Chapter 945 - People from Divine Domain

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When Nalan Rong wanted to say something, Lin Xiu had already stabbed out with the spear in his hand!

At this moment, the spear burst out with black energy.

Those huge black energy, in the next moment, directly formed a huge black dragon.

The giant dragon seemed to open its mouth and roar, charging directly towards Nalan Rong!

Nalan Rong’s eyes were filled with fear when he saw this scene.

As soon as his body moves, his body skill was activated.

He just wanted to quickly escape from here.

Because he could clearly feel it now, the power of this skill released by Lin Xiu was very powerful!

If he insisted on resisting, his body would be destroyed!

Escape, he could only escape!

“Where are you going?”

Just when Nalan Rong was madly trying to escape, he found that the black giant dragon continue charging toward him as if it had eyes!

The black giant quickly flew behind Nalan Rong, opened its mouth wide and bit him, as he was unfolding the ‘Sphere’!

With a loud sound, Nalan Rong’s ‘Sphere’ was directly bitten by this black giant!

And at this moment, Lin Xiu also stabbed out with the Dark Edge spear!

Nalan Rong wanted to mobilize his body’s Sphere force to resist, but now it was of no avail.

The sharp spear head directly penetrated Nalan Rong’s head.

Blood spurted out in an instant.

“You… will… die…”

After saying the last three words, Nalan Rong completely lost his voice.

At this time, Lin Xiu looked at the experience progress bar of the system and it only increased by less than 1%.

It was not enough to upgrade to level sixty-four.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Xiu left.


Time went by quickly and three days had passed.

At this time, at the City Lord Council, Wu Jie and others respectfully said to Lin Xiu.

“It’s fine.”

Lin Xiu waved his hand.

“Young Master, are you leaving Sand Sea City today?”

Wu Jie spoke to Lin Xiu.

“En, that’s right.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

He also needs to go to Wildfire City to inquire about the Orchid of Heaven.

The android battle horse was still stored in Wildfire City.

“En, I’ve already had someone prepare a mechanical mount for you.”

Wu Jie nodded at this time.

“From today onwards, you are the city owner of the City Lord Council. If you need anything, please tell me.”

Wu Jie nodded solemnly.

There was also a hint of excitement in his eyes.

From the moment he saw the imperial order, he knew that the Wu family would embark on a special path.

Either toward glory or toward death.

“One year, after a year, it will begin.”

The pupils in Wu Jie’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Of course he knew what Lin Xiu was going to say.

They all know about the Ye family and the Bai family.

The Ye family is finally about to rise again.

“City Lord of Sand Sea City, come out!”

At this moment, a loud roar suddenly came from the door of the hall.

Hearing this voice, Wu Jie immediately frowned.

“Go out and have a look.”

Wu Jie nodded. As soon as the two walked out, they saw a group of warriors standing by the door.

This group of warriors were all wearing uniform uniforms, with the logo of ‘Divine Domain’ on their clothes.

Obviously, these are all warriors from Divine Domain.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene.

“Are you the city lord of Sand Sea City?”

A middle-aged man headed by, looking at Wu Jie at this time, frowned and said aloud.

“That’s right.”

Lin Xiu made him the city lord of Sand Sea City, so now, he is.

“Sand Sea City Lord, Nalan Rong, why doesn’t he look like you?”

The middle-aged man looked at Wu Jie and said coldly.

“Now, I am the city lord.”

Wu Jie said lightly, without explaining too much.

“Shut up!”

“Without the permission of our Divine Domain, who would dare be the city lord!”

Another warrior from the Divine Domain shouted angrily.

“I’ll ask again, where is Nalan Rong!”

At this time, he glanced at Wu Jie, Lin Xiu and some other warriors from the Wu family and Su family who entered the City Lord Council and suddenly said aloud.

“You want to know where he is?”

Lin Xiu looked at the warriors in this Divine Domain with great interest, then said lightly.

“Tell the truth and I can spare you from dying.”

The warrior looked at Lin Xiu and snorted coldly.

“He’s below.”

Lin Xiu pointed to the ground and said lightly.

The warrior was stunned for a moment, then looked down subconsciously.

Isn’t this the floor?

“You dare to mess with me huh!”

After coming to his senses at this time, he said angrily.

Holding the weapon in his hand, he directly slashed towards Lin Xiu!

“Get lost!”

Looking at this scene, Lin Xiu’s eyes became cold.

With a loud shout, he slapped his right hand and caused the weapon to fly out!

The weapon flew straight out and slammed into the wall behind.


The warrior who just attacked Lin Xiu felt a sharp pain in his palm.

Lin Xiu, actually slapped his weapon out with his hands!

And he doesn’t seem to be hurt at all!

How on earth did he do it!?

The eyes of those warriors in Divine Domain were full of shock at this time.

“Team… Captain, he seems to be Lin Xiu!”

At this moment, a man seemed to have thought of something, then said to the warrior who had just attacked Lin Xiu.

As his words just fell, the eyes of the other warriors changed slightly.

At the same time, his smartwatch was enabled.

On the projected screen, Lin Xiu’s image can be clearly seen!

“Divine Domain S-level wanted criminal, Lin Xiu!”

“A reward of 100 million gold coins!”

The eyes of these warriors of the Divine Domain changed greatly at this time.

Lin Xiu frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

He never thought that he would be wanted by someone from this Divine Domain.

If he guessed correctly, it should be because he robbed the Odd crystal of the beast saint so Divine Domain did this.

“It really is you!”

The middle-aged man shouted angrily.

“Kill him and take his head back!”

Because just now his weapon was tossed away by Lin Xiu, which made him feel ashamed.

In addition, now that he found out that Lin Xiu was a wanted criminal in their Divine Domain, he immediately wanted to kill Lin Xiu.

When Wu Jie and the others heard the words of the man from the Divine Domain, their expressions changed slightly and they were about to take action.

“Just let me do it.”

Lin Xiu waved his hand and said lightly.