Chapter 3247 - Stunned God Realm (7)

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Li Moying and Jun Sihan walked beside each other as they entered the room. Both of them were extremely handsome looking men with outstanding temperaments. Just one look and one could tell that they were noble Young Masters.

It was Meng Shurong’s first time meeting them and his eyes lit up.

“Young Master Li, Young Master Jun, wow! One look is worth a thousand words!”

His vision landed on their sides and when he saw Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi, he was stunned momentarily before he asked, “These two are…”

To make it more convenient to travel along the frontline, Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi had stayed low-key and maintained dressing up as men. This made those in the study room start guessing these two people’s identities.

Everyone wondered, “These two people could take action along with these two Young Lords. Could they also be some young top exponents in the ancient god clans?”

“But even if the top exponents are highly valued in the clan, surely they don’t need to hold hands with the Young Lords, right? What kind of stratagem is this? Is it some new method to win over those god clan youngsters’ hearts?

Feeling everyone’s doubtful gazes, Li Moying said calmly, “This person beside me is my wife, and that person is Brother Jun’s wife.”

The moment he said that, everyone in the study room was stunned.

“W… What? Wife?”

“But aren’t these two… men?”

Meng Shurong had vast experience and he quickly came around it. “Oh, I see! It’s Young Madam Li and Young Madam Jun! These two ladies are disguised as men, right? I didn’t expect both Young Madams to join both Young Masters in the frontline. It must have been tough…”

Hearing Meng Shurong’s words, those Divine Lieutenants who let their thoughts run wild started to understand the situation.

But several people were mumbling silently.

“They are indeed nobles from ancient god clans. Even when they are in the frontline killing the devils, they also need to bring their wives along!”

“This is so strange. I only heard of this Young Lord Li’s name a few days ago. I didn’t expect him to be so young. Moreover, he’s already married at such a young age?”

“That’s hard to say. His wife’s looks are so ordinary, so how is she worthy of being a god grade genius? I feel that… something is suspicious about this!”

The few Divine Lieutenants silently communicated using their eyes as they were full of doubts. But no one dared to ask.

“Both Young Masters, I believe you have come from Divine Lieutenant Li Yukun’s campsite?”

Seeing the two of them nodding without any hesitation, Meng Shurong was elated and hurriedly asked, “That’s the stronghold which is nearest to the demon tribe’s control area! I wonder how is the situation at the frontline now?”

When he said this, all the Divine Lieutenants pricked their ears. At the same time, they stared at Li Moying tightly, deeply afraid that they would miss out on a single word!

Jun Sihan sipped a mouthful of tea and said calmly, “The most important military report should have already been reported to everyone by Divine Lieutenant Li’s war communique. We’ve already killed Sky Devil Rui Ze around 10 days ago! Now, the devil army has gradually started to retreat. On our way back to Blessed City, we didn’t meet with many devils at all.”

Even though Jun Sihan played down the entire incident, Meng Shurong was so excited that he started to tremble!

“Young Master Jun, you… you mean to say… the contents that Divine Lieutenant Li had written on the war communique is totally… totally true?”