Chapter 2912 - Scarlet Cloud Pill

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Chapter 2912: Scarlet Cloud Pill

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He saw inside the boundary that Feng Jiu, dressed in red, was about to leave, but the two Violet Gold Spirit Deer bit her robe and refused to let her go.

This scene made Venerable Mu Xin feel as though all of his prior knowledge had been overturned. Before he could touch these Violet Gold Spirit Deer, who knows how much gold, jade, and other valuables he fed them? What was happening right now? How come his two treasures were surprisingly reluctant to let Feng Jiu leave?

Had he lost his mind? Or maybe he took the wrong medication?

“Don’t bite. It will be troublesome if you tear my robe.” Feng Jiu muttered helplessly. She turned around and patted the heads of two spirit deer. “Be good, let go.”

Unexpectedly, the two Violet Gold Spirit Deer bit the corner of her robe and shook their heads to show that they didn’t want her to leave.

Feng Jiu peered outside the boundary barrier. As she noticed Mu Xin standing entranced with his eyes about to pop out, she shouted, “Mu Xin, come here quickly.”

Venerable Mu Xin approached in a daze and asked, “What, what exactly is going on here? How come, how come my Violet Gold Spirit Deer…”

Feng Jiu spread her hands and replied with an innocent expression. “I’m not sure! When I walk in, they seem to like me. Well, as you can see, they are refusing to let me go, and I am helpless.”

She slightly moved her gaze and asked with a smile, “Mu Xin, does it take you a great deal of effort to raise these two deer?”

Hearing this, Venerable Mu Xin demonstrated cunning by asking her a preventative question, “What does Master intend to do?”

“I thought I could help you if raising these two deer was hard for you.” She said with a smile.

“Master, please don’t be concerned about it. I’m used to it, so it’s not hard for me to raise them.” He answered in a hurry.

“Oh, I see! Alright, then!” Feng Jiu shrugged her shoulders and asked, “Can you tell them to stop biting the corner of my robe now?”

Venerable Mu Xin stepped forward, pulled a handful of gold pieces from his pocket, and placed them in the palm of his hand, saying, “Come on, eat.” Unexpectedly, the two Violet Gold Spirit Deers avoided him by moving to one side without looking at him, causing the corners of his mouth to twitch and veins on his forehead to bulge.

Feng Jiu chuckled at this and said to the two spirit deer, “Let go. I will be back tomorrow.”

The two Violet Gold Spirit Deer let go and looked at Feng Jiu, whimpering in their mouths as if to say she had to come tomorrow.

“Master, “Master, could you please return the three thousand-year-old spirit herbs from my medicinal field?” Si Que approached Feng Jiu who was standing inside the boundary barrier and made the request.

Feng Jiu, upon hearing this, glanced at Si Que and asked with a smile, “Are you an alchemist?”

“No.” Si Que replied. “But Disciple wishes to ask the Pharmacy Peak to refine the three spirit herbs into medicinal pills.”

“Is it Scarlet Cloud Pill?” Feng Jiu asked.

Si Que was surprised. “How do you know, Master?”

Feng Jiu smiled. “Scarlet Cloud Pill, an eight-grade medicinal pill, is composed of 108 types of complementing spirit plants, ten of which must be at least one thousand years old.”

She paused, shifted her gaze, and spoke slowly, “A Scarlet Cloud Pill can double the muscles and veins of the Celestial level Strong Exponents as well as doubling their strength so that when they break through the Celestial level Peak, their cultivation strength can further advance by one level.”

“Master, how do you know…” Si Que watched her with astonishment as she reached into her sleeve, pulled out a badge, and wore it on her chest. When he saw the badge, his jaw nearly dropped to the ground.