Chapter 950 - The Leader of the Dark Shadow

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As Mr Zhang screamed, the sword in his arms glowed brightly.

Then, he pointed his sword towards the ceiling.

That’s when a bright white light was released from the tip of his sword.

It looked like a beam of energy as it headed towards the ceiling that was above them.

The entire ground started shaking.

A huge hole appeared on the ceiling and this beam of energy went so far above that it formed a tunnel to the surface!

Dong Shang and Mr Zhang immediately used this tunnel as their escape route.

However, the flaming birds that Lin Xiu had released were already chasing after them.

“Did you think you could leave?”

He quickly moved and headed up the tunnel as well, reaching the surface within seconds.

As Dong Shang and Mr Zhang rushed upwards to the surface, they saw the horrible flaming birds that were still right behind them.

The flaming birds were dark blue in colour and were travelling quickly in the air. These flames were so hot that the air around them was scorched as well.

As for the rest of the warriors, they quickly looked up the hole that was on the ceiling.

When they saw how the flaming birds were still attacking Dong Shang and Mr Zhang, all of them were shocked.

“Damn it!”

Mr Zhang and Dong Shang soon realised that theses flaming birds has an auto-tracking skills and seeing how they were all headed towards them, they had a bad feeling about it.

They had no other choice. The only thing that they would do was to gather all the source energy in their bodies in order to strengthen their ‘spheres’.

Then, the flaming birds directly landed on their ‘sphere’.

With each loud explosion, the flaming birds would attack onto their ‘spheres’.

Dong Shang and Mr Zhang noticed that their ‘spheres’ were already covered with dark blue flames.

The temperatures of the dark blue flames were too high. Even when they have already activated all of the source energy in their bodies to strengthen their ‘spheres’, they could still feel the heat of the blue flames.

“Did you really think that it would work?”

Lin Xiu asked bluntly.

As the flames were about to go off, Lin Xiu started swinging his long spear.

There were dozens of flaming birds that were being released from the long spear, all of which were directly headed towards them.

The flames were burning continuously as it completely covered their ‘spheres’.

The only thing that Mr Zhang and Dong Shang could see were the dark blue flames, their views were completely blocked.

They were forced to remain on the same spot, trying to hold on to their ‘spheres’ for as long as possible.”

“I don’t believe that you will be able to use this continuously…”

Mr Zhang gritted his teeth and spoke while trying his best to withstand the heat.

From his point of view, these horrible flames would take up a lot of source energy if it was continuously being released.

It would be impossible for him to continue using this skill.

But, he was proven wrong.

As long as Lin Xiu continued attacking them, he would be able to absorb more source energy.

Their ‘spheres’ were being attacked by the hellfire and the energy that they had placed on their ‘spheres’ would be absorbed by Lin Xiu, replenishing the energy that he had used up.

Soon, Dong Shang couldn’t hold it anymore.

These flames were too much for him.

He could clearly feel his ‘sphere’ melting away.

These flames were too hot.

As he remained inside the ‘sphere’, he felt as if his body was melting as well.

“Young master! I’ve made a grief mistake! I’m sorry!”

Dong Shang couldn’t take it anymore. He was already covered in sweat and his entire body had turned red.

He knew that if this continued, his body would be completely burnt by these flames!

As Lin Xiu moved his hands, the flames completely disappeared.

Dong Shang’s figure slowly reappeared.

However, his ‘sphere’ was now extremely thin.

As the flames around him disappeared, his ‘sphere’ was gone as well.

He was completely drenched as if he was pulled out of a pond and he was panting uncontrollably.

He was being surrounded by those horrible flames and he had been sweating non stop. It felt like all of the water in his body had been used up.

Dong Shang didn’t expect Lin Xiu to be so strong.

“I give up! I give up! Please let me go! Please!”

Mr Zhang heard Dong Shang’s cry for mercy and he did the same as well.

He knew that in a few more minutes, his ‘sphere’ would be gone!

Then, his body would be burnt into ash because of these terrifying flames!

As he thought of what might happen next, his body started shaking.

However, Lin Xiu ignored him and continued spinning his long spear.

The flaming birds were still headed towards Mr Zhang’s body!

As the attacks continued, the ground beneath their feet started shaking as well.


Mr Zhang couldn’t hold it in anymore and screamed in pain.

His ‘sphere’ couldn’t take it anymore and it was slowly being destroyed by the dark blue flames that were surrounding it.

These horrible flames then landed on his body instead.

Mr Zhang rolled on the ground, trying to extinguish the flames on his body.

However, it was completely useless.

These horrible flames were caught onto his body and were burning him.

When Dong Shang saw what was happening to Mr Zhang, his body shook uncontrollably.

Mr Zhang was a powerful man but he ended up in this state!

Soon, only his skeleton was left on the ground.

The bones were then slowly burned into ash.

“Looks like the Dark Shadows are close to those from the Divine Domain.”

Lin Xiu walked towards Dong Sang and asked him while looking at him from above.

Dong Shang, who was trying to get on his feet, shivered after hearing Lin Xiu’s question.

“The Dark Shadows have worked with the Divine Domain…”

His voice was shaking as he answered Lin Xiu.

“They were the ones who forced me. I didn’t want to do this. Young master, please forgive me…”

Dong Shang was frightened as he looked at Lin Xiu.

“Dong Shang.”

Suddenly, a voice appeared from the sky.

When Dong Shang heard the familiar voice, he quickly turned towards the sky and saw an elder floating in the air.


The look in his eyes immediately changed when he saw who it was.

He even looked a little excited.

The head of the Dark Shadows, Sima Qiang, was a sage warrior!

Dong Shang looked at Sima Qiang who was in the air and quickly pointed at Lin Xiu, “Sir, this man is trying to annihilate the Dark Shadow!”