Chapter 1089 - Melee

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On Bai Zhan’s forehead, there is a powerful source mark power displayed.

With the power of the source mark displayed, a large amount of current appeared on Bai Zhan’s body.

The electric light flickered and suddenly there was a loud noise.

At this moment, those incomparably thick electric currents all rushed towards Lin Xiu’s body!

But Lin Xiu still didn’t dodge.

Letting the lightning strike his body!

Bai Zhan watched as the lightning he released hit Lin Xiu’s body and immediately roared loudly in his heart.

But as those lightning strikes passed, Lin Xiu still did not suffer any damage.

Those lightning bolts seemed to be tickling Lin Xiu.

It didn’t affect Lin Xiu at all.

And at this moment, Lin Xiu continued to frantically wave the Dark Edge spear in his hand.

Bai Zhan waved the long sword in his hand and his body kept retreating.

What the hell is going on? His source mark power has no effect at all!

If he is attacked by Lin Xiu like this, he will be finished.

At this time, when he continued to block Lin Xiu’s blow, his figure flashed and he disappeared directly in place!

The long spear that Lin Xiu stabbed out immediately stabbed the air.

The figure of Bai Zhan soon appeared in the sky.

He looked at Lin Xiu below, looking a little out of breath.

There was also a look of fear in his eyes.

If he hadn’t used a special item and could teleport away just now, he really couldn’t resist Lin Xiu’s attack.

But this teleportation can only be used once.

At this time, Bai Zhan also looked around, then roared loudly.

The Sage warriors who were knocked out just now, continue to hold the weapons in their hands and continue to besiege Lin Xiu.

But at this time, they all unfolded the ‘Sphere’ of their bodies to avoid being hit by Lin Xiu’s power.

Lin Xiu’s thoughts triggered and he directly released ‘Purification Domain’ and ‘Heavenly Array’.

A dazzling light came and instantly a large amount of white light appeared on the ground.

These Sage warriors all wanted to use their domain forces.

But in the next moment, they discovered their domain forces had no reaction at all!

What exactly is going on!?

Just when they were extremely shocked, Lin Xiu continued to wave the Dark Edge spear in his hand.

As the Dark Edge spear swung, a large number of flaming birds burst out.

They charged towards the surrounding warriors.

There were too many flaming birds. In this short period of time, the entire space was flooded with these flaming birds.

The surrounding ice blocks would be melted quickly.

Although those Sage warriors unfolded the ‘Sphere’, their faces changed greatly because of the scorching temperature of the flaming birds.

Bai Zhan, who was suspended in the air above, at this time, as the source strength of his body was released, all of it gathered towards his long sword.

The long sword slashed into the air and immediately terrifying thunder and lightning sword aura continued to charge towards Lin Xiu.

At this moment in the air, there seemed to be a loud noise.

Lin Xiu snorted coldly when he saw this scene.

The electric energy ball on the neck emits a dazzling light.

With a move of his left hand, the lightning sword aura that came from the impact stagnated in the air.

It looks extremely weird.

Lin Xiu snorted coldly and with a wave of his right hand, those thunder and lightning sword aura charged towards Bai Zhan in turn!

The pupils in Bai Zhan’s eyes changed slightly and the ‘Sphere’ unfolded on his body was about to resist the attack.

However, the thunder and lightning sword energy he released caused many cracks to appear on the ‘Sphere’.

At this moment, Bai Zhan vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Lin Xiu ignored Bai Zhan. At this time, he held the Dark Edge spear in his hand and attacked one of the Sage warriors.

There was not enough time left for Fury.

Now it was time to deal with this quickly.

There were four Sage warriors around and he had to kill them all within a minute or two.

At this moment, Lin Xiu’s figure flashed and he appeared directly in front of one of the Sage warriors.

After this Sage warrior just broke free of the dark blue flame burning on his ‘Sphere’, he saw Lin Xiu stab him with a Dark Edge spear!

This Sage warrior looked at the long spear that came over and the pupils in his eyes suddenly shrank.

Instinctively, he held his long sword to resist the blow.

But with a crisp sound, his hand holding the long sword went numb and he let go of the sword.

Lin Xiu’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. Holding the Dark Edge spear in his hand, he continued to attack!

In the next moment, the spear penetrated his ‘Sphere’, causing his ‘Sphere’ to shatter directly.

The impact after the ‘Sphere’ was shattered caused the Sage warrior to spit out a mouthful of blood.

He never imagined that Lin Xiu would have such a powerful power.

But now Lin Xiu didn’t give him the time to be shocked. He waved the Dark Edge spear in his hand and continued to attack the Sage warrior!

A dazzling cold glow bloomed from the Dark Edge spear.

As the spear stabbed out, it instantly turned into thousands of spear shadows.

This Sage warrior had absolutely no way to resist the attacks now.

His Dark Edge spear pierced through the body of this Sage warrior.

In a short moment, a large number of blood holes appeared in his body.

Blood spurted out in an instant.

“Congratulations to the master for killing the Sage warrior-level warrior and gaining experience 46548445…”

At this moment, Lin Xiu’s mind also heard a system prompt.

At this time, the other three Sage warriors rushed over from behind.

They directly released their skills and attacked Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu snorted coldly at this moment and his ‘Sphere’ blocked all the attacks.

The spear in his hand was instantly transformed into black energy due to the gathering of active energy.

These black energies will turn into a black dragon in the next moment.

Charging toward the three Sage warriors who were attacking him!

The black dragon that flew over roared ferociously.

Although these three Sage warriors had unfolded the ‘Sphere’, they were hit by the black dragon and their bodies flew out.

They hit the surrounding ice wall heavily.

Although their ‘Sphere’ didn’t break, the powerful impact still caused them to spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this time, the Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand continued to wave!