Chapter 1702 - Bastard Gu Siting

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“Youyou?” Kuroda Keiko looked at Gu Weiwei and Yuan Meng who suddenly appeared and asked confusedly, “What is wrong with you?”

“Youyou is missing.” Gu Weiwei was on the verge of collapsing. “What on earth did Gu Siting ask you to do here? Where is my son?”

“Gu Siting?!” Kuroda Keiko was confused and asked Yuan Meng, “What happened?”

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“One hour ago, someone took Youyou away from the Qin Family.” Yuan Meng looked at her steadily and said, “One of the suspects met up with you and you took something from him.”

It was way too suspicious when she showed up around the Qin Family area.

“But those are just some specialties that my brother asked me to bring home,” Kuroda Keiko said as she looked at the two women, “Are you sure that it was the Gu Family?”

“Who else would be so crazy?” Yuan Meng said with her teeth clenched.

Gu Weiwei released Kuroda Keiko and ran her fingers through her hair, which had been messed up by the wind. She looked at the endless night helplessly and burst into tears.

Yuan Meng wanted to console her, but she had no idea where to start. No one would be able to console her well when her child was missing.

So she asked Kuroda Keiko for confirmation, “Did the driver really just give you these things?”

“Yes, he said that he was busy and asked me to pick them up from him at that place.” Kuroda Keiko confessed.

Yuan Meng bit her lips and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“Something has happened to my daughter, and I am in a hurry to get back. My brother also called and asked me to bring the stuff back, so…” Kuroda Keiko said as she realized that she had been used by her brother.

No, she must have been used by Gu Siting.

“So, it really is that bastard Gu Siting,” Yuan Meng said with teeth clenched.

Keiko was the chess move that had attracted their attention. He had predicted that when they found that Keiko was in contact with the driver and got hold of a suspicious box, they would suspect her first.

They suspected that she was sent by the Gu Family, so they didn’t let down their guard but unexpectedly they could still take the child away.

But in the end, Keiko was used by them too.

Having cursed, she made a call to Fu Hanzheng.

Since the child was not with Kuroda Keiko, one of the two suspicious drivers must have taken the child away.

“The child is not in the car, and she has been set up by her brother. But… we can basically confirm that it was Gu Siting who arranged it.”

Otherwise he would not have tried so hard to make them suspicious by using Keiko.

Fu Hanzheng sighed with one hand against his forehead.

“The car heading towards the port has been stopped. The child is not in the car, but the other car seems to have noticed us.”

After explaining the situation, he asked, “How is Weiwei?”

Yuan Meng glanced at the young mother who was having a mental breakdown.

“She’s doing okay, I will bring her home safe and sound.”

She wanted to say that she was not in a good place, but she was worried that Fu Hanzheng would get distracted and it would affect the rescue of the child.

So she had to say something that wasn’t the truth.

“Okay,” Fu Hanzheng answered, rang off and continued with the rescue plan.

Yuan Meng put away her phone and approached Weiwei.

“One car has been stopped, and the child is not in the car. The other car is still being pursued by Lei Ning and Lei Meng who are chasing them.”

Hearing her words, Gu Weiwei looked up and said, “Where are they now? Let’s go there now.”

Her son was not here with Keiko, nor was he in the car, so he must be in the car that was still at large.