Chapter 818 - Zi Yi Said: Husband, You’ve Worked Hard

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Deputy Director Huang said, “Our engineers were not very satisfied with the batches of parts that have been provided recently. What’s going on, on the other side?”

Leader Li said, “It’s because the requirements for some of the parts are too stringent and some of it requires materials from space. The engineers on the other side have also been trying out various production methods.”

The two of them chatted for some time.

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Just then, Deputy Director Huang said to Zi Yi, “The parts and components we use here are all produced by the No.1 Military Factory. Many of the special materials require engineers from our side to head over to check countless times before it can be confirmed. Moreover, even when it’s time for the final delivery, they might not necessarily be able to create the parts we need here.”

Zi Yi nodded her head. This type of situation was very normal on ancient Earth. After all, there was a lack of many elements and materials here on Earth.

Zi Yi suddenly missed the interstellar era. For the materials they lacked there, she could always head for another planet to gather the materials. Even if this galaxy doesn’t have them, they could always head to another galaxy.

At the thought of this, she suddenly made a decision, and that was to be sure to make a spaceship as soon as possible.

Deputy Director Huang and Leader Li chatted for a while but stopped communicating afterward.

Just then, Leader Li said to Zi Yi, “Everyone in our research lab has seen the robot exhibition that was on the fourth day of the New Year. Your robots are really powerful. How did you manage to do it?”

Zi Yi said a similar thing as to what she had said before, “One will know how to make them if they learn more in this aspect.”

Leader Li was momentarily stunned at her words and she did not continue to ask further.

When the car was about to reach the entrance, Leader Li alighted.

Deputy Director Huang continued driving the car towards the entrance.

After exiting the entrance, they saw a low-profile black car parked somewhere nearby.

Zi Yi said to Deputy Director Huang, “Sending me over to that car will do.”

Deputy Director Huang looked at the car and asked with a smile, “Is Little Lu here to fetch you?”

“Little Lu is really good.” Deputy Director Huang parked the car.

Just then, the opposite car’s door opened and Lu Jingye alighted from inside.

Zi Yi and Deputy Director Huang also alighted at the same time.

Deputy Director Huang warmly extended his hand to Lu Jingye. “Little Lu, long time no see.”

Lu Jingye said, “Deputy Director Huang, long time no see.”

After they shook hands, Deputy Director Huang said jokingly, “Little Lu and Little Zi, there is such a good relationship between you two. Little Lu even personally came to wait. In the future, if you are unavailable to come and fetch Little Zi, just give me a call. I’ll personally send her back home.”

“Thank you.” The corner of Lu Jingye’s lips curved upward, giving off a particularly kind image. “It just so happened that I had free time today, so I came to fetch Little Zi.”

Having said that, he spoke again and said, “In that case, we’ll take our leave first. Our parents are waiting for me to fetch Little Zi home for dinner.”

“Okay, take care.”

After the car drove out, Lu Jingye said, “In this base, other than Mr. Tang, I’m not familiar with other leaders.”

Zi Yi was personally invited by Mr. Tang. It was impossible for the base not to have any factions. Lu Jingye only wanted to remind her so that she would be able to avoid some troubles in the event something happened.

Zi Yi knew what he meant and said, “I don’t think I’ll get close to any of them either.”

Lu Jingye did not continue on this topic any further and pointed to the center console. “There’s food in here. Have some to fill your stomach first. Mother asked us to return home for dinner tonight.”

Zi Yi opened the storage compartment and there was a small insulation box inside. Inside the insulation box were some of the cakes she usually liked to eat and there was also a cup of warm juice at the side.

Zi Yi took the fruit juice and took a sip before telling him what happened today.

Lu Jingye was not surprised that Mr. Tang would transfer her to the S-Class AI Robot team and he only said, “When the time comes, don’t reveal all your capabilities. There are many things you know that exceed the knowledge in this world. Other people will definitely find ways to make use of this aspect.”

Zi Yi took a bite of the cake and said, “This planet doesn’t even have many of the special materials I need. Even if I want to show off, I don’t have the conditions to do so.”

Having said that, she tilted her head and glanced at his handsome side view. “After our aerospace company is built, the first thing to do is to fly to a nearby planet to find those special materials and minerals I want. I’ll then build a spaceship and take you to places the world isn’t aware of.”

By the time Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned home, it was past six in the evening. Unexpectedly, Second Master Lu had yet to come home.

Mrs. Lu said, “Your Father called earlier to say he won’t be coming back for dinner. There are some matters with the higher-ups to deal with.”

When the three were having dinner, Mrs. Lu asked if Zi Yi was feeling tired during this period of time. “You’ll easily feel hungry during this period of time and so can you bring some snacks to take in with you? I’ll prepare some for you every day so that you don’t go hungry.”

“Mom, there’s no need to worry. Mr. Tang has specially informed his guard to prepare snacks for me.”

Only then was Mrs. Lu relieved.

After dinner, the three of them went to the sofa to take a seat and Mrs. Lu said to Zi Yi, “The weather is turning warm. I customized some clothes for you. If you find the sizing too small, you must tell me. I’ll get someone to alter them.”

Zi Yi took off her coat when she entered the living room. When she sat on the sofa, a slight bump could be seen where her tummy was.

She touched her tummy and nodded. “Okay.”

Mrs. Lu also stroked her tummy and she said with a smile, “Sure enough, the tummy is larger with twins. In the past, when I was pregnant with Jingye and Yunxiao, there was no baby bump for the first three months. Your belly will definitely be bigger when you reach the third month.”

Speaking of this, she started to get worried again. “Will you still head to the robot research lab then?”

“I won’t be going anymore. I’ll go there for a month at most.”

Mrs. Lu was relieved. She changed the topic and started talking about Song Jewelry.

“Song Jewelry will re-open next month. It just so happens that the International Jewelry Show will be held here. I will be bringing my team to participate.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and said, “Tell me after the time and date is confirmed. I will certainly come to watch.”

Mrs. Lu smiled in response. “Alright. I’ll give you a few more extra admission tickets then. You can give them to your Aunts.”

The three of them remained in the living room until it was past nine o’clock in the evening, but Lu Jianlin had yet to return. In the end, Mrs. Lu got them to go up and take a rest.

“Both of you are busy tomorrow. Go and take a rest first. Especially Yiyi, don’t tire yourself out.”

Both of them returned to their bedrooms. Zi Yi wanted to take a shower and so, she undressed her clothes while walking to the washroom.

Lu Jingye followed behind her and said, “Don’t undress first. I’ll fill up the tub for you, otherwise you might catch a cold.”

Zi Yi nodded and both of them headed to the washroom. Lu Jingye went to fill up the tub while she stood at the sink to brush her teeth.

After she finished brushing her teeth, she leaned over and looked at Lu Jingye who had his sleeves rolled up and was filling up the tub for her to bathe. “I haven’t been to the art gallery recently. Are the operations of the gallery still smooth?”

Lu Jingye walked over. He originally planned to grab some rose essential oils, when Zi Yi hugged his neck.

They faced each other and Zi Yi raised her head to look at his chin as she said with a smile, “Husband, you’ve worked hard.”

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes to look into her beautiful eyes. He could not hold himself back and he gave her a light kiss. “The tub is about to be full, go and take a bath.”

Zi Yi refused to do so and pouted. “Give me a kiss.”

Lu Jingye lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Zi Yi was dissatisfied with just this small kiss and so she stood up on tiptoe to kiss him.