Chapter 3250 - My Wife Likes It (3)

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Saying that, he turned towards Li Moying and group and spoke courteously.

“Although I also believe in both Young Masters’ abilities, this matter is something very important to Blessed City. So it’s necessary to verify this news. If we have to report this on the war communique to the allied armies Headquarters, we need to show the evidence! Moreover, both Young Masters also need the devil stone to exchange for military merits, right? We can settle this together at the same time!”

Meng Shurong and all the Divine Lieutenants looked at both of them.

Sky Devil mid-phase top exponents’ devil stones were something that they had only read in books. None of them had seen it with their own eyes yet!

In a second, everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

Jing Shaoyuan looked at Li Moying and the others. But his gaze was not filled with curiosity. Instead, there was only ridicule and gloating over their misfortune.

From what he thought, they couldn’t possibly have killed Rui Ze. Perhaps they only came here to deceive everyone in Blessed City. In that case, they definitely… wouldn’t be able to take out the devil stone!

Everyone stared at these two young nobles and waited in anticipation for them to bring out the devil stone.

But they waited and waited. After waiting for a long time, they discovered that the two of them remained motionless and expressionless in their seats. There wasn’t even a shadow of the devil stone at all.

All of them felt that something was amiss. “Both Young Masters, this…”

Jun Sihan’s brows rose and were just about to say something.

But Jing Shaoyuan couldn’t suppress the excitement in him. He directly jumped out and said loudly before Jun Sihan could say anything.

“What do you two mean by this? You claim that you’ve killed Sky Devil Rui Ze, but you can’t even show us his devil stone. Are you treating all of us as fools? How dare you use a piece of fake news to deceive the allied armies officers! Men, quickly capture these two swindlers!”

Jing Shaoyuan was itching to capture them himself!

It was just like what he said. How could any abnormal geniuses in Heart Profound Realm early-phase kill a Sky Devil mid-phase top exponent?

Indeed, it was all fake news! No wonder they were “stronger” than him!

In a moment, the Divine Lieutenants were all shocked by this saying, and their gazes toward Li Moying and group were filled with suspicions.

Even Meng Shurong felt that something was amiss. He raised his voice and asked, “Young Master Li, Young Master Jun, what’s going on? Don’t you have Rui Ze’s devil stone with you?”

Li Moying swept a cold glance at the delighted Jing Shaoyuan and said calmly, “We indeed don’t have Rui Ze’s devil stone on us…”

Jing Shaoyuan was elated. If it wasn’t for Meng Shurong who stared at him, he would start shouting again.

Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t notice him and slowly continued speaking, “… because my wife likes this kind of sparkly small stones. So I gave it to her to have some fun with it.”

Hearing that, the Divine Lieutenants were all stunned.

They totally couldn’t understand what Li Moying was saying at all. What language was he speaking?

“Sparkly small stones… what’s that? Surely he can’t be referring to Sky Devil Rui Ze’s devil stone, right?”

“Then… what did he just say..? His wife likes it? He even gave it to her to have some fun?”

“What’s there to play? Can a devil stone be treated as a toy?”

“That’s military merits! That represented honor! That is a treasure that all soldiers fight to the death to obtain!”

Just as everyone was feeling dizzy and were about to faint, a soft voice suddenly rang behind them.

“Are you referring to… this beautiful small stone?”