first, I couldn’t believe that Director Ji would actually use Shi Jin’s script.”