Chapter 2914 - Venerable Rank Alchemist

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Chapter 2914: Venerable Rank Alchemist

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“Of course.” Mu Xin nodded. The flesh hurt, but it didn’t show on his face.

He raised those two spirit deer for a long time and fed them a lot of gold and jade so they could grow into what they were today. But now, those two spirit deer were staring at his master without even a glance at the man who fed them. What else could he do if they had no affection for him? He could just do it as a favour.

Feng Jiu smiled and glanced at him. “Since this is the case, I will accept it as your master.” She flipped her hand and a bottle of medicinal pill appeared in her palm as she spoke.

“I’ll give you this medicinal pill. Although it is not as formidable as Scarlet Cloud Pill, it can also help you in breaking through the current threshold.” Feng Jiu said before looking in the direction of where Wanyan Qianhua was.

“Big Sister, let’s go back!”

“Alright.” Wanyan Qianhua stepped forward, staring in awe at the two Violet Gold Spirit Deer beside Feng Jiu.Unexpectedly, after only a brief stroll, she obtained so many treasures.

Wanyan Qianhua rode a white crane, and Feng Jiu rode a spirit deer. The other deer flew along with her as she went back to the cave-dwelling.

Still dazed, Mu Xin stared blankly at the medicinal pill in his hand. He abruptly turned around and took the pill out to have a look. His hand shook so much with this one glance that he almost dropped the medicinal pill.

“The seventh-grade highest quality medicinal pill!”

He held back his scream and hurriedly placed the pill back in the bottle, placed it in his arms, and went to his cave.He was going to try the medicinal pill to see whether it might indeed help him break through the current threshold, as she had stated.

All of the disciples who had been watching them dispersed as they left, and they were discussing what had just happened. As a result, the entire sect soon discovered that Si Que and Mu Xin’s master was not only someone with amazing cultivation strength but also a Venerable Rank Alchemist!

She nonchalantly handed over the precious seventh-grade medicinal pill to Venerable Mu Xin, who promptly returned to his cave dwelling after receiving it.

As soon as the news got out, it caused a great shock in the sect.

When the sect’s Immortal Lord intended to seek clarification from Mu Xin, he was informed that the Venerable Mu Xin had gone into seclusion

Thus, the Immortal Lord summoned a number of alchemists from Alchemy Peak. Several alchemists who heard the news were similarly astounded. Venerable Rank Alchemist? Wasn’t that impossible? How could Feng Jiu be a dual Mystical and Spirit cultivator as well as a Venerable Rank Alchemist at such a young age?

They were intrigued since, according to accounts, many disciples saw her take out a Venerable Rank Alchemist badge and wear it on her chest at that time. If she was indeed a Venerable Rank alchemist, they wanted to discuss the Alchemy Way with her!

Si Que, who had heard the news, came to Feng Jiu’s cave-dwelling with the thousand-year-old elixir he had treasured for many years and requested a meeting with her outside.

“Master, Disciple Si Que wishes to see you.” In normal times, he wouldn’t consider himself a disciple, but this wasn’t usual. He looked at the cave with longing as he tried to calm down.

“Big Sister, sit down and have a cup of tea.”Feng Jiu asked Wanyan Qianhua to have a cup of tea first, then stood up and left.

When they saw Feng Jiu, the two disciples outside the cave quickly saluted, and then they just stood there and watched. They had heard the news as well, but they had not expected their Predecessor to be a Venerable Rank Alchemist on top of that.