Chapter 2775 - Can’t bear to watch

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Feng Jiong, 凤炅 2022/9/13 16:47:00

Leng Shuang followed the two as they walked and chatted. Her eyes lit up with a smile. In fact, she also hoped that Master and Hell’s Lord would have children as soon as possible after they got married. Then, she could help with the children.

It’s just that, given Master’s current circumstances, it’s unclear when the two would marry and had two more little masters for her to raise.

The carriage was already waiting for them when they arrived at the door. Leng Shuang sat outside with the coachman, while Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu carried the child into the carriage.

“Master, where are you going?” The coachman asked.

“To the Hundred Flavours Pavilion!” Feng Jiu, who was sitting in the carriage and amusing the child, said, “I didn’t want those people to know I was back, so I especially learned a puppet technique and sent over some puppets there to get their attention, but it looks like I’ve been busy for nothing.”

Mo Ze quietly replied, “It doesn’t matter Even if there is danger, I will get in the way of it for you.”

Feng Jiu gave him a glance before handing him the child in her arms. “Since you’ve been taking care of him recently, please hold him!”

Unexpectedly, as Mo Ze reached out to take the child, the child began to cry desperately, waving a pair of small hands tightly twisted into fists and crying very loudly regardless of how long Mo Ze coaxed. Mo Ze felt very embarrassed.

“Is he hungry?” Mo Ze asked, looking at Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu spread her hands, implying that she, too, had no idea.

When Leng Shuang heard the cry, she poked her head in and said, “Hell’s Lord, the little master may have peed.”

It was fine not to tell him, because after she said this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze felt a burst of warmth in the palm of his hand. He quickly moved the child away so that he wouldn’t get peed on, and called out, “Leng Shuang, come in and change his clothes!”

“Yes.” As soon as Leng Shuang gave this reply, Feng Jiu spoke.

“No, just bring in Hao’er’s clothes. I’ll help him change his clothes.” Feng Jiu said as she took the child from Mo Ze’s grasp, placed him on her legs, unwrapped the child’s cloth, and then removed his pants.”

Leng Shuang made the child’s pants, which were easy to put on and take off. After taking the child’s wet pants and diapers off, Feng Jiu took the clean pants that Leng Shuang had brought in and got ready to help him put them on. But when she noticed his two tiny legs were a little reddish on the inside due to his plump body, she cried out.

“Why is it so red? Is it because there are too many layers and it’s stuffy, causing it to turn red?” She muttered as she examined the red spot on the little guy’s thigh, failing to notice that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was staring at the little guy, who was blinking and biting his little fist.

When he saw that Feng Jiu had actually touched the boy’s red thigh with his hand, he couldn’t help but say, “Leave him to me! You are going to apply some medicine to his skin, right? I’ll help.”

Feng Jiu stared at him in surprise before responding, “I’ll just go ahead and do it. If you pick him up, he’ll start crying again. I still have to help him get his pants on after I’m done applying his medication.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze started to speak, but he was at a loss for words. He couldn’t possibly claim he couldn’t bear to watch her change the baby’s diaper in front of him, with the little teapot dangling between his legs.

Feng Jiu had no idea what was going through his mind. She then kissed the child after applying some soothing ointment to the baby and said, “Little Hao’er, Mother is preparing a belly pocket for you!”