Chapter 2781 - Drive Away

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Feng Jiong, 凤炅 2022/9/13 16:47:02

Upon hearing those words, no matter how well cultivated she was, it couldn’t stop Yun Xuexin’s expression from changing at that moment. She glanced at Feng Jiu coldy, then her eyes fell on Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who hadn’t spoken.

She knew in her heart that it was just wishful thinking, but so what? Feng Jiu was right, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was such a good man, what was so strange about her liking him?

It was just like men and their love for women’s beauty, women loving the excellence of men, wasn’t that normal?

How can an excellent woman like her with a unique family background, strength and appearance be attracted to ordinary men? Only a strong person like Xuanyuan Mo Ze who exuded the breath of a noble emperor could be worthy of her, Yun Xuexin.

So what if he loved the Ghost Doctor with all his heart? She refused to believe that she, Yun Xuexin, who was excellent in all aspects, would lose to Feng Jiu who came from a small country.

“Senior Brother….” She looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and was about to speak when she was interrupted.

“Move out of Feng Manor.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said in a calm voice. He looked at her indifferently: “I will have someone prepare a new courtyard for you.”

Women with ulterior motives could not be allowed to exist by his side, even if this person was his Junior Sister, even if she had saved his life, it was still the same.

Yun Xuexin’s beautiful eyes opened in disbelief, full of hurt: “Senior Brother wants to drive me away? Senior Brother promised to take care of me, but now you want to drive me away?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned: “It’s not suitable for you to stay at Feng Manor.” Even if he didn’t understand women’s hearts, he could still hear how provocative her words were just now. When she said those words in front of Feng Jiu, her intention was to cause a rift between them!

It’s just that she had underestimated their relationship. The feelings that they had developed for each other along the way would not be so easily alienated just by her mere words.

Yun Xuexin looked at him with tears in her eyes, which made her look weak. She spoke in a soft voice: “Senior Brother, if you don’t let me stay at Feng Manor, can I stay at your Manor? How can you bear to let me live alone outside?”

Feng Jiu didn’t speak, she just looked at Yun Xuexin half-smiling. She wondered how long she could keep the act up! She hadn’t expected that she would be unable to hold back when she came out alone tonight.

However, she had to agree that Yun Xuexin was indeed a rare beauty. She looked at the expression on her face, as if she was wronged, her pair of beautiful eyes stared at Xuanyuan Mo Ze with tears in them. If one’s mind were not strong enough, they would no doubt soften seeing her like this.

It was a pity that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was no ordinary person and her extravagant hopes were doomed to fail.

“Ah Jiu, let’s go back!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze retracted his eyes and didn’t look at Yun Xuexin. He held the child with clear blinking eyes, eating his fist with one hand, while he held Feng Jiu’s hand in his other and took her away.

Leng Shuang was a few steps behind them. When she turned to leave, she glanced at Yun Xuexin and said coldly: “Young Miss Yun, it is better for people to be self-aware.” As soon as she had spoken, she quickly followed her Master’s footsteps without looking at Yun Xuexin, whose face had turned pale suddenly.

After she watched them get on the carriage and disappeared from sight, Yun Xuexin took a deep breath. She knew that she had been too restless tonight.