Chapter 952 - Fighting the Sage Warriors (1)

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Lin Xiu was a little surprised. He didn’t think that everyone would go on so smoothly.

“Young master, the Dark Shadow might not be one of the strongest but they are definitely the best intelligence agency.”

Sima Qiang said to Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu gently nodded his head.

He finally completed his mission in the Wildfire City.

The Ye family had a largest intelligence agency and after all this work, he finally found the last part of it.

As he thought about what he had accomplished, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.

“I finally found you!”

Then, a loud thunder came rolling from the sky and it was followed by a man’s voice.

As he looked up to the sky, he could see the four men floating in the air.

Huang Fulin, Zhao Rui, Heilong and Bailong.

The top 4 greatest saint warriors were gathered here today.

“You brat! How dare you steal our odd crystal?! Do you know what you will be facing next?”

Zhao Rui, who was in the air, was looking extremely mad.

“So, you’re Lin Xiu? You had a really good tactic.”

Huang Fulin looked at Lin Xiu and scoffed.

He always thought that Lin Xiu was one of them. In the games previously, he was still proud of Lin Xiu but he didn’t expect for Lin Xiu to steal the beast saint off crystal!

“Stop wasting your time! He has already absorbed the odd crystal. The only thing we can do now is to kill him!”

Heilong had a twisted expression on his face.

“Heilong! Don’t you dare!”

Sima Qiang, who was standing next to Lin Xiu, screamed at Heilong.

“Oh? It’s you. It’s the old man, Sima Qiang.”

Heilong was still in the air as he looked down at Sima Qiang scornfully.

“If we kill all of them, does that mean that we will be in control of the strongest forces in Wildfire City?”

Lin Xiu asked Sima Qiang as he kept his eyes on the men who were floating in the sky.

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, Sima Qiang was shocked.

He didn’t think that even at this crucial time, Lin Xiu wasn’t afraid at all.

Instead, he seemed to be ready for a fight.

Didn’t he know that the difference between a sage warrior and a respected warrior is huge?

“AHAHAHAHAH!!! What a joke! You are only a respected warrior and you want to kill us?”

Zhao Rui couldn’t help but laugh.

“All of those from the Dark Shadows, retreat!”

Sima Qiang shouted loudly.

After hearing the instructions, all of the warriors were confused but soon they understood what was about to happen and quickly headed back to the underground.

“I can hold off those two.”

Sima Qiang looked at Lin Xiu before telling him.

“That should be enough.”

Lin Xiu answered confidently.

“Bailong, should we put down our grudges for now and kill that man together?”

Heilong looked at Bailong.

Bailong answered without any hesitation.

Then, both of them rushed towards the same direction!

Their aim was to get rid of Sima Qiang.

“Kid, you’re gone!”

Huang Fulin and Zhao Rui headed towards Lin Xiu instead!

‘Flashing Souls’!

When he saw what was about to happen, Lin Xiu pupils shrank and he activated one of his skills.

His body immediately disappeared into thin air.

Huang Fulin and Zhao Rui had missed their target!

But, with their strong senses, they immediately found where Lin Xiu went.

Lin Xiu took a deep breath and immediately activated his other skills!

‘Heavenly Array’!

He even added his domain forces.

Then, a bright, white circle appeared on the ground with Lin Xiu in the centre of it.

It was slowly expanding on the ground!

“What is happening?!”

Sima Qiang was still busy fighting Heilong and Bailong. Both of them had their eyes opened wide when they saw the circle.

This was because they also noticed that their domain forces had disappeared as well!

The only thing that they could see was the bright, white glow coming from the circle.

Sima Qiang waved his right hand and pulled out the sword from his back.

He held onto his sword and started attacking both the men who were fighting him.

Heilong and Bailong had very unique domain forces and they were strong.

If it was under normal circumstances with both of them against him, Sima Qiang would have died.

However, now that their domain forces are gone, Sima Qiang who has a better physique would still have a chance.

“Damn it!”

Zhao Rui pulled out his sword as well and headed toward Lin Xiu!

Lin Xiu already grabbed onto his long spear and as he transferred his source energy into it, the black long spear was slowly turning purple gold in colour.

Seeing how Zhao Rui’s sword was getting closer, he quickly blocked it with his long spear.

As the long spear and the sword collided, there was a loud sound.

Lin Xiu’s body was forced a few steps backwards because of the impact.

This was not a joke that this one simple push from a sage warrior could have such a strong force.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Lin Xiu’s body was still moving backwards when Huang Fulin’s body suddenly appeared behind him.

He was ready to swing his sword onto Lin Xiu’s body!

He immediately chopped Lin Xiu’s body into two!

It’s a fake one!

Huang Fulin had just chopped Lin Xiu into two pieces but he soon realised that the thing that he had just chopped was just a puppet.

He quickly turned around, looking for Lin Xiu but that’s when he saw dozens of dark blue flaming birds coming at him.

‘Awe of the Phoenix’!

The expressions on Huang Fulin and Zhao Rui’s faces were completely different.

As the dark blue flames appeared, the temperature around them raised tremendously.

It was scorching hot.

It was obvious to them that these flames were terrifying.

One of them sneered and quickly moved from their spot.

Those terrifying looking birds then got the position of where they were standing earlier.

The entire ground started shaking.

There were a few warriors who wanted to stay to witness the match between the sage warriors but when they saw what was happening, all of them got frightened.

All of them started running without any hesitation.

All of these warrior skills were too powerful and if they got hit by it mistakenly, they could die!

Their attacks were so quick!

Lin Xiu, who was still in the air, was spinning his long spear and a large amount of flaming birds were released.

These flaming birds were deadly as they were formed by hellfire.

However, Huang Fulin and Zhao Rui had successfully dodged all of them!