Chapter 823 - Zi Yi, Look Out!

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Zi Yi thought about it and said, “If you really want to compete, how about this? Dismantle my mechanical horse and reassemble it again. Whoever can assemble it in the shortest time possible without affecting any of its functions will win.”

The engineers looked at each other.

Engineer Meng said, “I agree.”

The other four also agreed.

Zi Yi made a suggestion. “To save time, it’s better to let Moonlight take over the task of dismantling the mechanical horse.”

The engineers went over to activate Moonlight.

Engineer Meng said to Moonlight, “Go and dismantle the mechanical horse without destroying its control panel.”

Moonlight walked over and started dismantling the mechanical horse.

Zi Yi looked at the mechanical horse, which was around the height of an average horse, being dismantled at a relatively fast speed by Moonlight and the corner of her lips curved up. “In this case, it should be rather quick for you to assemble it together. Whoever assembles it the fastest will be the winner. Who will take the lead?”

“Of course it’s me.”

The engineers all spoke at the same time.

Engineer Meng said, “I’m the oldest and so I should be the first to reassemble it.”

Engineer Chu said, “I’m the youngest, so I should be the first.”

Zi Yi then continued giving suggestions. “You can draw lots to decide the sequence.”

Their eyes lit up and they said in agreement, “You’re right.”

“Moonlight, freely arrange the numbers 1 to 5 and we’ll draw the lots.”

“Ok, the arrangement is complete.”

The engineers finish drawing their lots very soon. From the first to the last, they are respectively Engineer Chang, Engineer Yang, Engineer Meng, Engineer Chu, and Engineer Peng.

These materials were all ready-made and all of them were geniuses in this field. Therefore, it was definitely going to be a short amount of time for them to assemble it together.

However, after they managed to assemble the mechanical horse, during the testing phase, there would be some problems here or there when the mechanical horse runs or jumps.

“What’s going on? I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any problem with my assembly.”

“I am confident too, but why are there problems when it moves around?”

“There must be something wrong with the program.”

The few engineers all looked towards Zi Yi.

Zi Yi raised her hand and said, “I’ve never touched the mechanical horse since yesterday, so don’t look at me.”

Having said that, she walked to the mechanical horse and quickly checked the program.

The five of them stood next to her and checked it out together.

After looking at it for some time, Engineer Yang said, “Why did the program change?”

Engineer Chu said, “Also, this part here.”

After Zi Yi left, the five of them had studied the program Zi Yi created when she was assembling this mechanical horse. They had a good memory and were very sensitive about codes. Therefore, they would be able to find out if something was different.

Zi Yi’s face turned stiff. “Could it be that someone among you changed my program?”

Speaking of this, she angrily looked at the engineers. “Fortunately I didn’t touch the mechanical horse yesterday. If I had ridden on it and played around, I would definitely have fallen.”

The expressions of the engineers changed several times.

“We didn’t touch your mechanical horse either?”

“That’s right. We only checked out the program for the mechanical horse the day before yesterday.”

“We didn’t touch it at all either.”

Zi Yi looked at their expressions for some time and said, “I know that you’re not happy due to my addition to the team. I didn’t expect that you would do something like this. I’m so disappointed with you all.”

When the engineers heard her, they felt so stifled and their faces turned red.

“We said we didn’t touch your mechanical horse and that’s the truth!”

“This won’t do. To prove our innocence, we must check the surveillance. Only the surveillance can prove our innocence.”

The engineers really had that thought. After saying that they wanted to check the surveillance, they were prepared to look for Mr. Tang together.

Zi Yi looked at the five engineers who left just like that and did not stop them.

After they left, she was the only one left in the research building.

Seemingly doing nothing, she walked to the chair and sat down. However, her gaze was checking her surroundings. As a science and technology bigshot of the interstellar era, Zi Yi was extremely sensitive to anything that was related to machinery. Even without the aid of any equipment, she also sensed something.

Sure enough, after the engineers had only left for a few minutes (it would take at least ten minutes for them to reach Mr. Tang’s place) when a voice came from the intercom.

“Miss Zi, Mr. Tang wants you to make a trip over.”

This voice was not Guard Zhu.

Zi Yi walked out of the building. The person who spoke through the intercom clearly did not have the permission to enter, so he stood outside the entrance. At the sight of Zi Yi, he made a gesture of inviting her to go with him. “Miss Zi, please get in the car.”

The car was parked somewhere nearby.

Zi Yi lowered her gaze and followed him to the car. Just as she was about to get in, another car suddenly drove over from in front of them. Deputy Director Huang alighted and at the sight of Zi Yi, he asked in a surprised tone, “Little Zi, what are you doing?”

Zi Yi said, “Mr. Tang asked me to go over.”

Deputy Director Huang looked at the guard next to her and he narrowed his eyes. He walked over in large strides and restrained him.

“Speak, who do you belong to?”

Zi Yi retreated to the side and looked at the two of them.

The guard who had been restrained received a kick from Deputy Director Huang and was in so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat. He said, “It’s Mr. Tang who told me to bring Miss Zi over.”

Deputy Director Huang sneered. “You’re not Mr. Tang’s guard. Little Zi was personally brought over by Mr. Tang. He could not have ordered a guard like you to do this.”

Speaking of this, he said to the guards who were standing guard at the entrance, “Immediately contact Mr. Tang’s adjutant and report this matter to Mr. Tang right away.”

Upon hearing what Deputy Director Huang said to the guards, the man who was restrained suddenly started to struggle.

Deputy Director Huang did not pay attention and the man successfully broke away.

However, he did not run away to escape, and instead, he dashed towards Zi Yi.

“Little Zi, look out!”

Zi Yi looked at the guard who took out a knife and was rushing in her direction. She narrowed her eyes slightly and was planning to dodge. However, Deputy Director Huang was a step faster and grabbed the guard’s arm with his hand. The guard lost his momentum and staggered. The next second, the knife in his hand slashed Deputy Director Huang.

Blood rapidly seeped out from the wound on Deputy Director Huang’s arm.

The guards around the vicinity immediately came running and restrained the man.

“Let go of me! OW!”

Looking at the man kneeling there and screaming due to the kicks he received, Zi Yi’s frown tightened.

She looked toward Deputy Director Huang.

He was stopping the bleeding right now. When he sensed Zi Yi’s gaze, he smiled at her and said, “I haven’t trained for a long time and I didn’t expect that I would fail to avoid the attack. I guess I have to do more training in the future.”

Just then, several cars drove over quickly and stopped. Mr. Tang and a few engineers alighted from the car.

When Mr. Tang saw the situation, his expression instantly turned serious. “What’s going on?”

Having said that, he checked Zi Yi from head to toe. After ensuring that she was fine, he was relieved. At the same time, he looked at Deputy Director Huang.

At the sight of the blood all over his arm, he quickly said, “Quick, go and get the doctor to bandage it.”

Deputy Director Huang nodded his head, but he did not leave immediately. He explained to Mr. Tang about the situation earlier.

Mr. Tang nodded his head. “I understand. You should go and treat your wound first.”

He then motioned to Guard Zhu. “Bring Old Huang to the doctor.”

After Deputy Director Huang left, Mr. Tang looked at the man who was pinned on the ground and gave an order. “Bring him away for interrogation.”

The man was soon taken away.

The rest went into the building. Everyone was either standing or sitting in the lounge. Their expressions were all serious too.

After all, it was a frightening thing for an assassination situation to happen in such a heavily guarded base.

Sometime later, Mr. Tang’s internal cell phone rang. After he ended the call, he said to them, “The man was a guard stationed nearby. He was drugged with hallucinogens and was controlled during the shift change.”