Chapter 3249 - My Wife Likes It (2)

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Originally, when Jing Shaoyuan first arrived in Blessed City to take up the post of Divine Lieutenant, he had once enjoyed being popular among his comrades as well as their praises because of his military success of “killing a Sky Devil early-phase practitioner”.

He had heard such things before as well.

But now, Li Moying and Jun Sihan had even more stunning results than his!

Comparing one person to another was really infuriating!

With these two peerless geniuses as a comparison, first-class genius Jing Shaoyuan appeared to have dimmed in color.

This feeling made Jing Shaoyun light up in jealousy. He forgot where he was for a moment. He was so agitated that he forgot to knock on the door and barged right into the study room.

Luckily he was highly valued by Meng Shurong and had usually gained his favor. So the Divine General didn’t pursue his fault for barging into the study room so recklessly.

But Meng Shurong’s first question left him speechless.

Jing Shaoyuan clenched his teeth and barely thought of an excuse. “This… This Subordinate found the patrolling soldiers to be a little slack and I was worried that Blessed City’s security would have a loophole. So I intentionally stayed behind to warn them about it before I rushed over…”

The moment Jing Shaoyuan finished his sentence, he sensed Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s gazes falling on him.

Even though he didn’t turn back to take a look, he could distinctly feel that invisible ridicule in their gazes. It was as if they were looking at a prancing clown.

This feeling made Jing Shaoyuan extremely resentful!

However, Meng Shurong didn’t feel that anything was wrong with this reply. He nodded and said, “Well done. You’ve always been dutiful in your responsibilities!”

But before Jing Shaoyuan could feel happy with Meng Shurong’s praise, the Divine General seemed to have thought of something. He instructed Jing Shaoyuan, “But Young Master Li and Young Master Jun have already verified the news of Sky Devil Rui Ze’s death. So Blessed City’s security can now be lifted. After you’ve lectured those soldiers, let them return to the campsite and rest. It had been tough on them over this period!”

Hearing this, Jing Shaoyuan seemed as though he had been struck by lightning.

“What? Sky Devil Rui Ze has really been killed??” He cried out in alarm.

Meng Shurong nodded and said, “That’s right. Both Young Masters have already verified this.”

Jing Shaoyuan was originally alarmed, feeling that he was still in a dream.

Hearing Meng Shurong’s words, he thought of something and calmed down.

“That’s not right. Divine Lieutenant Sir, you say that the two of them have verified this news? How did they verify it? Did they do it verbally?”

Meng Shurong was stumped upon hearing that. “What do you mean? Verbal verification… of course, it is through verbal verification. Otherwise, how are we going to verify that?”

Jing Shaoyuan instantly became complacent. He looked at Li Moying and Jun Sihan with a sneer on his lips but quickly concealed it.

He said to Meng Shurong, “Divine General Sir, how can we verify such a major incident like the killing of Sky Devil verbally? If they want to verify that they have killed Sky Devil Rui Ze, at the very least, they should be able to show us Rui Ze’s devil stone, right?”

When he said that, all the practitioners were stunned. Following that, they nodded their heads in agreement.

“That’s right. After you killed the Sky Devil, there should be a devil stone!”

“I’ve totally forgotten about this!”

Earlier when all of them heard of the news, they were overly excited and had forgotten about this.

After Jing Shaoyuan’s reminder, they started to recall about this.

Even Meng Shurong also said, “That’s right. What you said is reasonable.”