Chapter 2778 - Lively

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Feng Jiong, 凤炅 2022/9/13 16:47:01

“How is it possible for you to be Gray Wolf? Even though Gray Wolf is not very attractive, his face isn’t badly beaten like a pig head.” Feng Jiu curled her lips as she teased the child in her arms.

Gray Wolf was taken aback when he heard this. How come Ghost Doctor didn’t recognise him? Why? He was stunned and still didn’t understand.

“Your hands and feet are fine, so why don’t you go look for work?” Feng Jiu gave him a sidelong glance and shook her head.

Gray Wolf opened his mouth to speak, but he didn’t know what to say.

Feng Jiu looked at him, standing blankly, and smiled. “Are you hungry?”

Gray Wolf quickly nodded. “I’m famished. I’ve been hungry all day and I haven’t eaten anything. Take me back, Master, Ghost Doctor! I must have done something wrong because otherwise, Master and Ghost Doctor would not have punished me in this way.”

He said this as he scratched his head. Even though his brain is not as nimble as Shadow One’s, he was not stupid at all. When he saw the two of them like this, he knew. He must have made a mistake.

Perhaps he had offended Ghost Doctor; otherwise, how could he be a beggar?

A light suddenly went off in his head. A beggar? So, what made him become a beggar? Didn’t he just meet a little beggar yesterday and made a few comments?

When he thought about this again, he was flabbergasted. He finally found out why he had been sent to be a beggar. It turned out that he had offended Ghost Doctor!

When he recalled what he said yesterday when he met the little beggar, and then looked at Ghost Doctor and his Master, he felt despondent. How could he be so slow to react? He remembered it only now!

Feng Jiu, noticing the change on his face, smiled and told Leng Shuang, “Don’t we still have two pancakes? Give it to him!”

Leng Shuang handed Gray Wolf two piping hot pancakes. She finally figured out that Master had bought the two pancakes for Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf, holding two pancakes, looked at them sadly. “I know I’m wrong, Master, Ghost Doctor. Can I go back home early?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who had not spoken up until this point, said, “Because you’re ordered to beg here, act well as a beggar for a few days! Consider it as training.”

As soon as his voice faded, he left with Feng Jiu and paid no more attention to Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf stood helplessly on the street corner with pancakes in his hand, watching them leave in front of him. He wouldn’t believe they were here right now if it weren’t for the two warm pancakes in his hand…

Feng Jiu amused the child with toys. They did not return to the carriage but instead walked at a leisurely pace. When they reached the corner of the street, however, they spotted a large number of onlookers in the distance. They could hear what those people were discussing, albeit faintly.

“That girl should be from out of town, very rarely seen. She’s also unlucky. She came out alone and ran into the one-eyed man on the street. Nobody in this area would dare to provoke this one-eyed man.”

“The girl’s face looks vaguely familiar to me; as if I’ve seen her before. ”

“The girl’s temperament is so outstanding. She is likely the daughter of a powerful family and must have solid backing. This one-eyed man might be the one kicking the iron plate instead.”