Chapter 946 - Go to Wildfire City Again

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“Yes, my lord.”

When Wu Jie heard Lin Xiu’s words, he said respectfully.

He knew Lin Xiu’s strength.

“Suffer to death!”

Those warriors of the Divine Domain, while roaring, directly held their own weapons and besieged Lin Xiu!

boom boom boom —

Because Lin Xiu was an S-rank wanted person, they didn’t hide their abilities at all.

They directly used the most powerful weapons to attack Lin Xiu.

Immediately, the surroundings seemed to be shaking.

A large amount of skill power directly attacked Lin Xiu.

And at this moment, a ‘Sphere’ enveloped Lin Xiu’s body.

No matter how they attacked, Lin Xiu was not affected at all!

In the next moment, Lin Xiu waved his right hand, and fiery red lotus fire burst forth.

Charge towards these warriors of the Divine Domain!

Those warriors of the Divine Domain didn’t take it seriously when they saw this little red lotus fire.

But at the next moment, when the red lotus fire touched their bodies, it was as if the flames had touched gasoline and lit up directly!


Wailing and screaming kept coming.

The bodies of those warriors who were hit by the red lotus fire were instantly covered by a large number of flames.

These warriors frantically rolled on the ground, trying to put out the flames.

But this flame was too fierce.

No matter what, it would not be extinguished.

In a short period of time, more than half of the warriors from the Divine Domain who came here were all burned to charcoal by this flame.

These are all warriors at the peak of King warrior, just like that, they are all dead!

The leading warrior also took back the weapon that Lin Xiu had sent flying.

Looking at Lin Xiu in front of him, there was also a look of fear in his eyes.

“Damn…” He gritted his teeth and looked at Lin Xiu with murderous eyes.

He did not expect that Lin Xiu’s strength would be so strong.

“Huangfu Lin should still be in Wildfire City now right?”

Lin Xiu said lightly to the man.

“The power of our Divine Domain is all over the world! Elder Huangfu won’t let you go!”

“If you are smart, admit your mistake now and follow me back to the base of Divine Domain, there may be a way to survive!”

He looked at Lin Xiu and said coldly.

Huangfu Lin is just the elder of the Divine Domain?

Hearing his words, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but raise his brows.

He thought that Huangfu Lin was the controller of the Divine Domain, but he didn’t expect that he was just an elder.

So, does that mean that there are more warriors than Huangfu Lin?

“Kneel down!”

Looking at Lin Xiu’s expression, the man seemed to think that Lin Xiu felt scared, and said with a savage voice.

“Are you an idiot?”

Lin Xiu glanced at him, and then said lightly.

“You…you are courting death!”

When Lin Xiu said this, the man suddenly became angry.

His forehead shone and he was about to use his source mark power!

But at this moment, a black primordial pattern appeared on Lin Xiu’s forehead!

And Lin Xiu’s source mark power was faster than the man!

Taking a closer look at this time, the middle-aged man’s body was completely wrapped in a translucent matrix.

The man who was about to use the source mark power immediately widened his eyes when he saw this scene.

He moved his hands and was about to break free from the matrix.

But what he didn’t expect was that no matter how hard he tried, this matrix would never be broken!

And the source mark power he originally wanted to use, at this time, he couldn’t use it at all!

Lin Xiu’s source mark power?

Wu Jie looked at this scene with a look of surprise in his eyes.

The source mark power of ordinary people was all elemental types, such as fire, water, thunder and the like.

Lin Xiu’s seems to be the space-type source mark power.

This kind of source mark power rarely appears.

“You let me go!!!”

The man roared, trying to struggle.

But no matter how much he used his power, he was unable to break free from this matrix.

And this matrix still maintains its original shape and does not move at all.

“Go down and meet Nalan Rong.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

With a thought, at this moment, the matrix swelled up.

The man in the matrix opened his eyes wide and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything at all.

In the next moment, the matrix exploded directly, making a loud noise.

And the man in the matrix exploded so quickly that he couldn’t even see his shadow!

The surrounding warriors, including Wu Jie, were stunned when they saw this scene.

Terrifying, it’s really too terrifying.

A warrior at the level of Respected warrior died just like that.

He had absolutely no power to fight back!

At this moment, Wu Jie and other warriors looked at Lin Xiu and felt that Lin Xiu’s power was unfathomable.

“If people from Divine Domain dares to come over, let me know.”

Lin Xiu said indifferently to Wu Jie after doing all these.


“Goodbye then.”

Riding on a android battle tiger prepared by Wu Jie, Lin Xiu was about to go to Wildfire City again.


Wu Jie nodded, looked at the figure of Lin Xiu leaving and said.

As Lin Xiu disappeared from Sand River City, Wu Jie looked at Uncle Fu and others around him and said, “Next, let’s go to training!”

Now that he has become the lord of Sand River City, he has to take on more responsibility than before.

Moreover, Lin Xiu’s strength is very strong, in order not to hold back Lin Xiu, their strength must continue to become stronger!

This time, all the people who came to Sand River City from the Divine Domain were killed.

It would probably take some time for the people of Divine Domain to find out about this.

Going back to Wildfire City now, the first thing was to integrate the intelligence agencies there and inquire about the Orchid of Heaven.

The second thing was to find opportunities to kill Sage warrior-level warriors.

It was no longer enough to just kill Respected warrior-level warriors in order to level up.

And killing a Sage warrior-level warrior would probably allow him to gain a lot of experience!

Now that his level is 63, he is probably a very strong existence among Respected warriors.

But for Sage warrior, it wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, Lin Xiu had the system skills.

He should be able to fight.

The intelligent navigation system on the Androud battle tiger allowed Lin Xiu to lay on it and let it move freely.

It didn’t take long to get out of this desert. After getting out of the desert, the speed of walking became faster.

Finally, at night, he had already traveled more than 1,000 kilometers.

Looking ahead, it is Wildfire City!

“Finally back again.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.