Chapter 825 - Whose Child Is This? Why Is She So Violent

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A quietly electrocuted the little girl and handed her to the police before he turned around and returned to the car.

The girl suddenly woke up after A had walked back to the car. She struggled in the policemen’s arms and wanted to chase after him.

After A got in the car, he started the car and drove away immediately.

The little girl scratched and kicked the policemen after the car drove away. Soon, there was a scratch mark on the policeman that was carrying her.

The onlookers could not stand it anymore.

“Whose child is this? Why is she being so violent?”

“That’s right. Whose child is this? It’s already such a huge commotion and yet, her parents have yet to appear. Don’t tell me they are those kinds of adults that forget about their child?”

Everyone stood there and spectated for some time before they saw a flustered woman rushing over. “Yingying, where did you go running off to again? You scared me to death.”

The woman quickly took the little girl into her arms and thanked the policemen before she left in haste.

Early the next morning, Guard Zhu drove over and fetched Zi Yi.

Mrs. Lu prepared some food for Zi Yi. “Let your invisible robots carry them for you so that others can’t see them.”

Right now, Zi Yi was getting hungrier in shorter intervals. Mrs. Lu had prepared some food that she liked.

Zi Yi obviously would not refuse and she got Shadow II to take the food that Mrs. Lu had prepared.

The military factory was located in the western suburbs, with an area of thousands of acres. It directly extended into the mountains at the border with a neighboring province.

When the car reached the entrance of the military factory, the others had already reached and were waiting outside.

The person leading them today was a leader with the surname Wu. Leader Li was also present, along with the engineers from seven to eight different teams.

Other than them, two leaders of the military factory came out to meet everyone.

After they exchanged greetings, everyone got on the bus prepared for them.

Zi Yi and Leader Li sat together.

Leader Li said to her, “If everything goes well today, we should be able to go back in half a day’s time. If not, there might be a need to stay for a day. There are also some places here that are prohibited from entry. Miss Zi, if you feel like going anywhere, you can inform me first.”

Just then, Engineer Yang who was seated near them asked, “Leader Li, will you be following us all the time?”

Leader Li nodded her head. “Yes. I’m responsible for the negotiations between all of you and the military factory. If you discover any problems and can’t communicate well with the people here, you can look for me.”

Engineer Yang’s lips curved up and clearly, he was delighted.

After the bus drove around the military factory for nearly half an hour and entered the mountains, it took another ten minutes or so before it stopped outside a cave that looked like an air-raid shelter.

Everyone alighted from the bus and followed the leaders to the cave entrance.

Near the entrance were two men who appeared to be leaders.

Leader Li whispered to Zi Yi about the identities of the two men, “They are Leader Xiang and Leader Wang who are in charge of special materials.”

Leader Cheng stepped forward and greeted the other two leaders.

Leader Xiang glanced at the group of people and his gaze landed on Zi Yi. He then said with slight surprise, “This little friend must be Zi Yi?”

“Haha. I’ve heard before that Mr. Tang successfully brought her into the Robot RD Center. I didn’t expect that to be true.”

After Leader Xiang said this, he turned to Zi Yi and said, “Young lady, you’re skilled and so do be sure to contribute well to the country.”

Zi Yi gave him a nod but did not open her mouth to speak.

Leader Xiang did not mind and he started joking with the rest. “I hope that the dear engineers will show mercy today. In order to develop the parts you need, we were about to nearly offend another military factory. If the materials still don’t pass the check, I think we will have to offend people from the Aerospace Department again.”

His words caused Leader Cheng and the others to laugh out loud.

Leader Wang who was standing on the side did not laugh with them. Instead, he looked rather stern.

He also spared a glance at Zi Yi before he said, “Let’s go. Let’s not waste everyone’s time.”

Having said that, he turned around and headed into the cave.

The entrance of the cave was extremely wide. After they entered, they even had to take a cable car.

The cable car continually descended. When it finally stopped, they reached a space where no one could see the end.

Not only was it large, it was also very high. It was as though the whole mountain had been hollowed out.

There were many different types of machinery currently in operation but there was not much staff and most of the things inside were automated.

There were also many different studios.

Each department requested different parts, so the two leaders sent the engineers into the respective studios and handed them over to the staff members inside.

Zi Yi and Engineer Yang were taken into one of the studios.

There were several designers inside the studio. As soon as they saw the both of them walking in, they were stunned and amazed by Zi Yi.

Leader Xiang made the introduction. “These two are the engineers from the Robot RD Center and they’re here to inspect the materials. Li Xiangrong, come over and lead them around.”

One of them came over.

Leader Xiang said to Zi Yi and Engineer Yang, “When you are done inspecting the materials, you can come out directly. Someone will lead you outside.”

The both of them nodded their heads and Leader Xiang took his leave.

Li Xiangrong walked over and said to them, “Follow me.”

Having said that, he led them to a workbench. There was a special-looking case placed on the table. After opening the case, there were several pieces of items inside that looked like unique parts.

Li Xiangrong said, “These are your customized parts. Please have a good check.”

Zi Yi noticed that Li Xiangrong’s voice was strained when he said that. There seems to be some sort of vigilance against them.

Engineer Yang nodded his head. He put on special gloves and started the check.

The other staff members in the studio stopped working and all of them were staring in their direction. Similarly, there were looks of vigilance on their faces.

Engineer Yang seemed to know what Zi Yi’s questions were and explained to her, “If we find that the parts do not meet our requirements, their hard work during this period of time would have been in vain.”

One of the staff members said in displeasure, “If the people at your place weren’t so critical, we wouldn’t be in such a miserable state.”

“Ha.” Engineer Yang looked at the staff member and said, “Do you think we are making ordinary robots and that just any random parts will do?”

The staff member kept his mouth shut.

Zi Yi also went over to Engineer Yang and started to check the parts.

Not long after they started checking, the door to the studio was opened. Leader Cheng and Leader Xiang were standing at the door and Leader Cheng said to Zi Yi, “Little Zi, come out for a moment.”

Zi Yi came out and Leader Cheng said to her, “When Mr. Tang came over, he told us before to bring you around to the smelting workshop of the special parts. Let’s go, we’ll take you around right now.”

Zi Yi followed the two of them.

Not long after the three left, Leader Li and another leader came out from another side and they were chatting with each other.

“I heard that Zi Yi from your base is also here. Where is she? Leader Li, quick. Bring me to meet her.”

Leader Li said in a joking tone, “Our Little Zi is a national treasure. When Leader Fu sees her, remember not to frighten her.”