Chapter 1701 - Where is Youyou?!

My Hidden Wife is Sweet Helan Yang Yang 2022/9/13 16:35:01

Yuan Meng leaned forward and said to Fu Hanzheng, “It seems to be… Keiko.”

He had reminded her that Kuroda Keiko might have stayed by Weiwei’s side on purpose, but now… was this really the case?

In the picture, Kuroda Keiko met the driver and put a cardboard box into the car.

The box was not small and could fit an eight-month-old child.

Qin Man looked at them and said, “I have told the police and traffic police to stop these cars, what should we do next…”

They had arranged people everywhere and they had checked every single one of them. How did someone manage to sneak in and steal their son?

But what happened had already happened, and it happened at the Qin Family’s mansion, so they had to take the blame.

What was more, Fu Hanzheng had not planned to show up, but they had tried their best to get them to come here.

And now when something happened to the child, she felt very regretful too.

After hearing Yuan Meng’s words, Lei Ning sent out her men and made a call to Lei Meng about splitting up.

Gu Weiwei threw down the phone and was about to leave after she recognized Kuroda Keiko in the picture.

“I will go to her, I will go to her…”

“Weiwei, Weiwei, calm down.” Fu Hanzheng took hold of her, fearing that something would happen to her if she rushed out.

What if it was just a trap for them to kidnap the boy so that she would get confused and rush out?

“I can’t calm down. You don’t want me to find him, you don’t want me to find him…” Gu Weiwei got so annoyed that she struggled to get rid of Fu Hanzheng’s hands.

How could she be calm enough to wait here when her son was taken away?

Seeing the scene, Yuan Meng said to Fu Hanzheng, “Let her go, I will go with her.”

She would go crazy if she had to wait here.

But Fu Hanzheng could not keep her company at this hour, because before the child was found, he had to be in charge here.

They were just suspecting that the boy was with Keiko, but the other two missing cars were equally suspicious.

Seeing his wife on the verge of breaking down, Fu Hanzheng released her helplessly.

“Yuan Meng, you drive, stay safe.”

The moment he released her, Gu Weiwei had already dashed off.

Hearing Fu Hanzheng’s words, Yuan Meng ran after him.

She rushed out to stop Gu Weiwei from driving. “Let me do it, I am better at driving than you.”

She was worried that she would crash the car before the child was found.

In order to stop Kuroda Keiko as soon as possible, they drove the sports car Fu Shiyi had left behind.

On the way, Qin Man called her from time to time and told her where Kuroda Keiko’s car was going.

Yuan Meng drove the sports car like a rocket. They were fast and with the cooperation of the police and traffic police, they finally stopped Kuroda Keiko at the intersection of the airport highway.

She had just stepped on the brakes when Weiwei in the passenger’s seat opened the door and went out. She rushed to Kuroda Keiko’s car and opened the paper box.

But what was inside were only some specialties of Hua Land, and the child wasn’t inside.

She just could not believe it, so she dug out everything in the suitcase and then went through the entire car.

However, there was no trace of the boy.

She grabbed hold of Kuroda Keiko and asked anxiously, “Where is my son, Youyou?”