Chapter 821 - Zi Yi’s Skills Are Definitely Not as Simple as What We See On the Surface

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Leader Li ate rather quickly and she left after she finished.

The engineer’s line of sight followed the back of Leader Li as she left. Even after a long time passed, they still did not look away.

Zi Yi gave them a glance and was about to get some fruits to eat, when just then, Engineer Chu suddenly asked loudly, “Zi Yi, what are you doing?”

Zi Yi looked at him, feeling puzzled. “Going to get some fruit?”

“Sit down. I’ll help you get some.” Engineer Chu suddenly treated Zi Yi enthusiastically. Having said that, he stood up and headed to the area where the fruits were placed.

By the time the other four engineers recovered their senses, Engineer Chu had already arrived at the fruit section.

Engineer Yang, who was one step late, was annoyed for a moment. Before Engineer Chu came back, he hastily asked Zi Yi, “Little Zi, are you familiar with Leader Li?”

Engineer Yang suddenly felt a little relieved.

Just then, Engineer Chu brought over a large plate of fruits and placed it in front of Zi Yi, he then asked, “Are you familiar with Leader Li?”

Zi Yi said, “No.”

Engineer Chu’s expression stiffened for a second. He thought of something and said, “It doesn’t matter even if you’re not familiar with her. You’ll get familiar after being in contact with her a few more times.”

Having said that, he grinned at Zi Yi and said, “Zi Yi, if you have any manual work in the future, just get me to do it. In return, as long as you see Leader Li in the future, please bring me up more often.”

Engineer Yang and Engineer Peng immediately echoed. “Me too.”

“What do you all mean by that?” Engineer Chu was unhappy.

“Of course, it’s fair competition. Don’t tell me that you think you have managed to bribe Zi Yi just by helping her get a plate of fruit?”

“That’s right. Everyone is single and all of us have the right to pursue Leader Li.”

Zi Yi looked at the three engineers who were quarreling and suddenly thought of something.

“How do you know that Leader Li is still single?”

The three of them who were in an argument suddenly paused for a moment. Their expressions became a sight to behold. First, they revealed expressions of disbelief, then they were stunned, and lastly, they acted as though they had met a cheater and became upset.

Zi Yi: “…”

Zi Yi thought that after they received such a setback, they would not concentrate on work in the afternoon.

But as it turns out, she thought too much.

The moment they entered work mode, they seemed to have forgotten about what happened at noon.

A day’s time passed by very quickly.

By the time Zi Yi came out of the building, Guard Zhu was already waiting for her outside.

After she got in the car, Guard Zhu said to Zi Yi, “Miss Zi, Mr. Tang has asked you to make a trip to his office first.”

Zi Yi was fine with it.

When she arrived at the office building, they headed towards Mr. Tang’s office. As soon as they reached the stairs, they saw Director Zheng and Deputy Director Huang talking and coming down from the stairs.

When they bumped into each other, Director Zheng nodded at Zi Yi as a greeting while Deputy Director Huang asked with a smile, “Little Zi, you must be heading to Mr. Tang’s office?”

Deputy Director Huang nodded his head and said, “Then go ahead. Mr. Tang must have something important to discuss with you since he’s looking for you.”

Having said that, he even made way and allowed Zi Yi to pass through.

After Zi Yi and Guard Zhu went upstairs, Deputy Director Huang said to Director Zheng with a smile, “It seems like Mr. Tang values Little Zi very much.”

Director Zheng merely answered in agreement and did not say anything else.

Deputy Director Huang then said, “If Little Zi can really help Engineer Meng and his team solve the bottleneck they are encountering, then the robots in our country would be able to compete with Country D’s robots.”

Director Zheng said, “Little Zi should be capable of that.”

“I think so too.” Deputy Director Huang revealed a puzzled expression. “I feel that even if Little Zi doesn’t join the S-Class AI Robot team, she’s still capable of developing Super AI robots. Based on the robots she displayed during the robot exhibition, they have all reached that standard. I don’t quite understand why Mr. Tang insists on having Little Zi join Engineer Meng’s team. Isn’t it good to let her lead a team?”

Director Zheng thought about it and did not say anything else.

Deputy Director Huang did not continue on this topic anymore.

The two of them headed outside together.

By the time Zi Yi entered Mr. Tang’s office, he was currently organizing some documents. At the sight of her entering his office, he said, “Little Zi, just give me a minute. We can leave after I finish organizing this. I’ll treat you and Little Lu to dinner tonight.”

Zi Yi stood there and waited for him.

Mr. Tang continued organizing the documents for another five minutes before he was finally finished. The both of them headed outside together and Mr. Tang asked while walking, “The engineers didn’t make things difficult for you today, did they?”

“They didn’t.”

After they left the office building and got into the car, Zi Yi asked, “Where does the surveillance camera in the laboratory connect to?”

Mr. Tang was a little surprised that she would ask that but still explained to her. “It is only connected to the monitoring room. Usually, if any of us wishes to check it, we must get the monitoring room to transfer the connection.”

Having said that, he seemed to have vaguely sensed something and his expression turned stern. “Did you discover something?”

“Nope, I was just asking.”

Zi Yi continued to ask, “Do you all usually check the surveillance often? Who has the right to view it?”

“Not many of us. We would usually go to the scene. Other than me, only the Director and Deputy Director have the rights.”

Zi Yi nodded and did not say anything else.

Lu Jingye did not wait for her outside the research base today. Mr. Tang had given him a call in the morning, so he did not come to fetch Zi Yi.

The car headed to the city after leaving the base.

As soon as their car drove away, another car drove out.

One of the people in the car looked in front of them and said, “Sure enough, Mr. Tang values Zi Yi greatly. To think that he’s sending her off personally.”

The woman seated next to her said, “Zi Yi’s skills are definitely not as simple as what we see on the surface.”

The person seated in the driver’s seat said with a smile, “I think so too. Why don’t we check out her bar tonight? Looking at the robots there would show us Zi Yi’s skills.”

The place where Mr. Tang was treating Zi Yi and Lu Jingye to a meal was unexpectedly in an old residential area.

After the car drove into the neighborhood, it turned left then right. A small restaurant appeared and there were several tables placed outside. At this moment, there were a few men who did not seem to be nice targets to provoke who were seated there with bare arms and drinking alcohol as they ate. In this cold weather, they didn’t seem to be afraid of the cold.

Zi Yi was a little surprised and she asked, “Are we having dinner here today?” She thought that since Mr. Tang was inviting them to a meal, he would at least choose somewhere that looked relatively safer.

Mr. Tang smiled and nodded his head. Before the car was parked, he said, “You might not know of it, but half of this community is where retired veterans stay or where their families stay.”

After the car was parked, those men who were currently drinking had all stood up and headed in his direction.

After Zi Yi and Mr. Tang alighted from the car, the men immediately stood at attention and saluted him.

Mr. Tang said, “We’re just here for dinner. There’s no need for such formalities.”

Having said that, he returned their salute.

One of the men made a gesture of invitation. “Please come in.”

He then led Zi Yi and Mr. Tang inside.