Chapter 3246 - Stunned God Realm (6)

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Li Moying remained expressionless, as though he didn’t hear what Jing Shaoyuan said, and walked through the city gate.

Jing Shaoyuan was so angry that he almost went crazy. He kept thinking if he should challenge Li Moying or not!

A large number of soldiers had gathered in front of the city gates and if he could defeat Li Moying right here, he would be able to regain his reputation.

However, before Jing Shaoyuan took action, a team of cavalry swiftly raced towards them from afar.

Seeing Jun Sihan and Li Moying, the leader of the cavalry dismounted the house and kneeled on the ground.

“Young Master Jun, Young Master Li, This Divine General heard that the two of them have entered the city and specially ordered us to welcome the both of you. Please come along with us to the Divine General residence!”

Li Moying and Jun Sihan knew that this was inevitable and had expected this long ago.

They already knew from Jing Shaoyuan’s performance on the city gate tower. Many people in Blessed City were suspecting the authenticity of the rumor about Sky Devil Rui Ze’s death.

So since they had already entered the city, they definitely had to drop by the Divine General residence and clarify this matter so that the Blessed City protectors could rest at ease.

The two of them nodded simultaneously.

“Alright, then please lead the way!”

With Meng Shurong’s personal guards leading the way, the group of them naturally arrived smoothly at the Divine General residence.

But when they walked into the inner courtyard, both Li Moying and Jun Sihan walked right through the entrance while Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi were stopped by someone.

“My apologies. Divine General only summoned both Young Masters into the residence. Other people are not allowed to follow. Both Young Masters, please follow us. We’ve already prepared some tea so please come into the courtyard and have a rest.”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and Li Moying instantly said, “Li Tianyi, take the guards along and leave here. This is the military grounds and it’s only right to avoid arousing suspicion.”

Li Tianyi instantly answered, “Yes, Young Master!”

Just as the personal guards heaved a long sigh of relief, thinking that it was fortunate for Li Moying and the others were so understanding, Li Moying’s voice suddenly turned cold.

“But these two people standing beside Brother Jun and I must go in with us!”

Jun Sihan also echoed coldly, “That’s right.”

The personal guards exchanged a glance and hesitated.

However, after Li Moying and Jun Sihan said that, they held their wives’ hands and walked straight into the inner courtyard without taking another look at them.

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The personal guards were fearful of their aura and hesitated for a moment. But in the end, they didn’t dare to stop them.

These two Young Masters were successors of ancient god clans, and they were truly respectable and highly valued nobles in God Realm. As for them, they were the lowest ordinary personal guards, so who would dare to offend them?

Moreover speaking, Li Moying and the group have already shown enough respect to the Divine General residence by asking their guards to stay put. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for them to bring two people along, right?

Just as they were hesitating, Li Moying and Jun Sihan had already stepped through the study room’s door.

“Divine General Sir, Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Master Li and Veracious Wyvern Clan’s Young Master Jun have arrived!”

Meng Shurong who was originally pondering while seated on his chair instantly sat up excitedly when he heard that.

“Young Master Li, Young Master Jun, please come in!”

The study room instantly broke out into a clamor.

Hearing that Li Moying and the others have arrived in Blessed City, practically all of the Divine Lieutenants rushed to the Divine General residence, just so that they could get first-hand information on the situation on the frontline. They also wanted to take a look at Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s true countenances!

Everyone was eager to know if Sky Devil Rui Ze were really killed by them!