Chapter 943 - Fighting the Respected Warrior (2)

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As he released his domain forces, there was a bright blue light coming out of his body.

The bright blue light covered the entire ground and it slowly expanded in size.

“Trying to use the domain forces?”

The corner of Lin Xiu’s lips deviated upwards when he saw what was happening.

As Lin Xiu moved his consciousness, there was a bright white light that was glowing from Lin Xiu’s body.

Soon, the white light covered the entire ground.

The ground that was initially covered by the bright blue light released by Xu Ye was now covered by Lin Xiu’s white light.

Xu Ye wanted to continue using his domain forces but he soon realised that his own domain forces had disappeared as well!

What’s happening?!

Xu Ye couldn’t believe his eyes!

His domain forces were different from the rest.

As long as he released it, his strength would improve tremendously.

But now, he noticed that his domain forces were slowly disappearing!

The entire ground was now covered with a bright white light.

“You’re surprised?”

Lin Xiu gave a faint smile.

Then, he pointed his long spear towards the sky.

‘Fire Refining Starlit Sky’!

As the warrior skill was released, there were dark blue flames that appeared in the sky.

The dark blue flames covered the entire sky.

‘Thousand Thunder’!

Before he could finish, Lin Xiu continued with another warrior skill.

There were lots of thunder that appeared in the air. All of them were extremely thick before it came down from the sky.

There were huge rocks found on the ground that were directly chopped into two halves due to the scary lightning!

Xu Ye, who was heading towards Lin Xiu, paused when he saw the scene happening in the sky.

This lightning looked horrifying and even with his ‘sphere’ activated, he still wouldn’t be able to stop it.

“Did you really think that you’ll be able to defeat me…..”

Xu Ye continuously dodged a few of the lightning and scoffed.

“Look up.”

Xu Ye’s eyes narrowed as he quickly looked up and that’s when he noticed that a huge flaming ball was coming from above his head!

The terrifying flaming ball was on directly on top of his ‘sphere’. It was followed by a loud explosion.


He cried out loud in pain.

His ‘sphere’ was able to block the flaming ball but he could still feel the heat that was coming from the flaming ball.

As for Xu Ye who was inside the ‘sphere’, he felt as if his body was going to melt.

How were these flames so horrible?!

Xu Ye thought to himself.

The flaming phoenix headed towards Nalan Rong and Jiang Xhong as well. They were planning to attack Lin Xiu as well, who was still standing on the ground, but were forced to stop due to the thick lightning and huge flaming balls that were falling from the sky!

They had no idea what on earth was happening!

Both of them looked shocked as they tried to avoid getting hit.

The warrior skills that Lin Xiu had released were too powerful and it covered a huge range as well.

In order to activate such a huge warrior skill, not only would the warrior have to have a large amount of source energy, he has to be physically strong as well.

Damn it! Who was this brat? Where did he come from?

Nalan Rong felt that something wasn’t right.

“I am going to kill you! I am going to kill you!!”

Xu Ye suffered through the horrifying heat that was coming from the flames and he started to turn mad.

He couldn’t help but continued screaming.

With the ‘sphere’ protecting him, he released all sorts of warrior skills in order to attack Lin Xiu!

Lin Xiu sneered as he released his ‘Yuan’.

He held onto the long spear with both his arms. As he dodged the attacks coming from Xu Ye, he was getting closer to Xu Ye.

When he was standing right in front of Xu Ye, Lin Xiu leaped into the air.

Xu Ye felt as if he was being pounded by a ferocious tiger!

‘Tiger Descends the Mountain’!

“Go to hell!!”

Xu Ye roared in rage as he raised both his hands into the air.

A large amount of energy travelled to his palm and there was a blue energy ball that headed towards Lin Xiu!

At the same time, Lin Xiu had already released his warrior skills.

As the bright blue energy ball hit Lin Xiu’s ‘sphere’, it felt ticklish.

It didn’t even affect Lin Xiu.

That’s impossible! It’s impossible!

Xu Ye mumbled to himself as he tried to move the energy in his body. Then, there was still blue energy coming from both his palm.


Lin Xiu completely ignored Xu Ye’s attack.

This was because Lin Xiu’s ‘sphere’ could defend against his attack!

It did no damage to Lin Xiu! None at all!

Seeing how the long spear was in the air, Xu Ye’s face turned ghastly pale.

He let out a huge roar.

At the next moment, Lin Xiu’s black spear has completely pierced through his ‘sphere’!

Lin Xiu was really like a ferocious tiger pounding on to Xu Ye’s body.

Xu Ye’s body was torn into pieces!

Xu Ye, a respected warrior, was dead!

Nalan Rong and Jiang Chong, who were in the air, looked terribly shocked.

He’s dead. Another respected warrior now dead!

In the end, all three respected warriors from the Xu family were killed today.

For the Xu family, they were badly defeated today.

Without any respected warriors in the family, those from the Xu family would definitely have a hard time.

“You! Who are you?!”

Nalan Rong didn’t dare to look down on Lin Xiu anymore as he glared at Lin Xiu.

He was so young but had such overwhelming strength. Who was the one who trained him to be so powerful?

If that’s the case, it would make this very complicated.

“You talk too much.”

Lin Xiu raised his head and said to Nalan Rong.

Nalan Rong looked disturbed but still took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

He continued saying, “I am the City Lord of the Sand River City, Nalan Rong. I am from the Divine Domain. Are you sure you want to fight me?”

“The Divine Domain?”

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes when he heard what the other man said.

Previously, he had entered the Divine Domain in order to get his hands on the information.

But, after getting the odd crystals, he was sure that Huang Fulin was so mad at him now.

“That’s right. The strongest force on this planet, the Divine Domain.”

Nalan Rong stared at Lin Xiu and arrogantly told him about the Divine Domain, thinking that Lin Xiu finally felt frightened.

“I can see that you have strong abilities. I can recommend you…”

“The Divine Domain? Who do you think you are?”

When Nalan Rong was still speaking, Lin Xiu interrupted him.

Nalan Rong, who was prideful, looked extremely awful.

“You will no longer be the City Lord of the Sand River City.”