Chapter 1707 - Not necessarily going to A Land

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Chapter 1707: Not necessarily going to A Land

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“I understand.” Fu Shiqin nodded and said, “Don’t go to the company tomorrow, I will be there.”

His brother was not in the mood to deal with work when his son was missing and sister-in-law was not in a good state.

Fu Hanzheng answered briefly and went into the car with Gu Weiwei.

On the way home, everyone was silent.

Sitting in the passenger’s seat, Yuan Meng turned around and threw a look at the two people behind her.

“We’ll guard all the airports, ports and exits of the capital, and won’t let them take the child out of Hua Land.”

But even if the capital was defended, there were still numerous routes leading to other places of Hua Land. It was not that easy to defend the entire capital.

“Yes, but they may not necessarily bring the child to A Land.” Fu Hanzheng sighed.

They were looking for Youyou, and it was too risky to bring the child to A Land.

Also, Cayman Dorrans’ men were watching Gu Siting too.

Hearing his words, Yuan Meng turned to the two of them and said, “Are you saying that they might hide the child here in Hua Land?”

“It’s very possible,” Fu Hanzheng said.

They had taken away Youyou to hurt him and Weiwei, so as long as they could not find the child, they would not have the upper hand or negotiating power.

Yuan Meng threw a worried look at Gu Weiwei. The child had been taken away by Gu Siting’s men and his ultimate purpose was nothing more than for her sake.

So soon he would contact her and threaten her to return to the Gu Family by using the boy.

It was much easier for him to do that than to let the boy be found.

When they returned to villa No.7, it was already two in the morning.

Fu Hanzheng took Gu Weiwei to the dining room and asked the servant to deliver the dinner.

“Weiwei, you have not eaten anything since the afternoon, finish the porridge.”

With the hat against her lips, Gu Weiwei shook her head.

At this hour, she had no idea where her son was, whether he had eaten or drunk anything, and whether the person with him would mistreat him.

Her heart almost broke when she thought of this.

“Eat something and go to bed, alright?” Fu Hanzheng’s heart ached seeing her like this.

As the father, he did care about his two children.

But he was not as invested in them as she was.

She gave birth to the children after nine months of pregnancy and she loved them deeply. In order to keep them company as they grew up, she had put down the career she loved.

But her son was taken away at this hour, and he was taken away because of her. She must be feeling terrible.

No matter how much he wanted to share the burden with her, she would always feel sad.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath with her eyes closed and looked up at this man who looked worried.

Finally, she compromised and picked up the porridge, but put it down after eating half a bowl.

“I am a bit tired, I want to take a rest in my room.”

She was not tired and she did not want to eat anything. But she did not want him to worry about her and take care of her at the same time.

So she ate and agreed to take a rest.

Fu Hanzheng accompanied her back to the room and did not leave the master bedroom to continue the rescue plan with Yuan Meng and the others until she laid down in bed with her eyes closed.

However, the moment the door was closed, the girl in bed opened her eyes.