Chapter 2911 - Great urgency

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Chapter 2911: Great urgency

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But he planted the three thousand-year-old spirit herbs amidst other spirit herbs. How did she identify the three plants? While Venerable Si Que was in doubt, he noticed a disciple running in panting. When he realised he wasn’t his peak’s disciple, he asked, “Whose disciple are you? What are you doing here?”

When Venerable Mu Xin turned around and saw the disciple, he asked in astonishment, “Why are you here?”

“Is he your disciple?” Venerable Si Que looked at Mu Xin.

“Yes, he is a disciple who guards the Violet Gold Spirit Deer in my peak,” Mu Xin answered with a smile. His smile froze as he stated this and grabbed the disciple’s front lapel. “Don’t tell me that your Predecessor went to the main peak,” he asked anxiously.

“Yes, yes.” The disciple paused for a breath and nodded. Seeing the venerable’s surprised expression on his face, he added quickly, “Venerable Master, Predecessor came to the area where the Violet Gold Spirit Deer are kept.”

Mu Xin sighed deeply before releasing the disciple’s front lapel. Again waving his hand as if to reassure himself, he added, “It’s fine. No spirit herbs are planted on my mountain peak. What’s more, even if there are valuable items, I have set up boundary barriers and arrays so that she cannot enter.”

Hearing this, the disciple opened his mouth. After taking a glance at the Venerable, he summoned up his courage and reported, “Venerable Master, Predecessor entered…”

“Which place did she enter?” Mu Xin asked, glancing at him.

“Predecessor entered the boundary where the two Violet Gold Deer are kept.” After reporting, the disciple cautiously took a few steps back.

“Did she break the boundary barrier?” Mu Xin’s eyes widened as he asked him angrily.

“No, no. Predecessor didn’t break the boundary. He just stepped in like that, and the two Violet Gold Spirit Deer followed the Predecessor around the entire time to play with him, staying very close to him.” The disciple murmured. After taking a furtive look at the Venerable and seeing that he didn’t believe it, the disciple quickly added, “It’s true. If you don’t believe it, you can go there and take a look.”

Venerable Si Que, who was standing next to him, was astonished as well, as he knew that those Violet Gold Spirit Deer usually avoid unfamiliar people, so how could they get along with their Master? That wasn’t right!

He told Mu Xin right away, “Let’s go and have a look! In this regard, Master is somewhat unusual. If you arrive late, she may have already snatched both of your Violet Gold deer.”

As soon as he heard this, Mu Xin started to panic. He broke into a run, lifted his vital energy, and charged forth, roaring, “These are the two treasures I raised with gold and jade. I will fight anyone who dares to rob me!”

When Si Que saw this, he rushed to catch up with him.

The two Venerables raced over, Mu Xin seemed to be in great urgency. The word quickly travelled throughout the entire sect, saying that the Master of Venerable Si Que and Venerable Mu Xin had dug out Venerable Si Que’s three thousand-year-old spirit herbs and then went to Venerable Mu Xin’s peak where the Violet Gold Spirit Deer were kept to get her hands on them…

The entire sect was abuzz with rumours, and the most interested and curious disciples followed the Venerables to watch the spectacle.

When Venerable Mu Xin arrived where Violet Gold Spirit Deer were kept, he saw dozens of disciples surrounding the place and said angrily, “What are you doing here? Quickly disperse!”

As soon as he yelled in anger, the disciples quickly moved out of his way.

When the Venerable Mu Xin came closer to take a look, he almost passed out…