Chapter 1703 - Youyou's Hat

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Chapter 1703: Youyou’s Hat

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Yuan Meng knew that she should bring her back to Fu Hanzheng safely.

But they had known each other for years, and she knew that she would not go home obediently.

Therefore, without saying a word of objection, she got back into the car and became her driver. She also contacted Lei Ning so that she could arrive where they are as soon as possible.

Kuroda Keiko followed them into the car.

“I will go with you.”

She had been in a hurry to get home for her daughter, but if she had just been used to stir their suspicions, then her daughter’s illness would not be real.

If it had been her brother Kuroda Shio who had called her about her daughter’s illness, she might not have believed it.

But when she received the call from the main family, she naturally believed that her daughter was really sick and decided to go home.

Then her brother called and asked her to bring the Hua Land gifts back.

So she went to receive the gifts from the Qin Family and was about to board the private jet arranged by the Gu Family to return home overnight.

If one did not know the inside story, one would suspect that she was the one who took away the child.

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Yuan Meng was driving as she answered Lei Ning’s call. Before she said anything, Gu Weiwei had already taken over the phone.

Startled, Lei Ning reported her position and direction.

Hearing the words, Gu Weiwei asked, “Where is the car now?”

“They have noticed that we are chasing them, so they have dodged some surveillance cameras. We have lost track of them, but we do know that she disappeared in this neighborhood.” Lei Ning was surprised that she was not with Fu Hanzheng, but she still told her the truth.

Gu Weiwei looked calmer than ever. “We are on our way.”

Within half an hour, they arrived at the block where Lei Ning and her men were.

Lei Ning shook her head. “After the camera at the intersection, she did not show up on the next camera. We checked the camera at the convenience store and found that it did enter this block, but the car has not been found anywhere else…”

“We are not looking for that car, we are looking for that person,” Gu Weiwei said anxiously, “If that car is not here, then they must have changed cars.”

“Boss says so too. We are checking every CCTV camera in the city,” Lei Ning said.

After they lost the exact location of the car, the boss said that the other party might want to change their vehicle, so the person in charge of the CCTV search had already focused upon the person instead of the car.

They were just talking when one of them called Lei Ning.

Lei Ning answered the call and afterwards she said to them, “The car has been found, but no one is in it.”

“Take me there,” Gu Weiwei said.

Lei Ning went into the car and guided her, Yuan Meng and Keiko to the community where the car was located. The door was already opened by their men.

Gu Weiwei got out of the car and rushed to the car door, only to find that the car was empty.

But there was a baby hat on the passenger’s seat, and it was the exact same hat worn by her Youyou.

“This is Youyou’s hat, this is Youyou’s hat…”

Fu Hanzheng was informed of the situation as soon as possible.

They had found the car and found the boy’s hat, but the culprit and the boy were nowhere to be found.