Chapter 1705 - Gifts From the Gu Family

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Chapter 1705: Gifts From the Gu Family

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When Gu Weiwei returned to the Qin Family, it was already one in the morning.

Before she returned, Fu Hanzheng had already figured out who brought a driver and who drove here by themselves with Qin Man’s help.

Then she listed the drivers as the targets of investigation.

After all, none of the guests dared to tie up the children of the Fu Family.

Then the person who took away the child must have been the driver of someone’s family, or more accurately, a disguised driver.

Standing in the living room of the Qin Family, Fu Hanzheng saw the headlights from afar and guessed that they were here.

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And Gu Weiwei’s suppressed sobbing on the phone had made him worried, so he went out to pick her up.

The moment Yuan Meng’s car pulled over, he pulled open the door.

The moment the door was opened, he saw Gu Weiwei sitting in the backseat with her head buried in her hands, looking helpless.

Gu Weiwei looked up slowly and saw the man standing outside with tears still streaming down her face.

“Fu Hanzheng, Youyou will be found, right?”

“Yes, I promise,” Fu Hanzheng said firmly and took her hands as they got out of the car.

He removed his suit jacket and put it over her as he entered with her in his arms.

“All the cars used by the guests are being checked. We will know soon.”

Gu Weiwei nodded and did not ask anything more.

She believed that he was also feeling terrible facing such a situation.

Now he not only had to track down the child, but also could not be distracted by her emotions.

As they came to the living room of the Qin Family, Old Master Qin said to Gu Weiwei apologetically, “I am sorry, I had intended to meet you and your children, but I did not expect that something like this would happen in our home.”

Gu Weiwei threw a sharp look at everyone from the Qin Family and snapped.

“Old Master Qin, it is your birthday today, we don’t want to ruin your mood.

“But who leaked the news about us bringing the children to the birthday banquet, and who is working with them to come up with such an interconnecting plan? What… did you receive from the Gu Family?”

Without the help of the Qin Family, the flawless plan would not have been so successful.

Qin Man and Qin Lang knew that they were responsible for what happened to the Qin Family, so they did not counter them directly.

“Weiwei, we are also worried about your son’s disappearance, but the Qin Family and the Fu Family have been friends for decades, how would our family help outsiders to harm your child?”

“When Aunt carried the child upstairs, very few people knew about it. Who told the kidnappers that the child was in your bedroom and who broke the camera at the staircase? These people are not from the Qin Family, how could they have done that within such a short time?” Gu Weiwei snapped anxiously.

It seemed that this matter had nothing to do with the Qin Family, but when she thought about it carefully, she realized that it had everything to do with the Qin Family.

She even suspected that they had wanted them to bring the children here because they were up to something.

“Mu Weiwei, you are helping your family to find the child, and the birthday banquet has now even finished. What more do you want?” Meng Ruya stepped forward and accused Weiwei.

But seeing her losing her son, she felt much better.

“It was because the birthday banquet finished ahead of time that Youyou was driven out of the Qin Family!” Gu Weiwei sounded fierce.