Chapter 2776 - A Long Way Off

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Feng Jiong, 凤炅 2022/9/13 16:47:00

She smiled at the happy child in her arms and remarked, “You are so cute and chubby; you would be even cuter with a belly band.”

“Mm, I’ve decided. I will look for suitable materials later and ask Leng Shuang to make two for you.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched her as she held the child and talked to herself, and he couldn’t help but smirk. “He is so small. He can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Feng Jiu turned to face him and said, “He can’t understand? Believe it or not, if you yell at him, he will immediately cry.”

“Isn’t that normal?” Even adults wouldn’t be able to handle his anger, let alone a child.

After a short time, the carriage stopped, and the coachman said, “Master, Hell’s Lord, we’ve arrived at Hundred Flavours Pavilion.”

” Mm.” Mo Ze answered. He got out of the carriage first, stood aside to help Feng Jiu hold the curtain, and asked, “Do you want me to carry him?”

“It’s fine, I’ll just carry him.” Feng Jiu said as she stepped out of the carriage and followed him into the building.

Leng Shuang followed them into the wing on the second floor of the Hundred Flavours Pavilion after the carriage moved to the side of the building.

He thought that Feng Jiu might not eat well during this time outside, so Xuanyuan Mo Ze ordered a table full of her favourite dishes. “Eat more.” He picked up some dishes for her and put them in the bowl in front of her. After a while, the dishes were piled up so high in the small bowl that it looked like a hill.

After giving the child to Leng Shuang, she took the chopsticks. “That’s enough, don’t give me too much.”

One of them was eating while the other passed the food.Feng Jiu did most of the eating while Xuanyuan Mo Ze served her. When Xuanyuan Mo Ze noticed that Feng Jiu was almost done with her meal, he asked, “Did you go to Mo Chen last night?”

“Mm, I inquired about the lotus seed. He confirmed that the lotus seed was not an ancient golden lotus, but that it should have something to do with the ancient golden lotus. He also said that it is a great item.”

“I also gave him a lotus seed,” Feng Jiu said while eating.

“And you stayed over at his place?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked in a sour tone.

“I certainly did! Who told you to upset me?” Feng Jiu looked at him, put down her chopsticks, and sipped her wine. “I had no intention of returning so soon, but he kept driving me away. I spent the night as a guest in his courtyard. However, I continued to toss and turn and was unable to fall into a deep sleep.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he listened and said quietly, “I’ll sleep with you tonight. With my hands as your pillow, you must be able to sleep well.”

Feng Jiu smiled upon hearing the words and sighed, “Hey, I’m used to being alone these days. I suddenly feel like if there’s one more person in bed, I won’t be able to sleep well.”

She looked at him and explained earnestly, “Besides, we’re not married yet. Sleeping with you is very bad for my reputation. I think it would be better if we didn’t live together. In any case, your Ling Manor is right next to my Feng Manor.

“No.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze appeared glum. “We are already engaged; the only things missing are the wedding ceremony and the bridal room.”

“It is, indeed! Although we are engaged, our wedding day seems a long way off!” She asked, glancing at him, “When do you think we’ll get married?”

“You are free to do it whenever you want.” Obviously, he had been waiting for her to marry him, but the wedding had been postponed several times.

At this point, he couldn’t help but think that their marriage was a long way off.