Chapter 826 - Did Your Team Become Attracted To Her When You Saw Zi Yi? ?

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As expected of the military factory. There were many things here that could not be purchased outside.

Most importantly, there were many rare minerals here and even more meteorites and minerals brought back from outer space.

Leader Xiang saw Zi Yi looking at the pile of minerals and he proudly pointed to them as he explained to her, “This is the mineral that we brought back from Venus. This is the mineral from Mars and this is…”

Zi Yi was silent for a moment before she asked, “Why are there only minerals from nearby planets?”

Her words caused Leader Xiang and Leader Cheng to turn silent at the same time.

Leader Xiang said, “Our country’s aerospace technology has yet to reach the level of going to a further planet to bring back the minerals. Country A, however, has managed to reach the Red Giant Star and Blue Giant Star and they brought back some minerals from there. I heard that those minerals contain elements that we are unaware of. However, Country A has kept it a secret and the outside world does not know exactly what it is.”

Leader Cheng continued to speak, “Other than reaching those stars and bringing back several different minerals, they also went to the Kuiper Belt (if humans wish to explore outside the solar system, they have to leave the Kuiper Belt) and brought back some minerals from there.”

Of course, these things are all the highest confidential information of Country A. Other countries do not know what exactly had they brought back from outer space or what kind of elements they had extracted.

On the other hand, Zi Yi knows of it. She had already checked out the national-level confidential database of various countries long ago.

The meteorites Country A brought back were really considered powerful for humans, but in her eyes, it was merely some stones that were slightly more useful. In order to make a spaceship, especially one that can teleport in space, it was simply impossible to make using these things.

The three of them looked around for a while and it was almost lunchtime.

They went out and gathered with the rest and got to know that the parts a few of the teams requested did not meet the requirements.

Zi Yi walked over to Engineer Yang and asked, “Did the part we ask for meet the requirements?”

“It’s still lacking a little.” Engineer Yang said, “But they are able to fix it by the end of the day. We can wait.”

After Engineer Yang said that, he turned around and chatted with Leader Li. As for his appearance, there was no need to mention how diligent he was acting.

As they had to wait for the parts to be modified, Zi Yi followed Leader Xiang to check out other studios. When it was time to return to the bus that brought them here, Zi Yi was slightly late and Engineer Yang was already sitting in the seat next to Leader Li.

Engineer Yang was currently talking to Leader Li about some of the interesting facts in the team. His glib appearance was similar to that of an actor.

Zi Yi sat in front of them and heard Engineer Yang joking around. From time to time, Team Leader Li would laugh.

After the bus drove out of the gates of the military factory, there was a car parked outside to fetch Zi Yi. She then took the car and went home.

The others took the bus, which was prepared by the base, back.

When they were on the bus, Team Leader Li casually asked Engineer Yang, “Little Zi is so pretty. Did the engineers in your team become attracted to her?”

“Not really,” Engineer Yang said, “Before she was transferred to our team, Mr. Tang told us in advance that she was married. Moreover, we have also seen the video of her at the robot exhibition.”

At that time, they came to a conclusion that Zi Yi was young and that she was extremely arrogant and they felt unhappy at the sight of her. They only wanted to teach her a lesson and so how could they be in the mood to appreciate her face?

“What’s more she’s not the type I like.”

Zi Yi’s appearance was too outstanding and Engineer Yang knew of his limitations.

He then looked at Team Leader Li and there was a light in his eyes. “I think that Team Leader Li is also very beautiful. Since you’re so beautiful, I believe you must have many suitors too?”

Team Leader Lu chuckled and did not deny it. “There are indeed many people who are chasing me, but there’s no one I like.”

“Then what kind of guy does Team Leader Li fancy?”

“Someone who is capable and humorous.”

When Engineer Yang heard her words, he was extremely elated. Wasn’t the type that Team Leader Li described to him, him?

At the thought of this, Engineer Yang became excited in an instant.

In the following period of time, Engineer Yang was in an extremely good mood. There was no need to mention how he had incurred the jealousy of the others.

In particular, Engineer Chu was the most jealous. “If I was the one who went to the military factory that day, Team Leader Li would have become my girlfriend.”

Zi Yi was a little surprised. “Engineer Yang and Team Leader Li are dating already?”

Engineer Chu felt uncomfortable deep down and snorted.

Engineer Yang just so happened to hear him and he grinned. “Stop having delusional thoughts about my girlfriend. Little Li and I are a fated couple.”

“Bah! You just got lucky!”

Engineer Yang was in a good mood and he did not take Engineer Chu’s jealous behavior to heart.

The work continued and due to a casual pointer Zi Yi gave them, the bottleneck they met while configuring Moonlight finally had some progress.

The engineers were all extremely happy.

Mr. Tang was also in a good mood and he said to Zi Yi, “Little Zi, it’s been hard on you during this period of time. If you’re tired, you can have a day off tomorrow.”

Zi Yi indeed wanted to get some rest and so she agreed.

When she got off work in the evening, Zi Yi made a trip to the laboratory Professor Dou was in.

Professor Dou and his team were currently testing out a robot.

Upon learning that she had a rest day tomorrow, Professor Dou said, “I just so happen to have lessons tomorrow and will be returning to M.Uni. Let’s leave together later.”

Zi Yi sat in the lab and waited for him.

Engineer Li said with a smile, “Little Zi, how’s it going on in the other team? Did the rest of them make things difficult for you?”

Zi Yi curved her lips into a smile. “They don’t have the ability to make things difficult for me.”

“Haha, that’s true.”

Everyone casually chatted for a while and Professor Dou finished his work. He went to change his clothes before heading out of the lab together with Zi Yi.

After they got in the car, Professor Dou said to Zi Yi, “When I went back to M.Uni a few days ago, I heard that a researcher of nuclear fusion engineering in Country A wanted to take you in as a student. What’s going on?”

Zi Yi gave him a brief explanation of what had happened.

After hearing her story, Professor Dou thought for a moment and said, “If this person sincerely wants to accept you as a student, it’s a good thing. I’m just afraid that he might have other purposes.”

“Mhmm.” Zi Yi said, “He came looking for me before the New Year but I didn’t meet him. In the end, he went looking for the Dean.”

Professor Dou furrowed his brow and said, “This person will still come again. Before you meet him, tell me. When the time comes, we’ll see who is in M.Uni and we’ll follow you to meet with the researcher.”

If the researcher wanted to bully his niece, then don’t blame the uncles of Zi Yi for being rude.

Zi Yi on the other hand, was not worried at all about what Ellis would do to her. However, she still nodded her head and said, “Ok.”

After the car drove out of the entrance, Lu Jingye’s car was already waiting outside.

Professor Dou sent Zi Yi to Lu Jingye’s car.

After Lu Jingye alighted, he greeted them. “Second Uncle.”

Dou Xiaoyong gave him a nod and said, “Little Zi has a rest day tomorrow, get her to stay at home and get a good rest. You shouldn’t work too hard and be exhausted either.”

“I understand, Second Uncle.”

Zi Yi alighted from the car and walked to Lu Jingye’s side before she asked Dou Xiaoyong, “Second Uncle, why don’t you come to have dinner with us?”

“It’s ok. I’m going back for dinner.”

Zi Yi nodded her head. “Goodbye.”

Dou Xiaoyong drove away first while Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to their car. When the car drove out, Zi Yi asked Lu Jingye, “How is the situation at Father’s side?”