Chapter 1090 - Level 68

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Chapter 1090: Level 68

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With the long spear that went across the sky, there was a bright arch that rushed toward the three other warriors!

With the loud sound, all of the warriors’ ‘spheres’ exploded instantly.

As their ‘sphere’ exploded, all three of them had blood coming out the corner of their mouths.

Lin Xiu, on the other hand, held onto the long spear with both his hands and continued attacking the sage warriors in front of him.

‘Torrential Storm of Rose Flower’!!!

While the long spear was being thrusted forward, there were thousands of spears that appeared in front of their eyes.

They looked horrified. With their ‘spheres’ destroyed, they would not be able to continue using it.

All these spears would then directly land on their bodies.

With each soft groan, the sage warriors tried their best to dodge the attack but as the long spear landed on their bodies, there were multiple bloody holes seen all over their bodies.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Lin Xiu didn’t give them the chance to breathe and started playing with his spear once again.

Then, he continued attacking the warriors.

In the end, the long spear went through their bodies.

It killed all three of them instantly.

As for Bai Zhan, who was still floating in the air, he finally saw what happened below and the look in his eyes had a drastic change.

It was only a short period of time and Lin Xiu managed to kill all four of them!

How on earth did this young man get so strong?

Lin Xiu raised his head and looked in the sky as he muttered to himself.

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, Bai Zhan looked scared. He quickly shifted his body and tried to fly higher up, hoping to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Lin Xiu sneered when he saw what happened and quickly flew after Bai Zhan.

He only had 2 minutes left with ‘Rage’.

He has to kill Bai Zhan in the last 2 minutes!

Lin Xiu quickly activated ‘Flashing Souls’ as soon as he got into the air.

His body was ‘flashing’ in the air continuously as if he was teleporting.

Soon, Lin Xiu appeared right in front of Bai Zhan.

Seeing how Lin Xiu had suddenly appeared in front of him, Bai Zhan’s pupil couldn’t help but shrank.

“You should be merciful to others when you have the chance. Young man, you shouldn’t be chasing me so closely from behind.”

He looked at Lin Xiu and spoke in a cold tone.

“You’re from the Bai family?”

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes and said calmly.

“That’s right. I am from the Bai family.”

When Bai Zhan heard what he asked, he thought that Lin Xiu was being scared and was intimidated by his identity.

“Young man, you can’t afford to just offend anyone you want.”

“That’s good. I want to kill those from the Bai family.”

As soon as Bai Zhan was done, Lin Xiu gave him a different answer.

Bai Zhan’s face turned pale after hearing what Lin Xiu said.

At the same time, Lin Xiu was already coming at him with the long spear in his arm!

Seeing how Lin Xiu was coming at him, Bai Zhan subconsciously tried to stop it with his sword.

As the weapons collided, there was a loud explosive noise that followed.

Lin Xiu continued swinging the long spear with both his hands.

With their weapons colliding with each other, there were sparks that went all over the place.

But, Lin Xiu was too powerful. Within a short period of them, his weapon was thrown far away by Lin Xiu!

Without his sword, he had no weapon left.

Lin Xiu roared internally and then as he moved his long spear, he thrusted it forward!

The sharp tip of the long spear landed on top of Bai Zhan’s ‘sphere’ and it caused it to immediately explode!

When the ‘sphere’ broke, Bai Zhan suffered the backlash of it!

There was a large mouthful of blood that was spat out.

The very last second!

Lin Xiu’s time with rage was counting down and it was already at its final second!

Then, with all his strength and energy gathered onto the spear, Lin Xiu thrusted it towards Lin Xiu!

Bai Zhan looked at the scene before him and screamed from the bottom of his heart.

He was moving too quickly and before he knew it, the spear had already gone through his head!

Bai Zhan widened his eyes in shock and they were filled with disbelief.

He was a sage warrior and he was killed by Lin Xiu!

As he slowly died, the energy inside his body slowly dissipated as well.

His body then fell down from the sky.

It landed heavily onto the ground that was filled with ice.

“Congratulations Master on getting to level 68!”

“Congratulations on getting ‘The God’s Blessings’. All bad energy will be dissipated and energy will be restored!”

When he heard the notification coming from the system, Lin Xiu was excited.

Then, there was a bright light that came from above shining on top of Lin Xiu’s body.

Soon, Lin Xiu could feel the energy in his body slowly getting restored.

The time that he had with ‘Rage’ had finished but Lin Xiu did not feel the aftermath of it.

Lin Xiu clenched onto his fist as his heart was pacing.

EXP: 0/50000000000 million

Skills: [Analytical Eyes][Rage][Disguise][Engulf][Mirror Image][Heavenly Array][Reset][Power of the Stars][Golden Body Immortality][Exotic Summon][Sacrifice][Skill Enhancement] [Source Strength Control]

Title: Sage warrior ( Unused titles : Rank 1 Warrior, Rank 2 Warrior, Rank 3 Warrior, Rank 4 Warrior, Rank 5 Warrior, Rank 6 Warrior, Rank 7 Warrior, Rank 8 Warrior, Rank 9 Warrior, Warrior master, Respected Warrior.)

Accumulated rage: 0/100

“There’s only 2 levels left…”

As he looked at his stats board, Lin Xiu had to suppress the excitement that he was feeling.

Plus, with the help of the ‘God’s Blessing’, Lin Xiu noticed that all of the skills that should be frozen by now, have all recovered.

All of them were ready to be used.

This was definitely great news for Lin Xiu.

He had both the odd crystal and the horns of the frost dragon.

Once he returned, he would be able to get the warrior skills card for ‘Silence’ as promised.

But now, it still wasn’t time for him to leave.

The Road of Ice and Fire.

This was the Road of Ice and Fire and the Orchid of Heaven should be here.

The most important reason why he was here was to get the Orchid of Heaven.

“It should be this way.”

Lin Xiu looked ahead as he muttered to himself.