Chapter 951 - The New Leader

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Dong Shang pointed at Lin Xiu and screamed at the top of his lungs.

Although Lin Xiu was powerful, Sima Qian was still a sage warrior!

No matter how strong a respected warrior was, he still wouldn’t be a match for a sage warrior.

Sima Qiang’s body slowly got to the ground and stood next to Dong Shang.

Lin Xiu had his eyes following the elder.

This man was definitely a sage warrior.

As Lin Xiu was looking at him, Lin Xiu didn’t look frightened. Instead, he felt excited.

That’s right. Lin Xiu was no longer afraid of those who were sage warriors.

With the skills that were attached to his system, he would definitely be able to fight him.

Once he killed a sage warrior, he would be able to gain more EXP.

“Dong Shang.”

Sima Qiang, who was standing next to Dong Shang, called his name.

Dong Shang bowed respectfully.

“This is the man…”

“Have you already forgotten the intention of the establishment of the Dark Shadows?”

Just when Dong Shang wanted to ask how they would defeat Lin Xiu, Siqi Qiang asked another question.

Dong Shang had a bad feeling about it when he heard the question.

“To obey the Imperial Order.” Sima Qiang answered instead.

“Also, I am very disappointed with how you were working with the Divine Domain.”

“Sir! Please let me explain! Please!!”

Dong Shang panicked and he quickly begged for a chance to explain himself.

That’s when Sima Qiang raised his hand and placed it on top of his head!

With a soft groan, Dong Shang widened his eyes and there was blood coming out of his orifices.

Then, his body fell to the ground.

Dong Shang died so casually.

Lin Xiu was shocked as well.

He didn’t think that this elder would kill Dong Shang.

Sima Qiang then turned towards Lin Xiu and got onto his knees. He greeted Lin Xiu respectfully, “Young Master.”

The other warriors that belonged to the Dark Shadows were shocked as well.

Especially the man who tried to steal Lin Xiu’s android horse. His body was shaking vigorously.

He didn’t know that Lin Xiu had such an important identity.

“You know me?”

Lin Xiu was curious as well.”

“I am still in contact with the Zhao family from Aoshuang City.”

“Oh. You should stand up first.”

Lin Xiu nodded his head and said to Sima Qiang.

Sima Qiang stood up and asked Lin Xiu, “Young master, would I be allowed to see the Imperial Order?”

“Of course.”

Lin Xiu reached into his pocket and took out the Imperial Order.

When Sima Qiang saw the Imperial Order, he was surprised.

Then, he started laughing, “Great! Great! The descendant of the Ye family has finally returned!”

Sima Qiang was laughing uncontrollably as if he had just received good news.

“Dark Shadows!”

Sima Qiang stopped laughing and called for the warriors from the Dark Shadows.

“Yes, Sir!”

“From today onwards, Lin Xiu will be the new leader of the Dark Shadows!”

Sima Qiang looked at the warriors around him and made the announcement.

These warriors had just rushed out of the underground place and when they heard the announcement, they were surprised as well.

But soon, they turned towards Lin Xiu and looked at him with a revential look in their eyes.

“Welcome the new leader of the Dark Shadow!”